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BitJam Podcast

  1. BitJam Episode #01 - The Beginning2007/09/02
    This episode contains a mix of the tunes found on BitJam Vol. 1.: Solaris, not all tunes are in the podcast due to the sheer size of the musicdisk.
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by KEiTO, logo by Haz
  2. BitJam Episode #02 - Melodic2007/09/09
    We selected cute melodic tunes for your aural pleasure and enjoyment.
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by KEiTO, logo by KF
  3. BitJam Episode #03 - In Space2007/09/16
    In space, only Darth Vader can you hear boogie, young Padavan!
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by KF
  4. BitJam Episode #04 - Elektronik, supersonik2007/09/23
    Elektronik. Supersonik. Fasten your beltseats and listen to the upbeat drums!
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by RayNoa
  5. BitJam Episode #05 - Instant computermusic2007/09/30
    Bitjam Podcast #5. Remixing the ears with currywurst and soda.
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo by KF and Can
  6. BitJam Episode #06 - C64 only selection2007/10/07
    Bitjam Podcast #6. Presented in surround mono, where available!
    Mixed by Vincenzo, intro sounds by Virgill, logo by Brainbox
  7. BitJam Episode #07 - Tribute2007/10/14
    This episode is a tribute to all demosceners who have passed away and only contains music from people who left us. When you listen to these songs, spare a thought for them, their families and friends. Rest in peace brethren.
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by Vicky, logo by RayNoa
  8. BitJam Episode #08 - Classic gametunes2007/10/21
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  9. BitJam Episode #09 - Italocast2007/10/28
    In the 80's everything was better: Shoulderpads, excessive use of neon, plastic overdose, hairspray AND italo disco! Tune in to this weeks podcast to tickle your 80's memory glands, and enjoy our selection of italo-sounding tracks.
    Plutonium by Myx was especially composed for our 9th podcast episode. Thank you Myx!
  10. BitJam Episode #10 - Happy Halloween!2007/10/31
    It's alive! Pumpkin man welcomes you to this spooky halloween special of BitJam podcast. Lock yourself inside, don't answer the door or the phone, and enjoy it with a bloody mary. Trick or treat?
    Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by KF
  11. BitJam Episode #10.5 - Antique Toy special2007/11/04
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  12. BitJam Episode #11 - Amiga classics2007/11/11
    This time the podcast contains classic Amiga demotunes turntable-mixed by Virgill. I'm saying it's going to be a very big hit!

    Mixed by Virgill, exclusive Bitjam jingle by CONS, logo by KF
  13. BitJam Episode #12 - Function 2007 special2007/11/18
    This episode contains interviews with the Function2007 visitors: Kelsey, Jailbird, Dipswitch and Nuke. Sadly, the interviews with Delilah, Iq and Irene were bugged (thanks to the recorder), so we couldn't use them... Sorry guys...

    Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by Zoom, special guest star: Pohar, as reporter
  14. BitJam Episode #13 - Rebels remixed2007/11/25
    Rebels - the band of badboys give you an almanach: memories of a decade, our finest ingredients.
    After 20 years of rebelling, making demoscene productions, being one of the oldest scenegroups, we are still here. We give you a little piece of our history in chronological order.
    Rebels - We Make All Days Partydays!
  15. BitJam Episode #14 - Mo' Playaz2007/12/02
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  16. BitJam Episode #15 - The Scene.hu "JFF" competition chartshow2007/12/09
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  17. BitJam Episode #16 - Best of 4k intro soundtracks2007/12/16
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  18. BitJam Episode #17 - It ain't much if it ain't Dutch2007/12/23
    Attention! The Dutch are coming!
    Holland has given us a lot of good composers. We have picked the best tracks among wooden shoes, tulips and windmills for your enjoyment.
    And many thanks to Reyn for his exclusive music!
    Mixed by Vincenzo, jingle by pOWL and Virgill, logo #17 by Alien^PDX
  19. Bitjam Episode #18 - Revenge of Brainstorm2008/01/07
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  20. Bitjam Episode #19 - Drum and bass part 22008/01/13
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  21. Bitjam Episode #20 - 20 years of scenemusic2008/01/20
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  22. Bitjam Episode #21 - Navis at [d]vision2008/01/27
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  23. Bitjam Episode #22 - Original vs. Remix2008/02/03
    Episode #22 - Original vs. Remix
    This time we bring you a pack of siblings - sister remix and big brother original. Which one do you prefer, did the remix bring something good or is the original still the best? You decide..!

    Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #22 by KF
  24. BitJam Episode #23 - BitWerk Non-Stop2008/02/10
    Episode #23 - BitWerk Non-Stop
    It starts with E and ends with lectro. 'Nuff said!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #23 by KF
  25. BitJam Episode #24 - Sexiest Female Singers2008/02/17
    Episode #24 - Sexiest female singers
    It's time for some sweet female vocal lovin' as we unleash an episode filled with songs which feature ... Female singers.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #24 by KF
  26. Bitjam Episode #25 - Trance and uplifting tunes2008/02/24
    OMG Tracne si teh beast!!!!!1one
    Tish teim wii meaksead haeghly up!beat tuens 4 yer plaeazur. Ay caen haz phun widdieth! Thaenks four JaeyCeeOuch and B00biec 4 teh haepl!1

    Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Buzzer, logo #25 by Alien^PDX compiled by Bobic and JCO
  27. Bitjam Episode #26 - Berlin special2008/03/02
    Episode #26 - This episode of BitJam is filled with work from active and also formerly active scene-musicians that hail from Berlin/Germany.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, Jingle by Virgill, logo #26 by H2O compiled by Dalezy
  28. Bitjam Episode #27 - [d]vision part 22008/03/09
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  29. Bitjam Episode #28 - Happy 2nd BitDay, BitFellas2008/03/16
    Episode #28 - Happy 2nd BitDay, Bitfellas!
    An episode to celebrate the second anniversary of BitFellas. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a bunch of previously unreleased songs!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingles by tEiS and Buzzer, logo #27 by KF
  30. Bitjam Episode #29 - C64 music part 22008/03/30
    Episode #29 - C64 part 2 - Back to the roots
    Here we go again with a fine C64 music collection. Oldschool music lovers! Prepare your ears, turn up the volume, and forget about your neighbours! Houston, counting down: 5...4...3...1... Offblast!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by pOWL, logo #27 by Skan
  31. Bitjam Episode #30 - Breakpoint 2008 specials2008/04/06
    Episode #30 and #30 - Breakpoint 2008 specials
    This weekend we will celebrate the 30th episode of both Bitjam and Hardread Podcast, so we will play the two brand new episodes right after each other this Sunday evening. So, prepare the double of your regular dose of beer and enjoy the finest releases of Breakpoint 2008!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Chromag, logo #30 by H2O
  32. Bitjam Episode #31 - Atari Falcon classics2008/04/13
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  33. Bitjam Episode #32 - Merregnon special2008/04/20
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  34. Bitjam Episode #33 - Hardread - We are back in town!2008/04/27
    Episode #33 - Hardread - We are back in town!
    This is your backstage ticket. You can look into the magician's hat. These are the best songs from Pohar's Favourites list at Bitfellas.org.
    And don't forget to visit our new podcast page: http://hdpodcast.blogspot.com!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #33 by KF, compiled by Pohar
  35. Bitjam Episode #34 - Preselected tunes2008/05/04
    Episode #34 - Preselected tunes
    In this episode we selected prejuried tunes from various parties. Sometimes they are better than the played ones. Aren't they...?

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by tEiS, logo #34 by KF
  36. Bitjam Episode #35 - Best cooperation tunes2008/05/11
    Episode #35 - Best cooperation tunes
    From the very early days, demoscene composers have always collaborated, and some of the scene's most classic pieces have come from such cooperations. Welcome to BitJam Podcast #35, where we present to you the creme de la creme of these pieces.
    Listen to this the only appropriate way - in stereo

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by tEiS, logo #34 by H2O
  37. Bitjam Episode #36 - Bitjam Anthologies feat. Virgill2008/05/25
    Episode #36 - Bitjam Anthologies feat. Virgill - 20 years of demoscene music
    To honour the scene gladiators, that entertained us for decades, the BitJam dynasty proclaims the first part of the greatest games you can attend to with your senses:
    BitJam Anthologies featuring Virgill - 20 Years of Scenemusic.

    Mixing, compiling and jingle by Cons, logo by H2O
  38. Bitjam Episode #37 - Atari ST tunes2008/06/01
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  39. Bitjam Episode #38 - Fighting tunes2008/06/08
    Episode #38 - Fighting tunes
    Martial Arts has been a fascination for many composers working within the demoscene, as well as the subject of many classic game soundtracks. It seemed only fitting then, that we should dedicate an episode of the podcast to these tunes - some with an oriental feel, some that just kicks your ass. Enjoy!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #38 by KF
  40. BitJam Episode #39 - Boyc at [d]vision2008/06/15
    Demoscene meeting 0011 with [d]vision with guest speaker BoyC gives you a interesting look into the creation of 64K Intros - How to make stunning effects with minimalistic code.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by ne7, logo #39 by H2O
  41. BitJam Episode #40 - ExoticA2008/06/22
    Episode #40 - ExoticA
    ExoticA brings you a podcast with a selection of tracks from the ExoticA website.
    Including some popular game tunes as well as some more exotic musical delights.

    Compiled by BuZz and XtC. Mixing by Vincenzo and XtC, jingles by Barry Leitch, ne7 and Buzzer, logo #40 by KF
  42. BitJam Episode #41 - Barry's scene favourites2008/06/29
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  43. BitJam Episode #42 - Synth classic'2008/11/01
    This is a "downloadable only" podcast episode. No radio, no airing on sunday, but it's released finally!
    This time we collected some really good-flowing synth tunes for your enjoyment. BitJam Podcast is back online!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #40 by KF
    Big big thanks to Sahkolihaa for his help.
  44. BitJam Episode #43 - C64 multispeed tunes2008/11/09
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  45. BitJam Episode #44 - Roland LAPC-I tunes2008/11/16
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  46. BitJam Episode #45 - TRSi allstars2008/11/23
    TRSi, the alliance of Tristar and Red Sector Inc. is kicking since summer 1990 and has delivered since numerous productions on
    Amiga, C-64, numerous consoles and the PC.
    BitJam Podcast #45 contains a small selection fine musical pieces of that period mixed together by mastermind tEiS.

    Mixing by tEiS, logo #45 by H2O
  47. BitJam Episode #46 - Selected Spectrum works2008/11/30
    Welcome! This is the selection of highlights from the reach variety of spectrum music. Sure, there are thousands of them and next time you will get any more. I promise. - C-jeff

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #46 by Raynoa, compiled by C-jeff

  48. BitJam Episode #47 - BitJam anthologies feat. Barry Leitch2008/12/08
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  49. BitJam Episode #48 - Revenge of the DOS Prompt2008/12/14
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  50. BitJam Episode #49 - HighScore Music2008/12/21
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  51. BitJam Episode #49b - Christmas 2008 Special2008/12/23
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  52. BitJam Episode #50 - Just the best2008/12/28
    Episode #50 - Just the best
    We celebrate our 50th episode with the best tracks from BitJam favourite lists.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #50 by H2O and Brainbox
  53. BitJam Episode #51 - Sun chilling area2009/01/31
    Episode #51 - Sun chilling area
    The playlist reflects a day on the beach. In the morning everybody is full of power, having fun and action around and in the water, but as the day moves on everybody slows down and is enjoying the mild afternoon sun with a smile and thinking about the good day they had.

    Mixing, compiling and jingle by air2k, logo #51 by H2O
  54. BitJam Episode #52 - Hits for Kids - Play it again, daddy!2009/02/08
    Episode #52 - Hits for Kids
    Is your kid crying all the time? Do you need all your energy for playing? BitJam helps you to diaper your children!
    See you soon at the "Father's table" at Breakpoint2009!

    Mixing and jingle by Mommy Vincenzo, logo #52 by Big Daddy H2O, idea and compiling by Babysitter Bobic
  55. BitJam Episode #53 - AY Riders2009/02/15
    Episode #53 - AY Riders
    AY is the SID of Spectrum. It might be outdated, but it is still alive in the good old East-European block. Just listen to these wizards who run two or even three computers in perfect synch to make this magical music. AY riders is on the stage tonight.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Yerzmyey, logo #53 by KF, compiling by Yerzmyey and Pohar
  56. BitJam Episode #54 - Doskpop2009/02/22
    Episode #54 - Doskpop
    As a special treat for those of us that remember that crazy musical style pioneered by Lizardking and continued by a host of other sceners; kick back and listen to a selection of the finest doskpop ziks the scene has to offer, just like its the 90's all over again!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #54 by Speedy
  57. BitJam Episode #55 - Comic and Cartoon2009/03/01
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  58. BitJam Episode #56 - Droppin' it to our Dawgs2009/03/08
    Episode #56 - Droppin' it to our Dawgs
    Yo homiez, this is Deejay Vizzle on the wheels of lethal steel, stick ya earz this Sunday the phattest choons of tha block fo' REAL! We out, PEACE!

    Mixing by Dj Vizzle, jingle by Mc SiEt, logo #56 by C-Killa and K-to-tha-F
  59. BitJam Episode #57 - Spectrum demotunes2009/03/15
    Episode #57 - Spectrum demotunes
    The revenge of the spectrum sawtooth. Turning technical deficits into musical brilliance. Listen to the finest you can get from square waveforms and vast varieties of blip blops.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #57 by Grass, compiled by C-jeff
  60. BitJam Episode #58 - Happy 3rd birthday BitFellas!2009/03/18
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  61. BitJam Episode #59 - Brainstorm Reloaded2009/03/29
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  62. BitJam Episode #60 - BitJam Remix 001 Compo Entries2009/04/05
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  63. BitJam Episode #61 - Game Over!2009/04/19
    Episode #61 - Game Over
    --- insert KEiTO's text here ---
    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #61 by KF
  64. BitJam Episode #62 - Happy Chips2009/04/26
    Episode #62 - Happy chips
    This week our resident cheer disposal units bring you this sawtoothed ball of joy, one hour of pure happiness and pulse width modulation, making sure we dont filter out any good vibes and everything brings a smile to your face fair and square.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #62 by KF, compiled by SaphirJD
  65. BitJam Episode #63 - We got balls of boing2009/05/03
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  66. BitJam Episode #64 - Very special C64 episode2009/05/10
    Episode #64 - Very special C64 episode
    On this very special sunday, we present you a very special mix, created from very special songs made by very special people on a very special computer, in remembrance of a very special time giving us very special memories.

    Mixing by a very special Vincenzo, jingle by a very special pOWL, logo #64 by a very special Sander
  67. BitJam Episode #65 - Underwater Luve2009/05/17
    Episode #65 - Underwater Luve
    Dive into a bubbling journey into our oceanbed, where our sonars located the finest catches of audio-aquatic beauties for your snorkels. Take a deep breath, dwell through our marine melodies and have a whale of a time!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, exclusive jingle by Buzzer, logo #65 by Flaxo, compiled by ALiEN^BF
  68. BitJam Episode #66 - In Soviet Russia bears mix podcasts2009/05/24
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  69. BitJam Episode #67 - Remixing the Paradise2009/05/31
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  70. BitJam Episode #68 - We got goulasch2009/06/07
    Episode #68 - We got goulasch
    Goulash is our mushroom, Alex Rose is our Mario, we have to save the demoscene in the pusta.
    Today we serve our "echte" Hungarian "Spezialität" to you, for your enjoyment.

    Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #68 by Coyote, thanks to Hank for his logo-ideas!
  71. BitJam Episode #69 - BitPussy Deluxe2009/06/14
    Episode #69 - BitPussy Deluxe
    Mmm yeahhh... a DAMN fine selection of sleazy tunes, smoothened silky to make you all moist. Circle your tongue around our beats. Tune in. You know you want to.
    The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette and listened to BitJam Podcast...

    Sexy mixing by Vincenzo, Hooker jingle by Virgill, BitchBanner #69 by H2O
  72. BitJam Episode #70 - Farbrausch V2 remixed2009/06/21
    Episode #70 - Farbrausch V2 remixed (.hund!)
    We come "out of the blue" and ".deTuned" some more "popular demo" tracks from the .hund gang.

    Compiled, remixed, mixed and jingle by .werkkzeug-machine reEto, logo #70 by Farbrausch-Meister H2O
  73. BitJam Episode #71 - ST-01 Tunes2009/06/28
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  74. BitJam Episode #72 - Diskmag tunes2009/07/05
    Episode #72 - Diskmag tunes
    This podcast was specifically crafted to present you songs you normally don't hear - because everyone just turns off music for diskmags. A collection of songs, created to augment your reading experience when you lean back in your armchair and turn the pages of the screen.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by CONS, logo #72 by H2O
  75. BitJam Episode #73 - Tribute to Michael Jackson2009/07/12
    Episode #73 - Tribute to Michael Jackson
    The poor rich man, the global icon. We are not judging the man, here is some music.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #74 by Zoom
  76. BitJam Episode #74 - French classics2009/07/19
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  77. BitJam Episode #75 - Movie and TV themes2009/07/26
    Episode #75 - Movie and TV themes
    When you were young and you had just one TV at home, you had to turn off your computer when your family wanted to see their favourite series. Why not mixing the two? Enjoy the best TV series and movie themes on your BitBox!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by CONS, logo #75 by Floyd
  78. BitJam Episode #76 - Disaster Area2009/08/02
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  79. BitJam Episode #77 - Chillout2009/08/09
    Episode #77 - Chillout
    Stop. Sit Down. Close your eyes. Relax. Don't use drugs to fly away, let the music take your mind to a trip. Today we will fly away to the slo-mo chillout world. Filled with quality music, mixed with our sixth sense, flavoured with calm beats.

    Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #77 by .reEto, compiled by Sahkolihaa
  80. BitJam Episode #78 - Oriental and Far East Music2009/08/17
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  81. BitJam Episode #79 - Amiga Crack intro trax2009/08/23
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  82. BitJam Episode #80 - Top os the 80's Pop2009/09/07
    Episode #80 - Top of the 80' Pop
    WARNING: Childhood memories overflow!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by .reEto, logo #80 by KF
  83. BitJam Episode #81 - RNO 10th Birthday Special Episode2009/09/14
    Episode #81 - RNO 10th Birthday Special Episode
    Happy Birthday RNO! We wish 10x10 years of music to you!

    Mixing and jingle by Roz, logo #81 by Densho, big ThankYou! flies to tFt for organizing this episode!
  84. BitJam Episode #82 - Phlow-Magazine.com Special 2009/09/20
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  85. BitJam Episode #83 - Technological Death Sounds2009/09/27
    Episode #83 - Technological Death Sounds
    Join us on our trip into a world full of exciting ultra fast beeps and blips. Beware! Loads of polish techno power inside, so fasten your seatbelts now!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by CONS, logo #83 by Gr4ss, compiled by Bobic
  86. BitJam Episode #84 - Bit Brother Is Watching You!2009/10/06
    Episode #84 - Bit Brother Is Watching You!
    Fellow law-obeying citizens! The Party is double plus happy to announce the release of this new podcast, created FNORD carefully by our faithful Ministry of Sound. Enjoy as you must.
    And Banner #85 is NOT missing.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #84 by H2O, compiled by Bit Brother
  87. BitJam Episode #85 - A Night At The Club!2009/10/12
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  88. BitJam Episode #86 - The Black Lotus Essentials2009/10/20
    Episode #86 - The Black Lotus Essentials
    Today, we celebrate a demogroup with one of the most extensive history in the demoscene, a group that celebrated their twentiest anniversary this summer. Enjoy the music from the classics created by The Black Lotus!

    Mixing and jingles by tEiS, logo #86 by Unreal, special thanks to Bobic and Gargaj for their help!
  89. BitJam Episode #87 - Just Piggin'2009/10/25
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  90. BitJam Episode #88a - BitJam Remix Compo #02 Entries2009/11/02
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  91. BitJam Episode #88b - Main Party 2009 selection2009/11/02
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  92. BitJam Episode #89 - Underworld FearCast2009/11/08
    Episode #89 - Underworld FearCast
    We're going down beneath the surface, where the underworld lies. Mysterious caves, creepy tombs and darkness surrounds us in this FearCast.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #89 by KF, compiled by Bobic
  93. BitJam Episode #90 - Farbrausch Demo Trax Remixed2009/11/15
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  94. BitJam Episode #91 - Legends from 19912009/11/22
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  95. BitJam Episode #92 - Legends from 19922009/11/29
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  96. BitJam Episode #93 - 12 Months of Music2009/12/05
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  97. BitJam Episode #94 - Tribute to Jester2009/12/13
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  98. BitJam Episode #95 - Best of Haujobb2009/12/20
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  99. BitJam Episode #95b - X-mas 20092009/12/23
    Episode #95b - X-mas 2009
    Oh no! Not another X-mas episode! Old Santa and the ClausFellas present to you some not so usual Christmas tracks - a little present for your ears. Merry Christmas to you all!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #95b by H2O, compiled by Bobic.
  100. BitJam Episode #96 - Loaders2009/12/27
    Episode #96 - Loaders
    Insert disk #20091027. Press enter. Loading. Ready. Rub. ?Syntax Error. Rin. ?Syntax Error. RUN. Starting BitJam Podcast Episode #96. Decrunching. Ready! Listen!

    Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #96 by KF, episode idea by Buzzer, compiled by Bobic.
  101. BitJam Episode #97 - Relax at the Bit-Bar2010/01/03
    Episode #97 - Relax at the Bit-Bar
    Enter a nice bar, there's smoke in the air. You sit down, order a glass of whiskey and just relax...
    In the meantime the band starts to play. Music that fits to the mood; you're in the BitBar - enjoy!

    Mixing and jingle by Vincenzo, logo #97 by H2O
  102. BitJam Episode #98 - Industrial and EBM Tracks2010/01/10
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  103. BitJam Episode #99 - Expect the Unexpected2010/01/17
    Episode #99 - Expect The Unexpected
    Expext the unexpected. Anticipate the unthinkable. Gee, even we don't know for sure what to expect from this Podcast.
    "BitJam - We Ran Out Of Ideas"

    Unexpected mixing quality by Vincenzo, expected logo quality #99 by H2O
  104. BitJam Episode #100 - Milestone - The Flow2010/01/23
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  105. BitJam Episode #101 - Happy 4th BitDay BitFellas!2010/03/18
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  106. BitJam Episode #102 - Journey into Space2010/04/11
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  107. BitJam Episode #103 - Rock around the Bit2010/04/18
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  108. BitJam Episode #104 - Journey into Space (part 2)2010/04/25
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  109. BitJam Episode #105 - Right SID Fred2010/05/02
    Episode #105 - Right SID Fred
    Who's Fred? Freddy Krueger? Freddie Mercury? There's no Queens on Elm Street! You're in the BitHouse now and we bring you some fine SID sounds this week, so get some Fred in your head and listen to BitJam Podcast #105 now! Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #105 by Grass, thank you to KEiTO for his help.
  110. BitJam Episode #106 - Less is More2010/05/07
    Episode #106 - Less is More
    4k intro or demo? Cheesburger or Big Mac? Tanga slip or big underwear? What do you prefer? Sometimes less is more. This time, the BitFellas crew enjoys the little things in their latest podcast episode.

    Mixing by Vincenzo, jingle by Virgill, logo #106 by Grass, compiled by Bobic
  111. BitJam Episode #107 - Robotixx Volume 12010/05/16
  112. BitJam Episode #108 - 70s Cult2010/05/22
  113. BitJam Episode #109 - Deep Beat Wow Wow2010/06/06
  114. BitJam Episode #110 - Sexiest Female Singers Part 2.2010/06/20
  115. BitJam Episode #111 - 7 Days a Week2010/06/27
  116. BitJam Episode #112 - Atari 8 bit Music - Classics and Covers2010/07/04
  117. BitJam Episode #113 - Robots Sing Along2010/07/11
  118. BitJam Episode #114 - Sports Music2010/07/25
  119. BitJam Episode #115 - Happy Meal (The Foodcast)2010/09/19
  120. BitJam Episode #116 - Bit Pistols2010/10/29
  121. BitJam Episode #117 - BitStep DubJam2010/11/07
  122. BitJam Episode #118 - Colorful Music2010/11/14
  123. BitJam Episode #119 - Holy Moly2010/11/21
  124. BitJam Episode #120 - One Step Forward Back2010/11/28
  125. BitJam Episode #121 - FR Wayfinder2010/12/05
  126. BitJam Episode #122 - Unreleased Tunes2010/12/12
  127. BitJam Episode #123 - 4-mat Special2010/12/19
  128. BitJam Episode #124 - CandyCast2011/01/24
  129. BitJam Episode #125 - FR .reEto2011/01/30
  130. BitJam Episode #126 - E-Guitar Hero2011/02/13
  131. BitJam Episode #127 - Deep Beat Wow Wow Part 2.2011/03/06
  132. BitJam Episode #128 - Synthpop2011/03/27
  133. BitJam Episode #129 - Colourful Music Part 2.2011/04/03
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