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BC Podcasts

  1. Lisa Iglesias2011/07/27

  2. Mia Feuer2011/09/14

  3. John Pena2011/08/21

  4. Leslie Shows2011/07/27

  5. Isabelle Hayeur2011/06/01

  6. Cybele Lyle2011/05/25

  7. Michael Beitz2011/04/20

  8. Christina West2011/03/23

  9. Lenore Thomas2011/03/09

  10. Echo Eggebrecht2011/02/02

BC Podcasts
Galleries and museums are great ways to experience contemporary art. But viewers don't always get to experience the artist's take on what happens in their studios. For over twenty-five years, more than 600 artists have participated in the Bemis Center's international residency program. That's why we've added BC Podcasts. Beginning in 2007, BC Podcasts take you behind the scenes for interviews with our Artists-in-Residence and Visiting Artists. Each interview captures the creative process and brings it directly to you, no matter where you are.

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