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(((The DFE Podcast)))

  1. #13 Title track from the new album REDEFINE - Now on iTunes!2009/03/08

    Here is a blast from our new album, Redefine- available now on iTunes and other fine retailers. Produced by The Gaff.

    For more information:

  2. #12 Intermission EP preview - BUY IT ON ITUNES!2008/06/07

    Check out this quick mix of the tasty treats available on Dragon Fli Empire's brand new EP now available on iTunes!

    Day Job
    Headphones Remix (ft. Touch)
    Outside Inn (ft. Cadence Weapon)
    Identiteye (ft. Black Rose)
    Stay the Course

    TIME: 3:05
  3. #11 New song Hi-Fli from the Intermission EP 2008/04/17

    EXCLUSIVE! Check out this brand new track from the "Intermission EP", coming this May. It will be available on iTunes. It details the history of the crew.

    Check us out online at http://www.myspace.com/dragonfliempire
  4. #10 Conquest - The Lost Tracks2008/03/02
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  5. #9 DFE live at the Marquee Room (part three)2008/02/07
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  6. #8 DFE live at the Marquee Room (part two)2008/01/20
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  7. #7 DFE live at The Marquee Room (part one)2008/01/04

    March 3, 2007... DFE opens up for Kris Demeanor's second CD release party at The Marquee Room in Calgary. This was a great night, and the show was tight. If you haven't caught the DFE live before, this series will give you a great indication of what we do... part two coming soon!


    Our Way

    TIME: 10:48

  8. #6 Unreleased Gems Vol. One2007/12/08
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  9. #5 Mount Pleasant Mix (by Teekay)2007/11/19
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  10. #4 Teekay's Gil-Scott Heron Tribute - We Almost Lost Calgary2007/11/03

    Teekay takes on Gil Scott-Heron's classic "We Almost Lost Detroit" and flips it into his own creation- "We Almost Lost Calgary"... a smooth cool-out banger.


    Intro / We Almost Lost Detroit
    We Almost Lost Calgary
    The Hustle Philosophy (outside FatBeats, NYC)

    TIME: 5:17
  11. #3 DFE vs. Ohmega Watts - Roc The Crowd MEGAMIX2007/10/27
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  12. #2 Dragon Fli Empire - Conquest Mix by Shortop2007/10/20

    Last time we took you back to 2005, this time it's back to 2004 for the Conquest re-release... the Conquest album is mashed up by our boy Shortop!

    Empire/ 4U
    All That
    Conquest/ From Under/ Language of Music
    Thoughtful Poet/ Mount Pleasant/ Beauty Full

    TIME: 5:18
  13. #1 Dragon Fli Empire - Invasion Promo Mix2007/10/19
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(((The DFE Podcast)))
Dragon Fli Empire is on the rise. The Calgary based duo, comprised of Cosm (DJ, producer) and Teekay (emcee, producer) have quickly become one of the city's more popular groups, gaining respect from a wide variety of music lovers for their upbeat, melodic and positive sound.

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