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  1. Exploding Ants – tRN2082016/05/27
    Chewing gum, brownie ants, Mother's Day, and more clean comedy for you and the whole family!
  2. A Very Bald Husband – tRN2072016/03/29
    Daniel is bald, Jeremy is back from California, and we're back with the clean-comedy podcast!
  3. Just Going Through the Emoji – tRN2062016/03/02
    Hold your Facebook reactions and grab some friends as you listen to this family friendly, clean-comedy podcast!
  4. Well-Hydrated – tRN2052016/02/16
    Hear Daniel's newest, most-embarrassing story that happened at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).
  5. Being THAT Guy – tRN2042016/02/05
    We're back with a new TV and a great marriage!
  6. Great Big Sweater Gods – tRN2032015/12/01
    Happy Thanksgiving to all the black nails, black Fridays, long-haired hippies, and other racist-Friday shoppers with their ugly Christmas sweaters!
  7. Sliding Door Horror – tRN2022015/10/30
    You might not want to listen to this bone-crushing clean-comedy if you have a weak constitution, weak declaration of independence, or weak healthcare.
  8. DELICIOUS! – tRN2012015/09/30
    We're back! We share some short stories from when Jenny went on a vacation without Daniel.
  9. When will the Ramen Noodle clean comedy return?2015/08/21
    Yes, the Ramen Noodle can come back, but only with your support!
  10. The End … of Season 3 – tRN2002015/01/29
    Big news about the future of the Ramen Noodle podcast and videos! Plus, live calls to celebrate our 200th clean-comedy episode!
  11. Hugging Makes Me Goofy – tRN1992015/01/22
    Ramen noodles do strange things in your stomach and to interstates. Grab your spam and enjoy this clean-comedy!
  12. The Alarm Is Loud – tRN1982015/01/15
    Close your flue, bandage your fingers, and explode your urinals as you join us for this clean-comedy podcast!
  13. Release Mommy Duck – tRN1972015/01/09
    Tragedy at Goasis, tragedy at home, hot-pepper orchestra, Natalie Portman, and Feliz Navidad! Enjoy our latest clean-comedy podcast after Christmas!
  14. Smell My Pancakes – tRN1962014/12/11
    Get ready for Christmas with our last clean-comedy podcast of the year!
  15. Thanksgiving Hair – tRN1952014/12/04
    Happy Thanksgiving! We share some Thanksgiving stories, a surprising Old Testament instrument resurrected, and our own accidental Frozen parody song.
  16. I Can’t Tech No Satisfaction – tRN1942014/11/13
    Jeremy's gone and he must've given our technology a virus! We gripe and have fun, mostly about technology issues.
  17. You Got All the Toys I Wanted – tRN1932014/11/06
    Take a walk down memory lane and discover your childhood toys are worth a fortune. Grab your Oreos for this clean-comedy podcast!
  18. Wear a Freakin’ Fedora – tRN1922014/10/09
    Cool people wear fedoras—Carmen Sandiego, Dick Tracy, and Indiana Jones. If you want to be cool, buy a curved TV and listen to this clean-comedy podcast.
  19. INSPIRED, by Logan – tRN1912014/09/25
    Parallel-universe moments, a Minecraft promise, symbiotic relationships, and more clean comedy in this podcast!
  20. Bury the Rat – tRN1902014/09/18
    We can't say that on a clean-comedy podcast! But we can still talk about pet rats, two-edged swords, and hair—all related?
  21. Insinuating Incineration – tRN1892014/08/28
    You are amazing, intelligent, and funny if you listen to this clean-comedy podcast.
  22. Drive-By Black-Lighting – tRN1882014/08/21
    Back from a podcasting conference, we give you funny stories, massive camera lenses, and cupcakes! Enjoy the clean-comedy podcast!
  23. Oompa Loompa Lieutenant – tRN1872014/08/07
    For the first time in forever, Daniel is now permanently missing a tooth, but that didn't stop the clean-comedy! This was so awesome, you should go high-five a strange.
  24. I Love You Marry Me – tRN1862014/07/24
    Save $58,000 on your life, stock up on oxygen, and be more awesome to yourself (despite the head oil), all in our latest clean-comedy podcast!
  25. A Definite Ponytail – tRN1852014/07/10
    Pull up your hair, apply some Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff, and enjoy our clean-comedy podcast.
  26. Practically Piranhas – tRN1842014/07/03
    Grab ready to get pebbly with our clean-comedy podcast! We share our beach stories and yours, which will make your eyes pop out!

    Brought to you by Tisket Tasket, a new productivity suite that takes your projects from ashes ashes and makes your stress all fall down.
  27. Evil Attic Doll – tRN1832014/06/26
    Buckle your pants or else your eyeballs might pop out from this clean-comedy podcast!
  28. Chicken soup for the forensics soul – tRN1822014/06/18
    Nyan-attack, bat-attack, and vomit-attack. You'll need a forensics degree to solve this comedy scene!
  29. Alaskanians – tRN1812014/06/13
    If dead people, funeral homes, or Alaska offend you, then you may want to skip this episode and watch Frozen instead.
  30. Hug an Arachnid – tRN1802014/06/06
    Hold on tight, get ready to catch some milk, and give it all you got for all the toilet seats in China!
  31. Buy this house! – tRN1792014/05/29
    Need a house? Then you need this podcast!
  32. Can a Cow Moo Diabolically? – tRN1782014/05/22
    How to sound like a connoisseur of anything, the "Let It Go" parody to end all Frozen parodies, and "Two guys talking, podcast in audio."
  33. I Don’t “Answer” the Door – tRN1772014/05/08
    Beware of sacrificing to the porcelain goddess!
  34. My Hair Is Now Lick-Length – tRN1762014/05/01
    The perils of long hair, vintage water tastings, cat dissections, and more Frozen parodies. Enjoy the clean-comedy fun in this episode of the Ramen Noodle!
  35. The Mystery Extends to My Toes – tRN1752014/04/10
    This murder and mayhem will make you sing "Let It Go" in a million Disney and Pixar voices—or at least remind you to clip your nails.
  36. Do I Remember That? – tRN1742014/04/04
    We remember some weird old Christian video games, laugh at mashed up bad grammar, and we won't to know whether you're too frozen to someone's boyfriend.
  37. Jabberwocky, you Bandersnatch! – tRN1732014/03/27
    Amid a computer failure that made us friddersnattering late, we share some ways to express your anger without offending.
  38. Just Give Up, John Travolta – tRN1722014/03/20
    Let it go, let it go, turn on the podcast and shut the door. We don't care what you're going to think, let the laughter rage on! The humor never bothered us anyway.
  39. When Bruce Willis says to hug someone, do it – tRN1712014/02/23
    What impossible things do you find comforting? How about the fact that Bruce Willis would rather hug you than shoot you?
  40. Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Flappy, Bird – tRN1702014/02/13
    Tap-tap your grammar, hang with jammin' grandma, and romantically prepare your loved one for their death. Happy Valentine's Day!
  41. Better Healthy Than Sane – tRN1692014/01/23
    Get ready to rob the bank of laughter! We talk about Las Vegas, New Media Expo, CES2014, and even Rock Paper Scissors.
  42. Crunchy Monkey – tRN1682013/12/19
    We wish you a crunchy Christmas and an huge-ship-free New Year!
  43. A Different Kind of Clean – tRN1672013/12/12
    Grab your cat fish, lay aside your excuses, and get to work! But you can now play our clean-comedy podcast from your $5,000 toilet!
  44. Amish Vampires in Space – tRN1662013/12/05
    Hold your head-coverings and get ready to learn about masculine breakfast, dog casserole, how to feel smarter, and more funny stories from our Thanksgivings.
  45. 10 Black Friday Sales that Should Happen – tRN1652013/11/21
    Get your dukes ready for some serious shopping, in our last clean-comedy podcast episode before Thanksgiving and black friday mayhem.
  46. Gummies for Science! – tRN1642013/11/14
    If your family makes you feel gross, your heroes make you feel dopey, your intestines need help, and your bananas are too hard to cut, you need this clean-comedy podcast to cheer you up!
  47. The Writing on the Ball – tRN1632013/11/07
    We dig into the archive and pancake around the ball.
  48. Literally! – tRN1622013/10/31
    We literally don't know why you wouldn't want to listen to this! It has walruses, medication, Civil War lessons, and granny farts.
  49. These Pants Don’t Doodle – tRN1612013/10/17
    Invite your panda friends over for delicious jalapeños, camping with tractors, and red-neck lawn mowers. Then chow down on this clean-comedy podcast!
  50. Struggling with Emoticons – tRN1602013/10/10
    We have a party pooper among us, so we're not sure whether we should be :) or :(. There may be a Bieber in here, too.
  51. If a Goat Rolls Down a Mountain – tRN1592013/10/03
    Recycleate and get ready to find the nut you love.
  52. Is that Cat Wearing Lipstick? – tRN1582013/09/19
    Grab your nozzles and nostrils, because this one has screeching!
  53. There Might Be Maggots – tRN1572013/09/12
    Dedicated to the memories of those we lost on September 11, 2001, and committed to give you the smile they would have wanted you to have.
  54. Look Before You Slap – tRN1562013/08/29
    Grab your cheese block and get ready to kill some snakes before you get slapped!
  55. COMPATIBLE! – tRN1552013/08/22
    Keep your tomatoes from falling, your grandmas from fighting crime, and your sandwiches always bloody.
  56. We Have a Pit Here – tRN1542013/08/07
    He who digs a pit—has great fun at his brother's hilarious expense! We welcome Chris Cowan from Bible News Network as our guest.
  57. Don’t Eat Your Wife’s Eyeballs – tRN1532013/07/25
    Pizza stones, teenage animals, screaming grandpas, and microwavable teddy bears!
  58. Have You Ever Heard a Squirrel Scream? – tRN1522013/07/11
    Minecraft is back, Doxcen is reincarnated, and the birds have a twitter party.
  59. Belgian Love Letter – tRN1512013/06/27
    Say it with bacon. Say it with Belgian. Say it with Google Transcription.

    We welcome back our friend Winnie from Belgium.
  60. 3 Ways to Make Hygiene Manly – tRN150 [video]2013/06/12
    Celebrating our 150th clean-comedy podcast with a special video episode!
  61. Your microphone can’t wear a tiara – tRN1492013/05/23
    If you're not floating, then put your flip flops back together and kiss your bald head!
  62. All the Canadians – tRN1482013/05/09
    With an air of "I-will-hit-you-nees," we jump into our cages to make you crinkle over from comedy.
  63. Keep Your Grunts in Your Gruntle – tRN1472013/05/02
    Brought to you in part by constipation awareness month with this simple message: get moving!
  64. Gollum Rhymes with Llama – tRN1462013/04/25
    Trying to predict the future but failing to pay your bills? Then call Profit for Prophets today and start foreseeing your future financial finesse! Profit for Prophets can help you tomorrow! But you probably already foresaw that.
  65. Hang On, Let the Monkey Finish – tRN1452013/04/18
    Grab your cow, floss the mouse turds from your teeth, and get ready to be stamped!
  66. Mr. Bottoms – tRN1442013/04/11
    Try duct tape, for the morally gray areas of life.
  67. Bang Yourself on the Head with a Skillet – tRN1432013/03/28
    Twist it, lick it, dunk it, eat it!
  68. You’re a Gangster Monkey – tRN1422013/03/21
    Grab your bacon tutu, turn the world inside-out, get lost, and have another roll!
  69. Subconscious Artist – tRN1412013/03/14
    Check your mood ring for your emotions and prepare your kids to potty with an iPad!
  70. I’d gladly smash cake in your face – tRN1402013/03/07
    You knew that we'd be trouble, and this one will really get your goat!
  71. Scarf It Down and Boogie – tRN1392013/02/21
    Wrap a scarf around your head, lock up your dogs, and don't laugh in church! Brought to you by iHearU.
  72. Instead of Pants – tRN1382013/02/14
    We share childhood holdovers/leftovers stories from ourselves and our listeners!
  73. Love Cheese and Ponies – tRN1372013/02/07
    Grab some Skittles because this episode will make you unreasonably monkey-happy!
  74. Upset when my worms die – tRN1362013/01/24
    When nature calls and there's no one there to answer, you need nature's answering machine!
  75. Mr. Vegas Mind – tRN1352013/01/17
    Bushy-eyed and bright-tailed from travel!
  76. Sneezes Are Vampires – tRN1342013/01/03
    Go mad-noodle! Eye for eye! Tooth for tooth! "Quote on quote"! And hug your Velcro monkey today.
  77. How to Burn Everything – tRN1332012/12/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  78. I insulted a bacon-mother – tRN1322012/11/29
    Eat an Easter Bunny today, just like Santa Claus does!
  79. Munchkins in the Sleeping Bags – tRN1312012/11/15
    Life-risking feats, butt-protecting chores, bladder-saving golf clubs, and inconvenient bleeding! Also hear 7 ways to scare your roommate.
  80. Admiring Feelings of a Graceful Lady – tRN1302012/11/08
    Babycake shakes, the cake that shakes the baby right out of you!
  81. tRN129: The Boogieman Is My Sister2012/11/01
    We tell our funny camping stories and share yours, too!
  82. tRN128: Priority Couch2012/10/25
    Our dyslexics to the apologies, the down-under doll cannibals, the sleeping men, and the subconscious polite people among us.
  83. tRN127: Tent-chaser2012/10/18
    When life throws you down and you can't get up, just lift your arms and pop in an Attitude Altitude Alternating Armpit Additive! Our revolutionary, remorse remover will rumble your rump to reset your regular routine. Order Attitude Altitude Alternating Armpit Additive today and lift your lousy, Lorelistic life.
  84. tRN126: Everything Sounds Pretty in French2012/10/11
    Brought to you by the Concerned Citizens for the Protection of Capitalization.
  85. tRN125: You Are Not Boaz2012/10/04
    Rub some bacon on those church hands! You'll need help making the ammo for the coming Monkey War.
  86. tRN124: I Like My Homeschooler2012/09/27
    Brought to you by Brother Bob’s Bountiful Blessings Bureau.
  87. tRN123: Bachelor on Stick2012/09/20
    Marmalade Mermaids of Maine proudly endorse this humor. Just don't let them spoil your waterbeds or clocks!
  88. tRN122: Dufusinator2012/09/13
    Stick the blue and orange stuff in your mouth and don't leave your buns lying around!
  89. tRN121: Happy Minecraft Anniversary!2012/09/06
    Daniel and Jenny celebrate two years of marriage, diamonds, gold, and a lot of cobblestone.
  90. tRN120: Bum-Recognition2012/08/30
    If you're bored, and have duct tape, then get ready to laugh and kill your boredom in 50 ways!
  91. tRN119: East Stab2012/08/16
    Grab some black-eyed candy (or peas, if you must) and get ready to blame the locals! Jon Estep and a special guest join our comedy.
  92. tRN118: Bubble Bomb Bobble Head2012/08/09
    Grab a wrench, pickaxe, and noisy puppy as we run from the bubblegum machine! Justin Lowmaster from The Space Turtle joins our comedy.
  93. tRN117: You stink, friend! (Sgt. Packet answers questions)2012/08/02
    Check your deodorant and bring a change of pants to hear Sgt. Packet return and answer your questions!
  94. tRN116: Aerodynamic Butt2012/07/26
    Jeremy is still missing (tell us why!), so we dive into comedy butt-first to kiss the frogs with our fart lips. Just keep your seat belts fastend and your noodles inside your nose at all times.
  95. tRN115: Juggle off2012/07/12
    Go find a good tree for listening to this podcast in your pink jogging pants. We share several random stories.
  96. tRN114: Mangoes ruin my love life2012/06/28
    Spiders, CEOs, ghosts, and zombies. Grab a bowl of chili and enjoy with your babies!
  97. tRN113: Little pilots in my stomach2012/06/19
    Pee first, lock the door, and shout happy birthday! We recount recent travel stories for the sake of humor science.
  98. tRN112: Her hair looked like roadkill2012/06/14
    Get your fingers our of your nose and open a window. This was a prerecorded episode with one of us going west while the other goes east.
  99. tRN111: He’s wearing shorts behind the bacon2012/05/31
    Got a screwdriver in your face? Rub some bacon on it and burn your Pop Tarts.
  100. tRN110: Tickle Me Elbow2012/05/24
    Get ready for some punishment and explosive underwear.
  101. tRN109: A little talkshow in my head2012/05/10
    Bite the bullet and tell Siri to shut up during church.
  102. tRN108: Skin Beast2012/05/03
    We don't have Smurfs, but we do have skin beasts and TNT!
  103. tRN107: Friend of Lana Parrilla2012/04/26
    We make people think we're famous by hanging with famous people, killing them with Speedos, and sending them to Global Mean Witch Time.
  104. tRN106: Ghetto Homeschooler2012/04/19
    When life gives you lemonade, stick your finger in it, and don't take any pictures unless it's an emergency.
  105. tRN105: Green Body Suit2012/04/12
    Mercury turns people into zombies and gives them tumors, love, and subtitles. We welcome our friend Winnie back to the Ramen Noodle for some more fun.
  106. tRN104: Where is my rocket launcher?2012/04/05
    Just keep waddling on with your British accent and everything will be okay. But that begs the question, what are moose chickens?
  107. tRN103: He Wore Vests2012/03/22
    Dress up nice for when the new iPad explodes.
  108. Foot Diapers – tRN1022012/03/08
    You'll need some extra protection from this comedy episode.
  109. tRN101: The Death Toll of Pizzas2012/03/01
    Get your angle meter out and measure the comedy in this pizza of a podcast!
  110. Golden Asterisk – tRN1002012/02/23
    Celebrating 100 episodes, we welcome several live call ins from our listeners and ponder the great moments of the past 99 clean-comedy episodes.
  111. You’re Such a Good Boy – tRN0992012/02/16
  112. You Don’t Know “Pattycake” – tRN0982012/02/09
  113. Paper or Plastic? – tRN0972012/01/31
  114. Eavesdropping on the Wall – tRN0962012/01/24
  115. Kitten Kaboodle – tRN0952012/01/17
  116. Whatever – tRN0942012/01/10
  117. Eye of the Teddy Bear – tRN0932012/01/03
  118. Always Have the Ketchup Ready – tRN0922011/12/20
  119. Wrapped in Bacon – tRN0912011/12/13
  120. Justin Bieber Barbie – tRN0902011/12/06
  121. tRN089: I’d Like an Order of Wedgies2011/11/15
  122. tRN088: You Sneaky Mom2011/11/08
  123. tRN087: Are We Still Friends?2011/11/01
  124. I Could Listen to Her Say Pooh All Day – tRN0862011/10/25
  125. The Best of the Most Popular – tRN0852011/10/12
  126. Aldi’s Logo Has Bellbottoms – tRN0842011/10/04
  127. I Blame It on the Strike – tRN0832011/09/27
  128. Welcome, Christian Comedy Podcast Listeners!2011/09/27
  129. Do I have a Creeper’s Head? (with @nevrothwen) – tRN0822011/09/20
  130. It’s All Indians Mixed Up (with @ItsJustUsCast) – tRN0812011/09/13
  131. My Knuckles Have Voices – tRN0802011/08/30
  132. That’s Too Personal – tRN0792011/08/23
  133. Kiddie Pools – tRN0782011/08/16
  134. Davy Crockett Was a Horror Movie – tRN0772011/08/10
  135. Rolling in the Deep Mud – tRN0762011/08/02
  136. Wee Wee So Excited – tRN0752011/07/26
  137. Mutant Jellyfish – tRN0742011/07/19
  138. Ladyfingers (featuring John Steinklauber) – tRN0732011/07/05
  139. I Want to Hug Them – tRN0722011/06/21
  140. I Liked His Belly Button – tRN0712011/06/07
  141. Evil Baby – tRN0702011/05/24
  142. You Wouldn’t Expect a Dog to Have Logic – tRN0692011/05/10
  143. Still Alive (Portal) – tRN0682011/04/26
  144. Dirty Socks – tRN0672011/04/12
  145. Blue Gloves – tRN0662011/03/30
  146. Inappropriately Strong Coffee – tRN0652011/03/15
  147. Put an Orange Sticker on It (featuring @rattface) – tRN0642011/03/01
  148. The Brown Socks Just Keep Coming – tRN0632011/02/01
  149. Is My Name Victoria? – tRN0622011/01/25
  150. Soliciting Illegal Feedback – tRN0612011/01/11
  151. Somebody’s Unzipping Things – tRN0602011/01/04
  152. Unicorn Blender – tRN0592010/12/22
  153. Overflowing John (featuring @JSteinklauber) – tRN0582010/12/15
  154. Old Men Wearing Euro-Thongs (featuring @jwilkers) – tRN0572010/12/01
  155. Happy Gratesgiving – tRN0562010/11/23
  156. Plop on the Pitter-Patterer – tRN0552010/11/16
  157. Civically Naked – tRN0542010/11/09
  158. Zombie Politicians – tRN0532010/11/02
  159. The Pants Were … Irrelevant? – tRN0522010/10/26
  160. tRN051: Funnymoon2010/10/19
  161. tRN050: Who’s Been Smoking Pot?2010/10/05
  162. tRN049: SchizoFlipperrhea2010/09/21
  163. tRN048: Just Add Hydrogen2010/09/14
  164. tRN047: Moontime2010/09/07
  165. tRN046: A Desecrated Noodle and UpChuck2010/08/31
  166. tRN045: Bees up Your Bonnet2010/08/24
  167. tRN044: The Immortal Noodle2010/08/17
  168. tRN043: Boom!2010/08/10
  169. tRN042: I Sound Like I’m Old … or a Dog2010/08/03
  170. tRN041: It’s Just Like Refried Beans2010/07/27
  171. tRN040: It Sounded Clean in My Head2010/07/20
  172. tRN039: Lookin’ Like a Fool While You’re Drivin’ on the Road2010/07/15
  173. tRN038: Which Is Me2010/06/29
  174. Live from PodCamp Ohio – tRN0372010/06/22
  175. Another One Rides the Bus – tRN0362010/06/08
  176. Enchilada Time Loop – tRN0352010/06/02
  177. I’m So Sorry About Lost – tRN0342010/05/25
  178. Tabasco Pizza Smoothie – tRN0332010/05/18
  179. Plot Holes – tRN0322010/05/11
  180. Unweekly Lost Podcast, Episode 2 – tRN0312010/05/05
  181. Stuff a Sock in It – tRN0302010/04/27
  182. Marvin Died – tRN0292010/04/20
  183. Cloverfield Camping LAGHLAGHLAGHLAGHLAGH – tRN0282010/04/13
  184. Texas-Fried Nerf – tRN0272010/04/07
  185. Mac and Cheese with a Side of Children – tRN0262010/04/01
  186. Colon Pee – tRN0252010/03/23
  187. 8 Tech Blunders – tRN0242010/03/11
  188. Frog Legs (My War with Water, Part 2) – tRN0232010/03/02
  189. Guys Have Split-Ends, Too! – tRN0222010/02/23
  190. The Zombie Noodle – trn0212010/02/16
  191. Of Fleas and Phlegon – tRN0202010/02/09
  192. Life, the Universe, and Lost – tRN0192010/02/02
  193. The One with All the Singing – tRN0182010/01/30
  194. Sour Milk, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny? – tRN0172010/01/19
  195. The Movie Sequels and Prequels of 2010 – tRN0162010/01/13
  196. Tofurkey Poop – tRN0152009/12/25
  197. Praying Over Doggy Vomit – tRN0142009/12/16
  198. The Chicken Is Revolting – tRN0132009/12/03
  199. Things to Be Thankful For (at Thanksgiving) – tRN0122009/11/24
  200. The Google Noodle – tRN0112009/11/17
  201. tRN010: Top Ten Scariest Things for a Bachelor/ette2009/11/11
  202. tRN009: Ramen Noodle Experiences (RNX)2009/11/02
  203. Special Announcement: Unscripted, Scheduled, and Live2009/10/22
  204. Parkour vs. Park Bench—OUCH! (Random Noodle Update)2009/07/04
  205. RNU: Stand-Up Comedy at B3 Show2009/06/24
  206. Unweekly Lost Podcast 1 (maybe the only one!)2009/04/25
  207. Random Noodle Update: I’m Wondering Who Has the Best Cream Soda2009/04/19
  208. RNU: Call Me the Lord of the Rent2009/04/17
  209. The Puny Postal People – tRN0082009/04/13
  210. RNU: I’m Geeking Out to Bring It Back In2009/03/16
  211. RNU: The Tea to Make Colds Worse2009/01/25
  212. RNU: The Show Must Go On2009/01/12
  213. RNU: A Moment of Silence for the Moment of Silence2009/01/02
  214. RNU: I’ll Have a Hamburger with My Grease, Please2008/11/30
  215. RNU: They’re Not Charging Me for That!2008/11/22
  216. RNU: The Stuff I Do for Free Stuff2008/11/16
  217. RNU: Sell-by Dates Need Much Better Names2008/11/08
  218. The True Election Solution – tRN0072008/11/03
  219. RNU: Six Money-Saving Summer Cooling Tips2008/07/09
  220. RNU: Who Doesn’t Like MacGyver?2008/04/20
  221. RNU: April 12, 20082008/04/13
  222. Bachelor Pad Theme Restaurant2008/04/03
  223. tRN006: My War with Water, Part 12008/03/31
  224. Elite Bachelornessity – tRN0042007/11/08
  225. Garage Door vs. Bathroom Scale – tRN0032007/10/25
  226. Keys Are for Sissies – tRN0022007/10/18
  227. 2 Dish 2 Wash – tRN0012007/10/11
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A clean-comedy podcast with funny stories from life, making fun of idioms, hilarious conversations about the news, and other humorous tales from hosts Daniel J. Lewis and his wife Jenny, Jeremy Laughlin, and frequent guests. Please send your own funny stuff to feedback@Noodle.mx (audio files welcome) or call (903) 231-2221. Join us live on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. (ET) at https://noodle.mx/live.

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