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  1. Virtual Relationships2009/11/06
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  2. Do you need a professional coach?2009/09/17
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  3. What did you do for YOUR summer vacation?2009/08/21
    Welcome back to Transformation Education LIVE! Dr. King and Paige did all sorts of things during their podcasting break. Today, they want to share Kathy's experiences as a lifelong learner in China!

  4. Disability Advocacy and The Kindle 2!2009/02/13
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  5. Dr. King Goes to Florida2009/01/30
    Kathy just got back from Orlando where she presented at the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC)on "Podcasting for Every Teacher: Global Voices, Interdisciplinary and Empowerment." As always, she got back home with new information to share with you about the transformation of education through technology. Join Kathy and Paige for a review of FETC 2009.

  6. Gadgets Galore!2009/01/16
    No, we didn't get to go to CES, but we kept up with those gadgets, particularly those from "The Last Gadget Standing" competition. Join us as we discuss our favorites and how they can be used to transform education in 2009!

  7. Living, Learning and Sharing Across Generations with Technology Tools (and Toys!)2009/01/03
    Happy New Year from Kathy and Paige! The holiday season reminded us of how technology has truly transcended generations and has become a part of ALL our daily lives. From the WII to iGoogle, technology is providing opportunities for work and home from toddlers to grandparents and in-betweens.

  8. Who Says It'll Cost You to Take Your Home PC to the Next Level?2008/09/30
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  9. Plagiarism: Has Technology Made it Easier?2008/09/12
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  10. Back to School with Technology in Your Backpack!2008/08/29
    I swear, school seems to start earlier every year! Whether you're a student, or the parent of one, you've no doubt been bombarded by advertisements for the tech gadgets you just HAVE to have for this school year. Kathy and Paige will help you decide which ones you really DO need, so don't start shopping until you hear from our tekkie chix!

Transformation Education
If you're not learning, you're not living! Wikis, new media, e-learning, Second Life... you do not want to miss the fun as Kathy and Paige field your views on trends in education & innovation.

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