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The Gideon Chronicles

  1. Chapter 1: Things Fall Apart2006/02/08
    Things Fall Apart: Gideon's cute little life shows some cracks. A Dark Presence sneaks in and Gideon gets a job to do... Can he refuse? His choice will have everlasting consequences. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON
  2. Chapter 4-5: Powers and Principalities & The Dark Covenant2006/01/23
    Things begin to get serious. Gideon finds out what's behind the door at "The House". Petra has no peace until she knows what's happening to Gideon.
  3. Chapter 3: Will Friday Never Come?2005/12/28

    In Which Gideon begins to set his Plan in motion. In which Friday finally comes.
  4. Chapter 2- A Job to do2005/12/23
    In Which Gideon formulates and initiates his plan to trash Petra the Christian Pain. In which Gideon meets the "Gang" and get invited out...
The Gideon Chronicles
The Gideon Chronicles — A Podcast Novel for 11-14-year olds. Gideon, a 12 year-old meets Satan. His life is turned upside down. Keep the light ON!

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