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Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio

  1. Splash Page Episode 12010/01/24

    Tim Callahan and Chad Nevett talk Warren Ellis, Geoff Johns, Comic Book Reviewery, and the Good and Bad of the Sentry in the first installment of the Splash Page podcast. Included in the GeniusboyFiremelon Live feed because we care.
  2. Geniusboy Live Episode 62008/01/22
    In this episode, Tim and Ryan briefly review the best and worst of 2007, but not before discussing "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" and other sundries for a long, long time. A theory linking comic books to decade-prior cinema is also elaborated upon. Listen to find out more.
  3. Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio: Episode 52007/10/08

    In this very special episode, Tim and Ryan uncover an artifact from 20 years in the past and present commentary on television, movies, and comic books. You'll probably learn a lot.
  4. Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio: Episode 42007/09/16

    In this episode, Tim and Ryan provide quick comic book reviews, recommend five great Western films, discuss the parallels between Countdown to Adventure and Black Snake Moan, and determine who would win in a game of Stratego: great military leaders of the past or Tim.
  5. Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio: Episode 32007/08/26
    In this episode, Tim and Ryan discuss comic book news, upcoming movies, the newest installment of X-Men: Endangered Species, and whether or not Ryan could beat various presidents in a wrestling match.
  6. Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio: Episode 22007/08/25

    Tim and Ryan discuss the greatness of Flash Gordon, the buddy comedy called X-Men: Endangered Species, and dispute the possible sponsorship of a ground turkey distributor.
  7. Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio: Episode 12007/08/25
    In this premiere episode, comic book scholar Tim and reality television producer Ryan discuss the pop culture landscape, settle the question about whether or not robots and animated characters are used to produce reality tv, and have a chat or two about the comic books and the Wiggles. Not necessarily in that order.
Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio
Discussions of comic books, movies, and everything else that does not suck (and some things that do).

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