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Cooking With Aneh

  1. EPISODE31 - Accident update2008/02/04
    I was involved in a severe car crash on the 27th of January. I am still in hospital, snd moving into rehab tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers and suppourt. I love you all! I can get emails at sales@anehs.com
    Thank you all! Blessings
  2. EPISODE29 - Grains for Life2008/01/21
    Selecting and Using whole grains
  3. EPISODE28 - Grains For life2008/01/14
    Selecting and using Whole Grains
  4. EPISODE27 - Organic and Natural Foods2008/01/07
    What is the difference between Organic foods and Natural foods, and which is healthier for you?
  5. EPISODE26 -Happy New Year!!2007/12/31
  6. EPISODE25 - Special Christmas Edition!2007/12/24
    This is a special Christmas edition serving Apple and Pecan Pancakes!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!
  7. EPISODE24 -More party and entertainment foods!2007/12/17
    More party and entertainment foods!
  8. EPISODE23 - More party and entertainment foods!2007/12/10
    More party and entertainment foods!
  9. EPISODE22 - Holiday, party and Finger Foods!2007/12/05
    More Holiday, party and finger Foods! This show will be on Wednesday instead of Monday 3
  10. EPISODE21 - Hors D'oeuvres, or party foods2007/11/26
    Holiday parties and entertaining kicks into gear, I will be making Hors D'oeuvres, or party foods
  11. EPISODE20 -Guest Julie Thom Speaks about thanksgiving Holiday2007/11/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  12. EPISODE19 - Cooking for the Season2007/11/12
    I talk about some more Gluten free recipes, and other delicious sides!
  13. EPISODE18 - Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays2007/11/05
  14. EPISODE17 - Pies and More Pies2007/10/29
    I'll be sharing some more interestin pie recipes!

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  15. EPISODE16 - American Pie!2007/10/22
    Pie, Pies, Pies
    Fun and easy to make pies for fall entertaining!
  16. EPISODE15 - Exortic Madagascar2007/10/15
    The Island of Madagascar sits just off of the Southern Eastern coast of Africa. It is known for it's vanilla bean, but what else do they have to offer the culinary world? Join me and my guest, Guest Kathy MacElmurry, who has just returned from Madagascar, as we talk about the people and food of Madagascar.
  17. EPISODE13 - Cooking in Burma (Myanmar)!2007/10/08
    Myanmar is also known as Burma, is a very unique culture in South East Asia. It's influences are from Indonisia, China, India and Vietnam.
  18. EPISODE12 - African Inspired Desserts2007/10/01
    Afro-centric Desserts! African Inspired desserts!
  19. EPISODE11 - East African Cusine!2007/09/24
    East African cooking!
  20. EPISODE10 - Ethiopian Cuisine! With Guest Sue Volkmann2007/09/17
    Sue Volkmann has live and worked in Ehiopia for many years as a Missionary. We'll talk about Ethiopian Culture, and share recipes you too can enjoy!!
  21. EPISODE9 - West African Cusine2007/09/10
    Continuing the talk about Cameroon, and West Afican Cooking in general. My Mother will be my guest on today's show!
  22. EPISODE14 -An African food Adventure2007/09/03
    Exploring some of Africa's best cousines!
  23. EPISODE7 - Lentils and Bean2007/08/27
    A look at beans!
  24. EPISODE6 - The World of Lentils!2007/08/25
    The world of Lentils
    We'll explore the world of lentils! What are they and are they really good for you?
  25. EPISODE5 - Cooking With Aneh-Whole Grains Pt 22007/08/13
    Spelt, Kamut
  26. EPISODE4 -Using Whole Grains 12007/08/06
    I will talk about fun and mouthwatering ways of incorporating whole grains into everyday cooking. We will look at Quinoa and Amaranth and Teff
  27. EPISODE2 - Cooking with Aneh2007/07/30
    Show introduction
Cooking With Aneh
This talkcast is about Food! As a Food enthusiast, I love to talk about food. I'll share recipes with you, try to answer some questions you may have.
Aneh Mundi is the owner of Aneh's Fine Foods. The online store is www.anehs.com.

A passionate food enthusiast and spirited speaker, Aneh Mundi was born in Cameroon, Africa. From the time she was very little, Aneh had the ability to mix a bit of this, a little of that to make unique and mouthwatering culinary creations. She went on to pursue a degree in Home Economics and a Masters Degree in Food Science.

Aneh has worked as a product development manager for one of the nation's leading gourmet brands, and has assisted several marketing groups to bring concepts to life. She works as a developmental consultant to a wide range of food manufacturers.

She is bringing to you a wealth of knowledge from food science, health, and a globl perspective.

Visit www.anehs.com for more about Aneh
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