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The Sound Marriage Show

  1. Sound Marriage Show 132009/03/04
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview John and Peggy Hilgers as they relate how they overcame the problems that came from marrying young because of pregnancy. Peggy talks about how she felt deserted and neglected as John spent his life around gambling, sports and bars. This resulted in Peggy entering an extra-marital affair. Hear how this impossible marriage turned around.
  2. Sound Marriage Show 142009/03/04
    John and Peggy Hilgers relate to Mike and Marilyn Phillipps what marriage was like at age 15 and 16 and the dissertion Peggy felt as one thing after another drew John away from home. John's mistreatment of Peggy took its toll on their marriage bringing it to the brink of divorce.
  3. Sound Marriage Show 152009/03/04
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Bill and Susie Bauer who spent many years on the mission field. Bill and Susie share how unconditional love gave them freedom and honesty in their relationship. Bill understood early in their marriage that he was to be as Christ to his wife and that built a strong foundation for the challenges to come.
  4. Sound Marriage Show 162009/03/04
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Gil and Chris Jones, giving hope to couples about working together as a strong team. Gil and Chris began marriage with a common vision and desire to serve the Lord together but soon learned that life can take a toll on dreams and hopes. Being busy got in the way of their unity. Learn how they faced the challenges that ministry can bring.
  5. Sound Marriage Show 172009/03/04
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Jerry and Jan Shoel who share the important balance between ministering to others and keeping your own marriage and family as a priority. Jerry and Jan began their marriage believing that they would continue traveling and ministering together even after their children were born. They learned that each marriage must find the balance that works for them.
  6. Sound Marriage Show 182009/03/04
    Audio programing addressing marriage health and advice. Listen to couples talk about the problems they had in their marriages and how their relationships were transformed into a strong, healthy and loving unions.
  7. Sound Marriage Show 192009/03/04
    Todd and Candie Halberg interview Ken and Sally Holt who were childhood sweethearts. The early days of their marriage were marked with various military assignments that placed Ken and Sally into two differenct worlds. Ken's life became the military as Sally stayed home raising their family. That gulf produced resentment and frustration between them that only the Lord could heal.
  8. Sound Marriage Show 202009/03/04
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  9. Sound Marriage Show 102009/03/03
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  10. Sound Marriage Show 112009/03/03
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  11. Sound Marriage Show 122009/03/03
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  12. Sound Marriage Show 92009/03/03
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Steve and Linda McMillan as they share about the pressures of separation that military life has on a marriage. After a previous failed marriage, hear how Steve learned to stand against the odds as he and Linda fought to keep their marriage together.
  13. Sound Marriage Show 82009/03/02
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps talk with David Broome as he relates a difficult period in his marriage with Maxine. Hear how trust was eroded through infidelity, the struggles they went through and how they broke through to enjoy the strong marriage they have today.
  14. Sound Marriage Show 72009/02/23
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps talk with Joe and Stephanie DeMott about how their marriage survived infidelity. They talk about the reasons why Joe cheated, the cycle of abuse Stephanie experienced and the reasons why Stephanie committed adultery and the guilt she lived with. Hear how their marriage got beyond this impossible state and grew into a wonderful loving relationship.
  15. Sound Marriage show 62009/02/22
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  16. Sound Marriage show 52009/02/21
    Joe and Stephanie DeMott interview Mike and Marilyn Phillipps as they share the years of healing that came after they were reconciled.
  17. Sound Marriage show 42009/02/20
    Mike and Marilyn's daughter Cristine asks some hard questions about their marriage when she interviews her folks. Hear about marriage healing from a daughter's perspective.
  18. Sound Marriage show 32009/02/19
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview David and Kathy about how they lived their married life as "Married Singles" and how this developed into competitiveness between them and lack of trust.
  19. Sound Marriage show 22007/12/11
    Mike and Marilyn Phillipps talk with Ed and Jody Gryder talk about the trauma their marriage suffered in the first years. Surgeries, inability to have children, a drug habit, alcoholism, violence and isolation all added to the pressures that this marriage was subject to.
  20. Sound Marriage show 12007/12/10
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  21. First Aid for a Wounded Marriage2007/05/31
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The Sound Marriage Show
Audio programing addressing marriage health and advice. Listen to couples talk about the problems they had in their marriages and how their relationships were transformed into a strong, healthy and loving unions.

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