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Notes from the Way

  1. NFTW #021--A "Kingdom of God" perspective on the election; Are you a Christian atheist?2008/11/08
    The election is over! How do Christians put everything into the right perspective?

    Also, are you a Christian atheist?

    Listen here:

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    Here’s a link to Wyman Richardson’s very thoughtful blog post .

    Read 1 Peter 1:17-21 .
  2. NFTW #020--Doing church vs. being the church; Becoming who you are...2008/11/01
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  3. NFTW #019--How Christians use their money; Your false beliefs may be dragging you down!2008/10/25
    Christians have an opportunity to end a lot of suffering in the world. But we'll have to change the way we use our money. Will we do it?

    Also, do you have false beliefs that get between you and God?

    Listen to the podcast here:

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    Here is the ABP article I quote from...
  4. NFTW #018--Campaigning from the pulpit; Having joy during hard times2008/10/16

    Some pastors are endorsing presidential candidates from the pulpit. How would Jesus handle this?

    How can Peter say that we can “greatly rejoice” during times of suffering and hardship?

    Download this episode here .
    Listen to it here:

    Here's the link to the AP article I mentioned.

    1 Peter 1:6-9
  5. NFTW #017--What are we spending our money ?; What is God keeping for us?2008/10/02
    We need to pray for believers in India.

    A new survey causes me to ask: What should we be spending our money on?

    Also, What does God keep for us?

    Listen here:

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    Here is the story on the trouble in India .

    This is the story of the survey on what churches are raising money for .

  6. NFTW #016--Do Christians and politics mix?; God is finished with you!2008/09/24
    Can Christians depend on government to change what's wrong with the world?

    Also, I've got news: God is finished with you!

    Click on the post title to download this bit of digital perfection, or click here to listen:

    I can't find the link to the Christian Post story. If you can find it, you're doing better than I am...
  7. NFTW # 015--Relationships; Adopted by God!2008/09/19
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  8. NFTW #014--Emotion vs. Doctrine; What does kingdom life look like?2008/09/10
    There's a fight between emotion and doctrine. Which side are you on?

    And, Jesus said the kingdom of God is inside us. What does that mean?

    Listen here:

    Or, download the episode by right-clicking on the post title...
  9. NFTW #013--Pushing back against the atheists; Who/What are you trusting in?2008/09/03
    Atheists are getting bolder and more militant. How should Christians respond?

    Also, which candidate should Christians be putting their trust in?

    Listen here:

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  10. NFTW #012--Living in a post-Christian world; What do we do with a fallen believer?2008/08/22
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  11. NFTW #011--Why don't men go to church? We're on a mission from God...2008/08/12
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  12. NFTW #010--Buying China-made products; Good news: God is at work in us!2007/12/05
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  13. NFTW #009--Christian books that make great Christmas gifts!2007/11/27
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  14. NFTW #008--Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?; Bearing each others burdens2007/11/16
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  15. NFTW #007--Big changes at Willow Creek; What foundation is your life built upon?2007/11/10
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  16. NFTW #006--Who should Christians vote for?; God wants all kinds of people in His family!2007/11/12
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  17. NFTW #005--Why is this seminary president in trouble?; God as the perfect Father2007/11/12
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  18. NFTW #004--Book review: "The Insider"; Finding common ground; Do I believe what the Bible clearly says?2007/11/12
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  19. NFTW #003--Ministry to the poor; Evangelizing the military; Do we want God working in us?2007/11/12
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  20. NFTW #002--Why we build up leaders; What have I placed between God and me?2007/11/12
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  21. For Podcast Alley...2007/09/28
    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-79861a672a898ba1a25f10e4b6dc8626}
  22. The first actual podcast!2007/11/12
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  23. The podcast logo!2007/09/27

    This is the podcast logo. I like it!
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