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  1. Beginning Guitar – How to Play Guitar – Episode 13 2008/04/28
    In this episode I go over a new type of strumming pattern. This one adds bass notes to the chords and gives you some more polished, professional sounds than the more basic patterns we’ve done in earlier episodes. Hold down a G chord with your left hand. Bass note is on the 6th string. |----3--3--3--| […]
  2. How to Play Guitar – Beginning Guitar Episode 12 2008/03/10
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  3. Free Guitar Lessons – Beginning Guitar Episode 11 2008/02/27
    New chords A, Am, Dm, D7, E7, C7 Find the guitar chord diagrams here Some suggested progressions – try these and then make up your own. Use any strum patterns I’ve taught or try creating some new progressions. E Am E Am C7 G7 C7 G7 C Am G Em C D C Dm G7 […]
  4. Free Guitar Lessons – Beginning Guitar Episode 10 2008/02/19
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  5. Free Guitar Lesson – Beginning Guitar Episode 9 2008/02/13
    Left-Hand percussive muting Apply percussive muting to strum pattern 1 2 & & 4, percussive mute on 2 Percussive Muting Video Review of note names Review two or three neighboring strings at a time. spell words using letter A through G such as: FEED, CAGE, BAG, FACE. BED, etc.   Major Scales Sounds like do […]
  6. Beginning Guitar Episode 8 2008/02/04
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  7. Beginning Guitar Episode 7 2008/01/28
    More complex chords Vital to keep fingers arched. Use only your fingertips to play these chords. No flat fingers! six-string G, G7, Em, E, Am Five string C This page has chord diagrams for the chords in this episode   Don’t get confused on the difference between E and Em. Remember, major is more than […]
  8. Beginning Guitar Episode 6a – Important Message 2008/01/28
    Apparently episode 5 became corrupted during the upload. The result was that half the episode was cut off. I fixed the problem and that episode is good to go now. Sorry for the inconvenience, Brian
  9. Beginning Guitar Episode 6 2008/01/15
    In this episode: Chord Patterns A more complex strum pattern for chords. I do this with the four-string G chord you learned earlier: D D U U D 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & After mastering the pattern try using it to play this progression: G G7 C C   How […]
  10. Beginning Guitar Episode 5 2008/01/15
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  11. Beginning Guitar Episode 4 2007/12/21
    Review: 1st string – Open = E, 1st fret = F, 3rd fret = G 2nd string – Open = B, 1st = C, 3rd = D 3rd string – Open = G, 2nd = A 4th string – Open = D, 2nd = E, 3rd = F 5th string – Open = A, 2nd […]
  12. Beginning Guitar Episode 3 2007/12/13
    In this epsiode: Notes on the 5th and 6th strings 5th string: open = A, 2nd fret = B, 3rd fret = C 6th string: open = E, 1st fret = F, 3rd fret = G   Click to see my recommended guitars for beginners Repeat After Me Answers
  13. Beginning Guitar Podcast – Episode 2 2007/12/02
    In this episode: Notes on the third string Good left-hand Technique Three String Chords Happy Birthday Guitar Tab Repeat after me answers PracticeLog  
  14. Beginning Guitar Podcast Episode 1 2007/11/21
    In this episode: How to hold the guitar How to hold the pick Article on how to read the fretboard diagrams below Learn the names of the strings   The notes on the first two strings Reading music and tab Repeat after me answers   This is the tuner I use. It does great especially […]
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