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Tales of Aurduin by Martin W. Ball

  1. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 5, "An Invitation"2009/05/30

    Orobai is invited to the Yamne "World Renewal" ceremony
  2. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 4.2, "Council of the Arnyar" - Continued2009/05/30

    the rest of Chapter 4
  3. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 4, "The Council of the Arnyar"2009/05/30

    the reposting continues
  4. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 3, "Elder Brother"2009/05/30

    The reposting continues
  5. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 2, "Miraanni"2009/05/30

    Reposting of Chapter 2
  6. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 1, "The Jewel"2009/05/30

    Reposting of Chapter 1 of Orobai's Vision. I haven't posted any new episodes in a while, but seeing as how people are still listening, I'm putting back up the earlier chapters of Orobai's Vision, which I had removed due to space limitations. For those of you who have requested these chapters, please enjoy!

    - Martin
  7. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 11, Homecoming2008/12/03

    After leaving Laftandiar-Urya, Ashi attempts to return home to her people, the Djinari . . .
  8. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 10, Song of the Moon Moth2008/11/18

    This week we check back in with Nataali, Kalisha, and Miraanni in Jodwan village
  9. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 9, Resistance2008/11/08

    Meet Kalzhat and the Motu resistance . . .
  10. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 8, the Leti-Aurtai2008/10/31

    Ashi must face one final, and deadly, test, before she can rejoin her people; She must pass through the Leti-Aurtai . . .
  11. The fate of Miraanni, Chapter 7, Jodwan2008/10/23

    Nataali travels with Kalisha to take Miraanni to the remote village of Jodwan to consult with Ulanishar
  12. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 6, Upon the Highest Peak2008/10/16

    Sto'orn is called to a meeting with the Arnyar, the Great Eagles, to discuss Miraanni's situation
  13. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 5, Decisions2008/10/09

    Ashi, Nataali, and Shintan-Vur meet to discuss what is to be done with Ashi and the sick Miraanni
  14. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 4, the Kyandara2008/10/02

    Ashi returns home to face the aftermath of her terrible deed
  15. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 3, Through Dreaming Eyes2008/09/27

    The old shaman, Kulan, has a dream calling him to set out in search of the missing Orobai
  16. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 2, Sacrifice2008/09/18

    Ashi is approached by a stranger with an unexpected gift
  17. The Fate of Miraanni, Chapter 1, The Mother of the Perfect Creation2008/09/06

    It's time for chapter 1 of the second book of the Tales of Aurduin series. This week I read "The Mother of the Perfect Creation" from The Fate of Miraanni. Picking up where Orobai's Vision left off, the epic saga of Tales of Aurduin continues . . .
  18. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 19, Kulan's Prophecy2008/05/17

    An old holy man shares a vision with Orobai that he received as a young boy and is only now coming into fruition
  19. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 18, Turning From the Path2008/05/06

    Forces bring new companions to Orobai and Miraanni
  20. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 17, The Seeker2008/04/18

    A new threat appears on the horizon - this one far more dangerous than the last . . .
  21. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 16, Parting Ways2008/04/04

    With the threat of sorcery gone, Orobai and Miraanni are ready to move on to the east
  22. Orobai's Vision, Chapter 12, Parting Gifts2008/02/25

    Before Orobai and Miraanni leave for the east, they receive a few last significant gifts from the Yamne while someone lingers nearby in the fog
Tales of Aurduin by Martin W. Ball
Author Martin W. Ball reads from his Tales of Aurduin fantasy series, beginning with Orobai's Vision

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