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Better Bitter Banter

  1. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 62007/11/30
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  2. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 52007/11/17

    The mountain passes prove perilous but not as menacing as the mantises multitude!

    That's Right!!! Episode 5 is HERE!!!

    Show 5 Notes:

    1.) Intro/International Hello!
    2.) UAIEO
    3.) Better Get To Know A Bitter Banter-er #1,
    AKA Farcical Experiment in Media Abstraction (FEMA)
    4.) Opportunistic
    5.) *Deleted Scene: Clowns
    6.) Outro

  3. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 42007/11/07
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  4. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 32007/11/02
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  5. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 22007/11/02

    Episode 2 is here!

    What will the villagers do, now that their champion is defeated?

    1. Mom! C'mon!
    2. Ha! Construction does suck, guys!
    3. Real News: The Cosby Implication.
    4. Fake news: Bathroom Fans.
    5. Toscano, Design Toscano

  6. Better Bitter Banter - Episode 12007/11/02
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Better Bitter Banter
Of all the bitter banter our there ours is better. Lil' Tom and Paul have a comedy chemistry to rival any one who might think that their phone conversations should be recorded and put out into the world as entertainment.

The show took a brief hiatus for the holidays, but will be back in full force in 08'! Keep the faith in Lil' Tom and Paul! T and the P! Yeah!

If you find you like the show, again, join the community @
bbbpodcast.blogspot.com and email us @

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We appreciate it!

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Thanks and enjoy!

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