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Pegabovine: House Of Mirth

  1. Pegabovine: House Of Mirth - Episode Three2008/10/11
    Locked out of the House Of Mirth at the end of Episode Two, the Pegabovine gang take refuge in a nearby theatre, and whilst there, do a live show. Featuring songs, sketches, poetry, and a genuine bunch of live audients.
  2. Pegabovine: House Of Mirth - Episode Two2008/02/18
    In which we get excited about sheep, get visited by our landlord, and unveil our Biblical epic. Featuring a song from wonderful singer-songwriter Kat Flint, our Cultural Correspondent Julie Bower, Stuart Goldsmith and Samuel Hutchinson, Chris Boyd, Lewis James, and the lonely poet Luke Kennard. WARNING! This episode is slightly geekier than usual!
  3. Pegabovine's House Of Mirth - Episode One2007/12/20
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Pegabovine: House Of Mirth
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