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The Boy's Adventures

  1. 4: The Duke and the Raiders Part 4: Another Attack!2007/12/27
    In which the Raiders attack again, The Boy fights well and is aided by his secret allies.

    This is the second-to-last episode in The Duke and the Raiders. Enjoy this episode. There is lots of cool fighting.
  2. 4: The Duke and The Raiders, Part IIIB - Gathering Eggs2007/12/07
    In which The Boy finds out where the red and white eggs are coming from and starts to deal with the problem.
  3. 4: The Duke and The Raiders, Part IIIA - Little People2007/11/27

    In which The Boy seeks out the Little People Who Wear Green and finds out a lot of things that you might be wondering.

    The picture foreground shows the Little People Who Wear Red hatching out of the striped eggs. Behind them are two pikers with a knight between them defending against the raiders. The raiders are the two dark figures with swords coming through the breached wall.
  4. 4: The Duke & The Raiders, Part II: Battle!2007/11/12
    In which the raiders attack the Duke's castle and we find out what The Boy already knows about The Little People Who Wear Red.

    Our theme music also debuts.

    There is a lot of fighting and destruction in this episode. People hit with swords "fall down." They never explicitly die, but most kids will realize that is probably what happened.
  5. 4: The Duke and the Raiders, Part 12007/11/05
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  6. 3: Smart2007/11/03
    In which The Boy helps the castle's engineers figure out how to build a tower on a slope--without guy wires.

    This is the last introductory story. Now that you know about the boy's strength, speed, and smarts, we can move into wilder stories. This is also the last old story. The next one will be improvised.
  7. 2: Speed2007/11/02

    In which the boy attends a tournament for knights and races an unlikely opponent.
  8. 1: Introduction and Strength2007/10/30

    In which The Boy leaves home for his adventures and uses his incredible strength to help an unfortunate farmer.
The Boy's Adventures
The ongoing adventures of a strong, fast and smart 15-year-old boy. He lives in medieval times, with plenty of castles, magic, dragons, an elderly gryphon, giants, and the occasional Viking or pirate for good measure.

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