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Pure Imagination

  1. Adam and Eve and Dave and Trish2016/12/11

    Adam and Eve meet a couple of hunter-gatherers outside Paradise.

  2. Parallelism2016/10/14

    In one universe Cat Stevens will always be Cat Stevens...

  3. Anecdotal Evidence2016/09/09

    So this one time I was at a salad bar with Travolta...

  4. Death Takes the A Train2013/09/15

    Every ghost story is a love story.

  5. Minimum Security2013/07/20

    A newly incarcerated inmate at the Federal Prison Camp at Dadeland Mall adjusts to minimum-security life and pines for his sweet Maria.

  6. You're Doing an Excellent Job!2013/05/21

    Clerical workers for the Royal Centre of Dragon and Basilisk Preparedness feud with the independently contracted Knights of the White Rose.

  7. Pecos Bill2013/02/18

    Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and Slue-Foot Sue navigate the treacherous passes of adolescence at Lone Star High and Our Lady of the Holy Cross.

  8. Battle2012/10/02

    An itinerant, busking bluesman helps an awkward high school senior write a love song for a Battle of the Bands.

  9. Softly, as in an Unpaid Internship2012/02/25

    The director of interns at a failing Midwestern circus tries to repair his relationship with a married trapeze artist and discover the truth about a workplace mauling.

  10. Olympus2012/02/18

    Selected labors of Heracles, summer style tips from the three Fates, a commercially sponsored odyssey, and more modern myths.

  11. Career Day2012/02/12

    It's Career Day at Grover Cleveland Middle School.

  12. Pre-Christmas Special2011/12/14

    Santa experiences an existential crisis and glances through his spam email folder, and a couple's marriage is strained during the twelve days of Christmas.

  13. American Mythic2011/10/15

    A divorced mall oracle contends with a swarm of protesters upset with her prophecies.

  14. The Stan Years2011/10/08

    A Stan in decline changes his name in an attempt to reclaim his former glory, a miller's daughter struggles to guess the name of a scheming, gold-spinning homunculus, and other stories.

  15. Alt Disney2011/10/01

    The Little Mermaid visits Red Lobster, Geppetto carves Pinocchio a girlfriend, and Snow White confides in the Magic Mirror.

  16. Cortez2011/09/19

    A recent high school graduate works for the Novelty Parking Enforcement Department and clashes with a Machiavellian tenant subletting a crawlspace in his parents' house.

  17. Great Men in Hell2011/09/04

    Honest Abe Lincoln and the other assassinated presidents bide their time in the seventh circle of hell.

  18. Reunion2011/06/21

    Old flames, new flames, and lost attendees of the Midwest Celebrity Impersonators Association's annual retreat convene at a ten-year high school reunion.

  19. The Ex-President2010/09/21

    The Ex-President struggles to adjust to post-presidential life at a Polynesian-themed backyard luau.

  20. Permutations2010/04/26

    Everyone's gone to the movies, now we're alone at last . . .

  21. Knowing Your Target Demographic Is Key to Brand Development2010/03/24

    A laid-off market researcher for San Francisco-based LoveCorp struggles to find employment and win the heart of an ex-coworker.

  22. The Dial-a-Grave2010/02/08

    A young child believes that an accountant lives beneath his bed, beleaguered parents turn to outsourcing, a single mother works for the Human Lotto, and a thrifty father purchases his dead wife a Dial-a-Grave.

  23. Maxine2010/02/01

    A server at Neil Armstrong's Giant Leap fo Mankind Pancake House regales his customers with tales of heartbreak and woe.

  24. Apocalypse Day2010/01/25

    The apocalypse will be televised.

  25. Stars2010/01/18

    The daughter of Elvis and Cher impersonators lives in an RV called Graceland, a man launches the American history/youth lifestyle magazine "Historical Gossip for Teens," and more stories of life on the periphery of celebrity.

  26. The Aerodynamics of Absent Wings2009/02/09

    A teenage clerk at Hassan's Artificial Wings, Brazilian Jeans, and Pastries longs to grow wings.

  27. Lewis and Clark2009/02/02

    Lewis and Clark provide the inspiration for three primetime television hits: a crime procedural, a family sitcom (set in an oversized fiberglass replica of Elvis Presley's digestive system) and Lewis and Clark: The College Years.

  28. Infinitron Superdroid2009/01/26

    A boy grows to manhood on a failing dairy farm on the bad side of the moon.

  29. The Auteur2008/11/04

    A troubled avant garde German director makes infomercials, corporate training videos, and the Driver's Ed Trilogy.

  30. Hello Incoming Freshmen2008/10/28

    A campus tour, an anthropology lecture, and a graduation speech at EducationLand! Miami-Dade North.

  31. A Series of Tactical Errors2008/10/21

    The Mr. Dictator Pageant suffers some setbacks, a senator apologizes for indiscretions behind his podium, and a presidential candidate campaigns with the blues.

  32. Stimulus2008/10/14

    A father gives his daughters an ill-fated lesson on capitalism, a couple argue about purchasing a holographic video system, and a man promises the girl of his dreams one economic stimulus payment's worth of passion.

  33. Jokes Have I Known2008/10/07

    A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar . . .

  34. The Pride2008/09/30

    A young lion's hapless father aspires to be King of the Jungle.

  35. Monster2008/09/23

    Werewolves and a reluctant Monster's Bride struggle with the indignities of the modern age.

  36. The Unseen Seagal2008/02/24

    Synopses of lesser known Steven Seagal films and the Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

  37. Curriculum Vitae2008/02/17

    Gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job.

  38. Post-Christmas Special2008/02/10

    Five elves from different socioeconomic backgrounds discuss life in the North Pole.

  39. True to Life2007/12/16

    "What's the Most Humiliating Thing You Would Do on Television for Fifty Dollars?" and other pressing questions posed and pondered by reality TV producers and contestants.

  40. What's with the Cape?2007/12/09

    Lobster Boy, Slime Girl, Awesome Jr., the Amazing Fireball, and the lover of the Blue Flash discuss the harsh realities of lives spent battling evil in spandex.

  41. People Ain't No Good2007/12/02

    An unpopular girl attempts to win Show and Tell, an obese supermarket bagger wallows in the shadow of his famous brother, and a seven year old is abandoned by his Mother in the Repository for Unwanted Infants.

  42. The Mannequin2007/11/25

    A Driver's Ed instructor from the Bone 'n Gristle District takes affluent kids driving through Jesustown, human mannequins endure innumerable indignities at a failing department store, and a cloud watching enthusiast battles depression.

  43. Guy Meets Girl2007/11/18

    The World's Greatest Lover holds court at a dive bar, a lady-in-waiting dissuades a knight from slaying dragons for her, and other awkward interactions between the sexes.

  44. The Museum of Impossible Loves2007/11/03

    A museum curator guides visitors through exhibits detailing his failed romantic relationships, a woman falls in and out of love with a menu writer, and a high school student becomes enamored with a local musician who only knows one song.

  45. Act Now and You Shall Never Know Sadness or Fear2007/10/28

    Advertisers make questionable product claims for Auxiliary Morale Boosting Reengagement Rings and Six Speed Oscillating Toothbrushes, among others, and trouble ensues when a vending machine only dispenses root beer to the pure of heart.

  46. Advanced Techniques for Beginners2007/10/20

    How to dress for success, how to play better golf, and the loneliness of the octagonal pizza deliveryman.

  47. Factory Love2007/09/22

    The Playboy of Assembly Line Three, the Numbers Department, and more stories of love in the time of Avian Flu.

  48. The Caretaker2006/11/11

    An embattled cemetery caretaker struggles to appease the living and the dead.

  49. The Great Spumoni2005/11/07

    The son, lover, and protege of a recently deceased magician remember his rise and fall.

  50. Two Hundred Years of Debra2005/09/28

    Several generations of Debras meet untimely and violent deaths.

  51. City and the Crime Complex2005/09/28

    A recently released convict attends his high school reunion, a businessman lectures drug dealers on salesmanship techniques, and more tales of the city's seedy underbelly.

  52. Trick or Treat2005/11/09

    A neighborhood eccentric creates elaborate jack-o-lanterns, a timid office worker dresses as Zorro for a company Halloween party, and a man inspects trick-or-treat candy for health violations.

  53. Birth of an Assassination2005/11/09

    A boy learns the exact time and date of his death at a carnival and decides to become a hired assassin.

  54. Blue Genes2005/11/09

    The clones of a star athlete, Abraham Lincoln, and a young boy crushed by a model of a blue whale relate the difficulties of being genetic copies.

  55. Divorce and the Robot2005/11/09

    The young child of divorced parents copes as his mom moves in with her doubles tennis partner and his dad purchases a marital robot.

  56. The Little Lady2005/11/09

    An aging TV weatherman struggles to appeal to the youth demographic, a married man secretly lusts after the eleven inch tall wife of a casual acquaintance, and the lawns of a small Midwestern town are plagued with mysterious holes.

  57. Out of Time2005/11/09

    A police officer lives his fantasy of being a cowboy, a millionaire abandons his mansion for the life of a hunter-gatherer, and a Mississippi high school girl dreams of marrying the Prince of Denmark.

  58. Fortune Falls2005/11/09

    Two stories set in small Wisconsin towns: a former Olympic pairs figure skater works as a carhop on rollerskates at a retro 50's diner, and a young man works for a maze company.

  59. The Janitor2005/11/09

    A recent high school graduate hired by the same school he once attended finds solace from his daily grind in the nurse's office and an out of the way service elevator.

  60. Do the Evolution2005/11/09

    Three first year teachers in Topeka, Kansas are ordered by law to teach intelligent design in conjunction with evolutionary theory.

  61. Nothing Touches Me2005/11/09

    An insurance adjuster allergic to the human touch loathes his coworkers and trains to break the world record for holding one's breath underwater.

  62. The Highway2005/11/09

    A recently married couple adopts a highway, an awkward introvert works as a professional dater, and a young man receives a Russian mail order bride as a birthday present.

  63. American Backbone2005/11/09

    A lifeguard is hired as a pool cleaner by an eccentric, licentious older woman.

  64. Fashion is Exhausting2005/11/09

    Three Midwesterners stumble through the Miami fashion scene and the Wisconsin Miss Teen Dairy Pageant.

  65. Submarine High School2005/11/09

    A year in the life of three students attending the U.S.S. Dubuque High School, embedded in a functioning nuclear attack submarine.

  66. My Dear Persephone2005/11/09

    An astronaut leaves his beloved space station to fight real estate development in outer space.

  67. The Ugly Kennedy2005/11/09

    The son of a woman obsessed with the Kennedy family leaves home to join a traveling carnival.

Pure Imagination
Darkly comic short stories and improvised skits concerning such topics as Neil Armstrong's Giant Leap for Mankind Pancake House, Tragedy Karaoke Night, and the lunar robot band Infinitron Superdroid, all set to hypnotic music.

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