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God Said What?

  1. He said, "Enter the Vineyard"2008/01/22
    Samuel Philemon welcomes special guest Paul Foulett of the South Las Vegas New Life Ministry. Passages from Isaiah and Mathew reveal paths to righteousness for the wicked.
  2. He Said, "Save a Wh**e"2008/01/04
    From Sin City, Samuel broadcasts live and brings the message of reconciliation. Drawing from Romans and Hosea, Samuel outlines his crusade for saving whores and those around them that commit sin.
  3. He said, "Save the Prostitute"2007/12/21
    Scripture is shared with Samuel which makes him aware of the need to minister to those that have heart's burning with passion.
  4. He Said, "Be Not the Footstool."2007/12/19
    Samuel emerges from the ashes of despair and shares words of encouragement and courage from Jeremiah and Isaiah.
  5. He said, "Stand for Love"2007/12/17
    Although beaten, Samuel finds the courage to share scripture from the Book of Samuel and Job. His stand for Love is an encouragement for all of us to speak the Word of God.
  6. He Said, "Be Not the Lion."2007/12/04
    Samuel shares how bringing the Word of God to the dechurched demands that we seek out the scorned of society. By sharing the Word of God we can save the world one soul at a time.
  7. He Said, "Karma is not Christian!"2007/12/03
    To teach a different understanding of salvation is heresy. Christianity teaches that salvation is completely a gift of God's grace in Christ received by faith. Samuel shares passages from Ephesians and Isiah.
  8. He said, "Come Back to Your Senses."2007/11/30
    In today's episode Samuel Philemon calls us to share the Word of God with our fellow man on a daily basis.
  9. He said, "Be not Judas!"2007/11/28
    Samuel brings together the passages of Acts and Jeremiah to help us distinguish between being Judas and drinking from the Lord's cup of wrath.
  10. He said, "Have Righteous Goals!"2007/11/27
    From the streets of downtown San Francisco, Samuel Philemon brings the word of God to those around him.
  11. He said, "Don't Sin!"2007/11/26
    Passages from Timothy and Peter share insight into God's desire for us not to sin.
God Said What?
A radio program bringing scripture to life with insights into daily life, our transgressions and inspirations for sinners seeking the path to the Lord. More information is available at www.samuelphilemon.com
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