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Smelly Monkeys

  1. 2015/11/16
    The monkeys just turned 18
  2. Smelly Monkeys go to high school orientation2012/02/01
    How time flys! The boys are are headed to high school next semester
  3. SUP 0206102010/02/08

  4. not so lovely bones2010/02/08

  5. spring break cruise 20082008/03/24

    a quick video from our spring break cruise

  6. Smelly Monkeys #522007/10/12
    Smelly Monkeys #52 - A new show for October! We cover the fun topics of college football, a visit from the fire department, naked musicians, and rabbits. fun!
  7. Smelly Monkeys #512007/09/04
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  8. The Armadillo Hunt2007/07/02

    Simon's movie

  9. Smelly Monkeys #502006/10/10
    show 50!
    The empty space that is the Smelly Monkeys fan club, snakes - both good and bad, hillbilly tennis, World Series predictions, Pilot in the bathroom, fun websites, and less.
    Find our CD here !
  10. Smelly Monkeys #492006/07/30

    Smelly Monkeys show # 49 : New studio, attracting girlfriends, 3 way fish match-up, baseball update, jokes, Summer blockbusters, extending our contest, and more.
  11. Smelly Monkeys #482006/07/06
    Smelly Monkeys #48 - 1 year anniversary, 4th of July, Simon's teacher & our CD played in class, World Cup update, Animals - chickens as in DS Lite, a lop-sided match-up, and our contest
  12. Show No Show - technical difficulties2006/07/05
    Hi ya Monkey fans! Sorry about the silence. We did record a show this weekend but we are having technical issues preventing us from uploading the file. We hope to be back on-line very soon.

    Happy Summer!
  13. Smelly Monkeys #472006/06/17
    Smelly Monkeys #47 : Animal mash-up with Boris the flat spider, World Cup news, Smelly Monkeys in the future, Ode to Cheese contest sponsored by Japfoneez , Monkey News , your emails, MyBabyMonsters has a podcast, and the usual silliness. Sign our guest book
  14. Smelly Monkeys #462006/06/03
    Smelly Monkeys show # 46 - Welcome, animal battles, World Cup, Ode to Cheese contest with valuable prizes , emails, oh Boy song, and Monkey News .
    Email us at show[@]SmellyMonkeys.com
  15. Smelly Monkeys #452006/05/18
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  16. Smelly Monkeys #442006/04/28
    Smelly Monkeys #44 - Fred the bird, animal guessing game, hockey playoffs, baseball on steroids, Secondlife but no time for the first, Neil Young, Smelly Monkey clothes , My Baby Monsters book , and a future contest.
  17. Smelly Monkeys #432006/04/15
    Smelly Monkeys show #43 - Spring Break, a new cousin, the best of the worse, bats, Sandy Koufax, bumper stickers, and Nana's Cactus Butt. Sign our guest book . Review us on iTunes or Yahoo Podcasts
  18. Smelly Monkeys #422006/04/07
    Smelly Monkeys Show #42 - The start of spring break! Birds, bunnies, and podcasting. Lost in China , Penguins including best friends and Katrina visitors, Baseball, Barry Bonds, Simon's blog , The Flaming Lips , Songs by The Egerton Boyz , and Smelly Monkey t-shirts .

  19. Smelly Monkeys #412006/04/03
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  20. Smelly Monkeys #402006/03/24

    Smelly Monkeys show #40 - We took a week off but we are back with: Signs of spring, slipping cups, March madness, Eye of the Tiger karaoke, Crickets and the Pygmy Mouse Lemur, Interview with the car, and Smelly Monkeys on eBay .
  21. Smelly Monkeys #392006/03/10
    Smelly Monkeys # 39 - for the second time tonight. Rugby, Blue Whales vs. Geckos, our 50th visitor , a moose in a swing , nude bike racing , Jack Johnson , Podzinger , LaLa.com , and more.
  22. Smelly Monkeys # 382006/03/03
    Smelly Monkeys #38 - Birthdays, Portland, Old ladies, Dogs and dog bites, Old lady football, Too much wine, Favorite TV shows, James Bond, Microphone troubles, and a song for Monday Morning from our CD . www.smellymonkeys.com
  23. Smelly Monkeys #372006/02/24
    Smelly Monkeys #37 -
    Fred has landed
    What is a sport (bowling, fishing, chess, deer hunting, running, jogging, surfing)
    Dino Beaver
    Streaking at curls
    Email from fans
    James Bond controversy (cast a short, blond, odd-looking Bond.)
  24. Smelly Monkeys #362006/03/03
    Smelly Monkeys #36 – The sad news about Burt, Winter Olympics, Tennis, Grocery store or pet shop, Travels in Southern Asia, Music, and the VP is our Monkey News.
  25. Smelly Monkeys - Show # 352006/02/05
    Smelly Monkeys #35 - The Jam Band concert, CD sales, the Scotts Valley Redwings, Jokes, Chinese New Years, importance of reading, and a very special announcement from Simon.
    Find Charity's CD here
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Smelly Monkeys
A podcast between a father and sons that covers a range of fun and interesting topics as we take a look at the world . . . our world. . . of sports, music, animals, and technology. The show provides the humor and wisdom that only kids can provide. Hosted by 8 yr old twins and their Dad. Enjoy - Gareth, Trevor, & Simon
-- Visit us at www.smellymonkeys.com

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