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  1. *******Last podcast for this website******2009/04/01

    Hello everybody,
    This is the last article I will put on this website as it is full!

    My new site is:


    See you there!!
  2. How much speaker how much learner?2009/03/21
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  3. Relaxing Challenges2009/03/16
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  4. Deutsch/English videocast2009/03/08

    Hrllo everyone
    I am back after quite a long absence. I had problems with my home internet connection.

    Here is something new, a German/English videocast
    See what you think
    Bye for now
  5. Punch and Judy Shows2008/12/20

    I hope you like this podcast about Punch and Judy. A famous traditional puppet show in England.

    Bye for now

  6. Reading and Listening Practice (Article about tea)2008/12/01
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  7. More advice on English pronuciation2008/11/21
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  8. 40 minutes a day language learning2008/11/16

    Hello everybody.

    The transcript for this is the next podcast. You can download it as a PDF text document.

    Bye for now

  9. **ADVANCED ENGLISH" (Article: Language learning")2008/11/12
    Hello everybody. You can download the transcript for this podcast by clicking "download" on the next podcast ***TRANSCRIPT***

    PDF format

    Take care

  10. More on introductory phrases for opening a conversation2008/11/09
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  11. Bonfire Night2008/11/02
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  12. Poem - "The Donkey"2008/10/16
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  13. Intonation practice2008/10/07
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  14. Weekend words October 4th2008/10/04
    I hope you like my chatcast.

    It's a bit longer than usual and I'll put a text here in a couple of days.

    Be good be happy (BGBH)

  15. Making a nice cup of English tea2008/09/18
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  16. French Song "L'auvergnat"2008/09/13
    Here is my version of "L'auvergnat" (Song for the person from the Auvergne)

    It was written and sung by Georges Brassens

    It is ano old French song - and I like it a lot

    I hope you like my version

    Bye for now


    If you want the English words - just e-mail me at alan_r_palmer@hotmail.com
  17. Local Markets2008/09/07
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  18. Guitar tune: "Bubble and Squeak"2008/08/25
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  19. Weekend words 24th August - Reading technique2008/08/25
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  20. Listening strategies #12008/08/21
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  21. Culture: Leeds and Liverpool canal2008/08/02
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  22. Weekend Words August 2nd "More on Accent"2008/08/02
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  23. More on fluency and conversations2008/07/31
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  24. Song Title: "I'll Be Back" by Alan Palmer (Original Artists: The Beatles from Hard Day's Night)2008/07/19
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  25. Speaking with native (or near native) speakers of English2008/07/14
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  26. Weekend Words July 13th "Stress on words" #22008/07/14
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  27. English Castles2008/07/08
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  28. Mind your words! with "Mind word essays" (normal speed speech recording)2008/06/16
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  29. Weekend words May 4th2008/05/04
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  30. Guitar Improvisation "Funny Bone"2008/05/02
    I hope you like my guitar piece which I played this evening and a nice sunny evening in England
  31. Conversations with native speakers2008/04/24
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  32. Idea of checking your own progress with English2008/04/15
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  33. Weekend words April 6th2008/04/06
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  34. Chatcast April 1st (Alan's tea-time chat)2008/04/01

    Hello everybody,

    Today I have just decided to talk - no text prepared. So I will listen back to it later and write down for you what I said - so you can read along with me speaking.

    In the meantime, for those of you who are learning English - see how you find it listening without text for the time being...

    take care everybody...

  35. New Guitar Tune 2008/03/23

    I hope you like my latest guitar tune
  36. Guitar tune - Cookies for Tea2008/03/17

    I hope you like this guitar tune I recorded today on my 12-string acoustic guitar...
  37. Weekend words March 15th Keeping motivated to learn languages2008/03/15
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  38. Weekend Words 1st March 2008/03/01
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  39. Weekend Words February 15th (speed of speaking in friendly conversations)2008/02/15
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  40. Weekend Words February 10th (Increasing cultural understanding)2008/02/10
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  41. New way to learn vocabulary?2008/02/02
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  42. Using simple sentences to gain fluency2008/01/30
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  43. Placing emphasis on words when speaking2008/01/24
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  44. Alan's Weekend Words January 19th2008/01/19
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  45. Chatcast - more about fluency in languages2008/01/18
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  46. Guitar Tune - called "Prairie Sunset"2008/01/16

    I hope you like my latest guitar tune recorded today...
  47. Hola! Chatcast about Spanish learning2008/01/14
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  48. Weekend words Jan 6th (2)2008/01/06
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  49. New Year's resolutions2008/01/01
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  50. Just a New Year chat cast2008/01/01
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  51. More about questions2007/12/27
  52. Alan's Weekend Words December 2nd 2007/12/02

    New intro tune
    Words on my blog
    Take care
  53. Alan's Weekend Words 24th November2007/11/24

    I hope you like my new podcast - sorry no music recorded this time

    Transcript here: www.alanpalmer.blogspot.com
  54. Informal style2007/09/04

    Here’s a podcast about informal style of conversations in English
    As usual, the text is on my blog www.alanpalmer.blogspot.com
    Any comments welcome – see you next time
  55. English can be a bit silly sometimes....2007/08/04
    I'm on holiday for a week - so here are my weekend words - see you in a week!

    Take care!

  56. Alan's Weekend Words July 22nd2007/07/22

    This time I talk about sleep words in English

    Text here: www.alanpalmer.blogspot.com

    I hope you don't fall asleep listening - haha

    See you next time!
  57. Thanking people in English2007/07/04
    This chatcast is about how we thank people in England using different words and phrases.

    Don't forget that the transcript for the recording is here:


    Take care - see you next time - keep the comments coming!!
  58. Asking questions in English2007/06/26
    I talk about the way we ask questions in English - well, in England anyway

    I hope you find it interesting

    As usual, the text is on my blog

  59. Alan's Weekend Words June 17th2007/06/17
    I talk about how we shorten sentences in conversation with friends and family

    You can find the transcript here: alanpalmer.blogspot.com
  60. Rock Abby Lee2007/06/17
    A guitar interlude for you - I hope my playing gets you on your feet!

    The title is actually "rockabilly" - but I decided that it looked better as "Rock Abby Lee"

  61. Alan's Weekend Words # 22007/05/24
    Hello again. I've often wondered why so many people learning English want to have "near-native" accents. I discuss this phenomenon a little here... Transcript at: www.alanpalmer@blogspot.com See you in after the 3rd of June! Keep the messages coming...
  62. Alan's Weekend Words #12007/05/19
    This is a new idea. I'm calling this "Alan's Weekend Words"

    I'm going to just chat about things I hope you find interesting

    You can find the transcript on my blog: www.alanpalmer.blogspot.com

    Let me know what you think!


  63. Language "Chatcast" 2007/05/14
    I'm just "chatting" about language here today

    Transcript at my blog: alanpalmer.blogspot.com

  64. More thoughts on motivation and language learning2007/05/13

    More thoughts on language learning
  65. Common mistakes in English2007/05/13
    Just some thoughts about common mistakes people make when learning English and a few more thoughts besides
  66. Alan's language learning top 10 tips!2007/05/13

    My English language learning tips!

    More information about my language learning experiences and transcripts for the podcasts are available at::


    Alan's language chat room at www.paltalk.com

    Category: "Education/Learn different languages"
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