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BrokenSea - Doctor Who

  1. Behind the Sofa – 50th Anniversary Special …2013/11/23
    Join Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) (Producer / Engineer), and Mark Kalita aboard the TARDIS, for a fun chat celebrating 50 years of Dr. Who. Amongst numerous Whovian related themes, they discuss how they both discovered Dr. Who, what it’s … Continue reading →
  2. 50th Anniversary – Poster 22013/11/21
    Continuing our Celebrations of a certain Anniversary, here is the second of two Mock Magazine Cover Posters.
  3. 50th Anniversary – Poster 12013/11/14
    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating a certain Anniversary, with a number of special releases. Kicking things off, here’s our first release.
  4. We Want Who ? …2013/11/07
    As you all know, there’s a certain 50 year celebration coming up. Now I’ve had a number of emails / Facebook messages etc., asking if I could find a way for BrokenSea to get the fans of our show involved … Continue reading →
  5. Season 4 – Episode 6 – Centurion2012/12/25
    The all powerful legions of Ancient Rome, who have conquered the known world with their armoured machines encounter a deadly new foe when they encounter a crashed Cyberman ship. While the Doctor discovers the truth about the greatest threat the … Continue reading →
  6. Dr. Who Mobile …2012/08/09
    Got a Mobile Device and wanna access all the latest Dr. Who Episodes and Goodies ? Try the brand spanking new Dr. Who Mobile Site :- http://brokensea.com/drwhomobile Developer: Brian Bochicchio Graphics: Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) Says Brian, “This mobile … Continue reading →
  7. Bonus Release – Theremin Main Theme …2012/08/09
    As a special Bonus release and to celebrate Dr. Who Mobile going online, here is a brand spanking new and exclusive Theremin version of the Main Theme. This one’s by none other than Bruce Busby and is Remixed by Stevie … Continue reading →
  8. Doctor Who Actress Mary Tamm Dies2012/07/26
    “Doctor Who star Mary Tamm, who played companion Romana alongside Tom Baker, has died aged 62. The actress, who was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, fought a long battle with cancer and died in hospital in London.” – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18995370 A … Continue reading →
  9. Season 4 – Episode 5 – 6 Billion Deaths of Soka Virashi2012/07/19
    Nothing is more pleasant than catching up with old friends. But with old friends come new enemies and with new friends come old enemies. The Doctor and Amanda find a terrifying welcome on the dead and devastated world of the … Continue reading →
  10. Behind the Sofa – 1st 4 Episodes of Season 4 …2012/05/10
    Join Stevie K. Farnaby (Producer / Engineer), Paul Mannering (Writer), and Mark Kalita (The Doctor) aboard the TARDIS, for a fun chat as they discuss the 1st 4 Episodes of Season 4, Production Delays, and the loss of Mentor. Produced … Continue reading →
  11. Season 4 – Episode 4 – Whisper in the Silence2012/04/05
    “In the 51st Century – billions of beings are running blindly from a terror that silences entire worlds. The Shadow Proclamation asks the Doctor and Amanda to investigate, and they begin a journey that will change the Universe for all … Continue reading →
  12. Season 4 – Episode 3 – The Thing2011/12/01
    “When Shakespeare arrives in time to save a community theatre from the world’s worst production of Romeo and Juliet, the Doctor and Amanda are not far behind. But with murder, missing treasure and a pandemic of pigeons, just how the … Continue reading →
  13. Season 4 – Episode 2 – The Accidental Engineer2011/08/11
    An eccentric inventor unlocks the greatest secret in human history and takes his daughter and a cat on a Universe changing adventure. Meanwhile the Doctor and Amanda are finding that everything is not as it should be on the menu … Continue reading →
  14. 100,000 DL’s !!! – BrokenSea’s Doctor Who hits another Landmark Moment …2011/07/15
    At the time of posting, the downloads stats for the series since the middle of April are 101,074 ! That’s 100,000 Downloads in just 3 months !!! Whoa !!! From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone involved in … Continue reading →
  15. Behind the Sofa – Season 4 Preview (With Paul Mannering) …2011/07/07
    Join Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) (Producer / Engineer), and Paul Mannering (Writer) aboard the TARDIS, for a fun chat as they discuss the Sir Julius Vogel Award Win, and what to expect from Season 4. Produced and Engineered by … Continue reading →
  16. Season 4 – Episode 1 – Viracocha2011/06/30
    “An ancient culture bears witness to an ancient legend. In the days of the Incan empire The Doctor and Amanda meet an alien woman with a mysterious agenda and must race to save a civilisation from the wrath of their … Continue reading →
  17. Realising a Dream – The New Mark Kalita Doctor Theme …2011/06/23
    Hiya Folks, As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of electronic music, and have worked in that musical genre on numerous occasions. A personal favourite electronic piece is the original Doctor Who theme, which I’ve felt for … Continue reading →
  18. Behind The Sofa – Jay Ellington-Lee (Ex-Radiophonic Workshop)2011/06/23
    Join Stevie K. Farnaby (Producer / Engineer) and Jay Ellington-Lee (AKA JEL) aboard the TARDIS, for an exclusive chat as we discuss the new BrokenSea Doctor Who Theme and Jay’s incredible experiences with Delia and Co. at The Radiophonic Workshop. … Continue reading →
  19. Behind the Sofa – End of Season 3 (With Mark Kalita) …2011/06/16
    Join Stevie K. Farnaby (Producer / Engineer), and Mark Kalita (The Doctor) aboard the TARDIS, for a fun chat as we take a look back over Season 3. Produced and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby The Dr. Who Theme recorded … Continue reading →
  20. Season 4 – Sir Julius Vogel Award Win Poster …2011/06/09
    And to celebrate Doctor Who’s win at this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards, here’s a nifty new Poster. And of course, Season 4 kicks off on 30th June. More goodies to come leading up to release of Episode 1.
  21. Breaking News – Doctor Who Wins SJV Award ….2011/06/07
    Thanks to those who voted and especially a huge thanks to everyone at who made our 2010 Doctor Who season an award winner :- http://www.specficnz.org/?p=1324
  22. Behind the Sofa – Joshua M. Blanc (Musician / Sound Designer)2011/05/26
    Join us aboard the TARDIS for a Behind The Scenes Conversation, with Joshua M. Blanc (Electronic Musician / Sound Designer) and Stevie K. Farnaby (Producer / Engineer). Josh is the creative genious behind the amazing custom written soundtrack for “Mechalutian”, … Continue reading →
  23. Behind the Sofa – Robin Carlisle (Amanda Waterfield) …2011/05/12
    Join us aboard the TARDIS for a Behind The Scenes Conversation, with Robin Carlisle (Amanda Waterfield) and Stevie K. Farnaby (Producer / Engineer). Produced and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby The Dr. Who Theme recorded by SKiFfle, based on the … Continue reading →
  24. Season 4 – Teaser Poster …2011/04/28
    Here’s the first piece of bonus content, leading up to Season 4 kicking off at the end of June.
  25. Elisabeth Sladen – 1948 to 20112011/04/21
    Doctor Who star Elisabeth Sladen, has sadly died of Cancer aged 63. She appeared as Doctor Who assistant Sarah Jane Smith in the BBC television sci-fi series between 1973 and 1976, opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. The Liverpool-born actress … Continue reading →
  26. Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2010 final ballot2011/04/13
    “On behalf of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. we write to advise that you have been successful in getting onto the final ballot for the 2011 Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the Best Fan Production … Continue reading →
  27. Doctor Who Season 4 …2011/04/07
    Hiya Folks, Just a quick heads up. Production on Season 4 of Doctor Who has been delayed. This has been due to several factors surrounding the “Triad of Time” Creative Team (Earthquake in Christchurch, Illnesses, and the fact that I’ve … Continue reading →
  28. Episode 8 – The Quorum of Time – Part 22011/02/24
    A thousand years is a long time by anyone’s reckoning and even being time’s champion can take its toll. In the course of thirteen incarnations, The Doctor has explored all the mysteries of time and space, save one. Now, coming … Continue reading →
  29. Every Beginning has an End ….2011/02/18
    Every Beginning has an End …. It was only a matter of Time … Now the story comes full circle.
  30. Episode 7 – The Quorum of Time – Part 12011/01/13
    Every end has its beginning … A millennium in the past the Doctor and Amanda find themselves in the middle of an ongoing war between two ancient enemies. The Doctor must ensure that humanity’s future and his own past remain … Continue reading →
  31. Doctor Who – “Quorum of Time” – Teaser Trailer2010/09/30
    Every beginning has an end … Animated Teaser Trailer for the forthcoming 2010 Doctor Who Season Finale, “Quorum of Time”. Featuring the Voices of :- Mark Kalita as The Doctor Robin Carlisle as Amanda Waterfield Produced, Engineered, Directed and Animated … Continue reading →
  32. Episode 6 – Mechalution2010/09/23
    Life…the organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones… Or does it? When the Doctor and Amanda arrive on a seemingly dead world they find a strange species, evolving from the ashes of an ancient war in a unique … Continue reading →
  33. Episode 5 – East of the Sun, West of the Moon2010/09/16
    When The Doctor joins forces with a ruthless bounty hunter to bring a wanted murderer to justice the past, present and future collide in a way that even The Doctor never expected… Continue reading →
  34. Episode 04 – The Medusa Orb2010/09/16
    Chicago 1929. When two gangsters steal from the wrong shipment of illegal booze they find that all their golden dreams can come true. But at a terrible price. Continue reading →
  35. Episode 03a – From The Inside – Behind The Sofa2010/09/16
    Posted originally on May 6th, 2010 Join us aboard the TARDIS for a Behind The Scenes peak at the 2010 Season Opener, “From The Inside”. This show is an “In-conversation” presentation, featuring Paul Mannering (Writer), Mark Kalita (The Doctor) and … Continue reading →
  36. Episode 03 – From The Inside – Part 32010/09/16
    All space and time is threatened by the ancient Medusa Rift. An old foe is revealed and one of the Doctor’s most loyal companions must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the entire Universe. Continue reading →
  37. Episode 02 – From The Inside – Part 22010/09/16
    In the 1940’s The Doctor has been trapped by an unknown enemy within Worthington Psychiatric Hospital. Continue reading →
  38. Episode 01 – From The Inside – Part 12010/09/15
    What is a door for if not be opened…?
    Continue reading →
  39. Episode 13 – A Road Untaken2009/12/30
    As season 2 of Brokensea’s Doctor Who draws to a close, some questions are answered and new questions are born. Written by Steven J. Cohen Produced, Directed and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby In the Cast are: The Doctor – … Continue reading →
  40. Episode 12 – The 7 Percent2009/12/03
    The Doctor aids a band of rebels in their stand against an overwhelming Cyberman invasion. And Olivia finds out what it feels like to play the part of a Time Lord Written by Steven J. Cohen Produced, Directed and Engineered … Continue reading →
  41. Episode 11 – New World Order2009/11/05
    Time has fallen. Olivia is in the garden. Amanda is in the void. And the Doctor… The Doctor does not exist. Written by Steven J. Cohen Produced, Directed and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby The Cast includes: Doctor – Mark … Continue reading →
  42. Episode 10 – Untimely Dead2009/10/08
    Pulled away from New Earth by forces that even he does not understand, the Doctor lifts the fog from one of the least understood events in the history of the Universe — The Time War. Written by Steven J. Cohen … Continue reading →
  43. Episode 9 – Dominion Eternal2009/09/02
    As the strands of Time weave themselves back together, a new pattern forms, bringing the Doctor face to face with one of his oldest enemies and a long lost friend. Written by Steven J. Cohen Produced, Directed and Engineered by … Continue reading →
  44. Who is Amanda Waterfield ? …2009/08/19
    All 4 of the Season 2 Minisodes Re-Released in a single Mp3. Original Release Blurbs and Air Dates as follows :- Part 1 – Original Air Date: May 21st 2009 In our last full episode, The Midnight Garden, Victoria Waterfield … Continue reading →
  45. Episode 8 – Beyond the Veil2009/08/06
    As Madame Waterfield (Damaris Mannering) is dying, Francois Rakoczi (Stephen Kilcullen) presses her mysterious connection with The Doctor (Mark Kalita) to try and right the shape of reality. Olivia (Adriana Melendez) pieces together a mystery of her own, while The … Continue reading →
  46. Episode 7 – The Oncoming Storm2009/07/02
    All his life, he has wandered, wandered across the known Universe, in search of answers. He has learned many things… dark, forgotten arts of myth and power. In a Nexus linking 18th Century Old Earth to the Distant future on … Continue reading →
  47. Episode 6 – A Shadowed Past2009/06/04
    The Doctor (Mark Kalita) and Olivia (Adriana Melendez), separated by by both centuries and lightyears, dig deep into their own histories for answers. What will Olivia learn about the origins of the Family Le Pluie? And, what secrets about the … Continue reading →
  48. Episode 5 – The Midnight Garden2009/05/07
    New Old Orleans, in New France on New Earth… secret passageways, ghostly voices, and Spectrox, always Spectrox. Join the Doctor (Mark Kalita) and Olivia (Adriana Melendez) as they seek to unravel the mystery centered upon the garden once owned by … Continue reading →
  49. Episode 4 – Take Two2009/04/01
    In 2005 The BBC aired a new season of the iconic series of Doctor Who. One episode was never completed. This is why… Written by Paul Mannering based on an original concept by Olivia Arthen. Produced, Directed and Engineered by … Continue reading →
  50. Episode 3 – Capricorn Conspiracy2009/03/10
    When a well deserved vacation for The Doctor and Olivia is interrupted by a call for help from an old friend they discover a galaxy spanning conspiracy that could mean the end of everything… Written by Paul Mannering CAST: The … Continue reading →
  51. Episode 2 – Murder on the Androzani Express2009/02/19
    A murder?! On a starship made up to resemble a famous Old Earth vessel? No, you haven’t “seen this one before”. This time its a 19th-Century luxury locomotive. And, even if you have an eye as large as a Sensorite, … Continue reading →
  52. Episode 1 – The Three Fold Solution2009/01/22
    With the Rani on the verge of Forbidden Knowledge, the Doctor, Olivia, Ida, Tiresias, and Maren repeat history in hopes defeating her plans. The Omega Saga and The Unraveling draw to a close and the seeds of a new adventure … Continue reading →
  53. Episode 13 – The Nature of Things2008/12/30
    The Rani has unlocked the secrets of immortality and the Doctor, Olivia, Ida, and Maren are all that stand in her way… The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For … Continue reading →
  54. Episode 12 – The Unraveling – Part 42008/12/03
    Ida, Maren, Olivia, the Doctor, and a foe from before the Time War come together and their meeting threatens the very fabric of the Universe. The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by … Continue reading →
  55. Episode 11 – The Unraveling – Part 32008/11/12
    Still on the trail of the Doctor, Ida and Maren find themselves stranded in 19th Century New England. Young women are disappearing without a trace. Who will be next? The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 … Continue reading →
  56. Episode 10 – Strange Bedfellows – Part 32008/10/30
    The Sontaran threat is imminent. While the Doctor, Olivia, and Rakoczi face Field Major Krang, George finds the strength to stand against fear. The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). … Continue reading →
  57. Episode 9 – Strange Bedfellows – Part 22008/10/01
    The Doctor, Olivia and George find that there is much more at stake than the war effort, and find themselves in the company of an old friend with a plan of his own.
  58. Episode 8 – Strange Bedfellows – Part 12008/09/10
    The planet is Earth. The year is 1940. The place is Brussels, Belgium. The TARDIS has dropped our traveling trio of adventurers into a city besieged by German troops. But, are the Nazis really all they need to worry about? … Continue reading →
  59. Episode 7 – Lesser Evils – Part 22008/08/12
    Unknown to even The Doctor, the Mara uses George to embody the deepest fear within the very core of the Thal psyche — a Dalek. The Thal forces occupying Draconia scramble in an effort to contain the panic. Will the … Continue reading →
  60. Episode 6 – Lesser Evils – Part 12008/07/09
    “I know that although the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years. I know also, that out of their evil, must come something good.” –The Doctor (Genesis of the Daleks) In a Universe where the Dalek Threat … Continue reading →
  61. Episode 5 – In Plain Sight – Part 22008/05/01
    New Years Eve, 1999 back when the city called New Orleans filled ones mind with images of food, fun, parties, and possibly Vampires, the Doctor lands himself in the thick of a mystery. Disappearing waitresses, unfinished manuscripts, occultist aristocrats, The … Continue reading →
  62. Episode 4 – The Unravelling – Part 2 (The Vision)2008/04/02
    Gently, imperceptibly, the very fabric of reality has begun to unravel. And two seekers — Captain Ida Scott and Maren of Karn — have crossed paths not knowing that the goals of their quests are the same: Where is The … Continue reading →
  63. Episode 3 – In Plain Sight – Part 12008/03/05
    New Year’s Eve, 1999 — back when the city called New Orleans filled one’s mind with images of food, fun, parties, and possibly Vampires, the Doctor lands himself in the thick of a mystery. Disappearing waitresses, unfinished manuscripts, occultist aristocrats, … Continue reading →
  64. Episode 2 – The Unraveling – Part 1 – The Breach2008/02/06
    Looking for solitude as a way to recover from her traumatic experience on Sanctuary Base 6, Ida Scott (from The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit) requests a solitary assignment aboard the Torchwood Archive Research Vessel Argo. Heeding omens, Maren … Continue reading →
  65. Episode 1 – Unleashed2008/01/09
    (BrokenSea Season 1 Episode 1) The Doctor and George fall through a hole in the Universe and wind up in a null-space that has served as an unintentional prison for many of the Doctors old foes. Will they escape? The … Continue reading →
  66. Season 1 Begins – January 10th, 20082007/12/03
    In the Year 2008, by the Old-Earth Gregorian Calendar, the Doctor Who team moved from their previous home at Darker Projects to their new home at Broken Sea Audio Productions. More than just a change of address, this move ushered … Continue reading →
  67. The Adventure Begins (again)!2007/09/05
    In January 2008, a new chapter in the adventures of The Doctor begin! BrokenSea has assembled a talented crew of actors, writers, and technicians to bring our vision of The Doctor’s World to your MP3 player. Blending elements of the … Continue reading →
Doctor Who
Across the dimensions and beyond space comes BrokenSea Audio Productions' incarnation of the intrepid Time Lord, Doctor Who! Whether you are new to the series or a fan from decades past, you will thrill to the exciting adventures of Mark Kalita as time's champion in this fully dramatised audio series based on the legendary BBC TV show.

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