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  1. Kayser9soze - One day2010/12/05

    From the forthcoming ep "the genesis"
  2. New Energy (2011) dance track leak2010/11/19

    Sprung myself a leak hope you find time this weekend to play this song and get fucked up listening to it.
  3. Kayser9soze "My City" (KING MIDAS MIXTAPE)2010/07/29

    Kayser9soze "My City" (KING MIDAS MIXTAPE)

    Exclusive studio rip..enjoy and pass it around.
  4. Kayser9soze-The awakening (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)2010/07/21

    Kayser9soze-The awakening (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)
    From the forthcoming mixtape "This is me"
  5. Kayser9soze-Just Flow (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)2010/07/21

    I took some time off from the music but believe it i'm back...will be posting tons of new music. Check out this new single "Just flow)
  6. Kayser9soze-G.a.f.a.n.o (Give a F@CK about no one)2010/02/14

    Kayser9soze previews G.A.F.A.N.O. from the forthcoming mixtape "This is me"
    Folks this is a full track..this is not a true preview more of a thank you for your continued support.
  7. Kayser9soze-Conquest (preview)2010/02/14

    Kayser9soze previews another single from "This is me" due out March 2010 via SMG/NTR
  8. Kayser9soze-Forever eternal (Preview)2010/01/08

    From the forth coming "The reinvention" due out January 15th 2010 via smg/ddp
  9. Kayser9soze- Come alive 20102010/01/08

    From the forth coming mixtape "The reinvention" out January 15th 2010
  10. Kayser9soze-Stop look and listen2010/01/02

    Kayser9soze-Stop look and listen from "The reinvention" due out January 15th 2009
  11. Kayser9soze-Concierto preview2009/10/26

    Preview from the upcoming mixtape album "Poetic thesis"
  12. Kayser9soze-8 miles and running flow2009/10/20

    Kayser9soze-8 miles and running flow
  13. Kayser9soze-A million and one (Freeverse)2009/10/09
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  14. "GAMES" (2006) Kayser9soze featuring Riggs and Ghost2009/09/29

    "GAMES" (2006) Kayser9soze featuring Riggs and Ghost
    from the upcoming mixtape "My Anthology: Ten years of Kayser"
    10/5/09 www.kayser9soze.com
  15. Kayser9soze-Feel Me? (born ready) Preview2009/09/23

    Preview from "My Anthology" October 5th 2009

    Thank you for your continued support, we know we left the podcasting business for a minute but we are back working on reclaiming the top spot as the most downloaded podcast on the entire internet. There are millions of you we'd like to thank but we'll do that all in "Alpha and Omega" dropping later this year.
  16. Kayser9soze- Doin' Me (Preview from My Anthology)2009/09/23

    My Anthology out October 5th 2009

    Thank you for making us one of the best podcasts in the world.
  17. Kayser9soze- New, New York2009/09/22

    10 YEARS OF KAYSER9SOZE "The Anthology" October 5th 2009.
    The hits and the classics all in one collection.

  18. Kayser9soze-we might as well2009/09/22

    From the anthology release 10/5/09
  19. Kayser9soze-In my life (In the end)2009/08/31

    From the Anthology (Ten years of Kayser9soze) mixtape.
  20. Forever King (MJ tribute snippet)2009/08/12

    Snippet preview of Forever King a tribute to the late great michael jackson
  21. Kayser9soze-Listen to your heart (Free Agent 2 preview2009/07/12
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  22. Kayser9soze-Free Agent (Free agent mixtape)2009/07/10

    Giving it to you exclusive via the official Kayser9soze podcast..thank you to all the support from france, london, sweden, and canada. We are on the verge of doing a few big things before "Alpha and omega" this fall. Be sure to check out the Generation Next tour dates.

    Free Agent was a world of fun to work on...

  23. How will I know-Kayser9soze (Studio Rip)2009/06/20

    Promo playback of track ripped from the studio, shoutout to Fury for the preset..I can't sing but i'm just trying out new material i'm writing..Velvet summer in stores now..Alpha and omega coming this fall..

    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-63d964caecabd3b4810b0eecc0bbe578}
  24. gettysburg freestyle-Kayser9soze2009/05/30

    The lyrics say it all...www.kayser9soze.com
  25. Simmer down-Kayser9soze/Hard Target2009/05/25

    Pure fire..tell a friend..pre-order the album now www.kayser9soze.com

    Bringing hip hop back from the grave, kayser presents Simmer down a collaboration between he and hard target.
  26. Kayser9soze-Get at me Preview2009/05/22

    Here is a preview of Velvet Summer's first official single "Get at me" from the album Velvet summer..this is not a mastered version and is a studio leak..hence Kayser himself singing part of the hook...yeah that's him singing back up vocals..share this track by all means tell someone about it..the final product is damned amazing...

  27. Monster freestyle-kayser9soze2009/05/21

    Just getting back into form..feel the hunger in my lines..getting rid of the rust..www.kayser9soze.com the album drops in three weeks..order yours now
  28. Messing around in the booth-Addiction-Kayser9soze2009/05/13

    Messing around with the Ryan Leslie and Cassie hit addiction...killing time between the release of Velvet Summer which drops June 12th 2009, pre-order the album starting May 14th 2009 at www.kayser9soze.com
  29. Kayser9soze-Pillow talk (a woman's needs)2009/05/10

    World exclusive the first look at pillow talk from velvet summer , this is the unfinished version. wanted to give the mothers of the world a song to enjoy on mothers day. Enjoy..www.kayser9soze.com
  30. Kayser9soze freestyle May 2nd 2009 live from the studio2009/05/02

    Ripped right from pro tools unedited raw freestyle www.kayser9soze.com
  31. Right now-Kayser9soze "VELVET SUMMER" 6-12-09 WWW.KAYSER9SOZE.COM2009/04/22
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  32. Between us 2009-Kayser9soze (New years day exclusive) Alpha and Omega in 3 months!!2009/01/01
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  33. Melodic K-World exclusive Kayser9soze2008/12/31

    I'm back with a bang...Alpha and Omega has been completed between the score i'm working on. I am looking for screen writers to put the concept of alpha and omega into a movie format..holla at me kayser@kayser9soze.com


  34. freestyle: the awakening2008/12/16

    Just in between projects..
  35. UNMASTERED:Changes-Kayser9soze2008/12/07

    Straight from the first take...full version will be available on Alpha and Omega 3-9-2009. Via Money for life entertainment and Soze Records International...Yeah world we now have a full fledged and financially back recording company. Thanks for the support!
  36. Kayser9soze:20 Bars2008/12/03

    20 bars from the mind to the mic to the beat and out of your speakers...
  37. Kayser9soze-Here it begins2008/12/02

    Straight up verbiage assault of the mind...I was in the zone..Alpha and Omega studio sessions take 1.

  38. exclusive!!: Between us -alpha and omega preview-kayser9soze2008/11/27

    World exclusive straight from the first two takes in the studio.."between us" dedicated to the female fans who love Kayser's music. Engineered by Kid Milo in Los Angeles,Ca.

  39. Exclusive: Mental fantasy-Freestyle:Kayser9soze2008/11/23

    L.a. confidential engineered preview of the second single from "Alpha & Omega" coming March 2009. New music for the female fans.

    Tell a friend!!
  40. World exclusive: Requiem to a dream2008/11/12
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  41. Heaven knows:Kayser9soze2008/11/09
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  42. ya dun know: kayser9soze2008/11/09

    The new mixtape "Welcome to new york" is up on datpiff.com
    go pick it up free of charge, the mixtape is a ton of material improvised during the recording of two concept albums side by side.

  43. Holla atcha boi:Kayser9soze freestyle2008/10/30
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  44. hater hater full version: Exclusive from the Reloaded album2008/10/07

    For the first time ever you will have a chance to hear the concept song for the original album Hater free 2008. This is the full version which will be featured on the reloaded version. Spread the word is all I will ever ask of you, you can keep downloading my music by the hundred thousands daily just tell someone else about it. 38 million downloads and counting!! www.kayser9soze.com
  45. perils of nature2008/10/07

    New music tuesdays i'm in L.A. right now so i'm pulling freestyles from the vault.
  46. KAYSER9SOZE-Open up2008/09/10

    Short track from Kayser9soze new music every tuesday...no exceptions!
  47. Hood hop featuring Big Psych from "Species"2008/08/19
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  48. The rise up-From hater free 20082008/08/11

    Here's something to keep your mojo going..45 second specialist freestyle recording from the album hater free 2008 by Kayser9soze
  49. Kayser9soze freestyle: Who you are2008/07/30

    This one is dedicated to those who know who they are..I have had to work hard to reach my success and now after the work is done some want to search for coattails.
  50. Kayser presents: Post mortem2008/07/28

    Kayser spitting forty something seconds of rawness over a sean divine beat...preview from the forth coming mixtape "Kings of battles"
  51. Talk now!! Freestyle2008/07/09

    The album Hater free 2008 is officially on sale, you can get your hands on it at itunes or at kayser9soze.com or myspace.com/kayser9soze

    In lieu of the album being released this is a freestyle for new music tuesdays...I can't help it I am an addict for the microphone and recording booth. Hope you enjoy.
  52. Say yeah freestyle2008/06/24

    I tend to drop new material on tuesdays, but since we are in the final wakes of the albums release I forgot to prepare all you music addicts something. So with the clock down to the wire I decide to use Santino's hook with my freestyle..enjoy. New music tuesdays lives on.

    "Hater free 2008"
    July 4th 2008

  53. Hustlaz2008/06/16

    Freestyle session circa 2008...toronto with kris.
  54. Hater free intro2008/04/24

  55. So now you see2008/04/08

    Another preview track, the sample and beat are insance.
  56. Come alive2008/04/01

    This is virtually a freestyle track that I threw dubs onto..enjoy.
  57. Lingual Interlude2008/03/29

    A sexy interlude from the forthcoming album "Hater free"
  58. Goodbye2008/03/28

    Just a practice track...gearing up for the official release of hater free..

  59. Kayser-Close your eyes/The separation2008/03/04
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  60. Kayser: Cold as Ice2007/10/24

    New track from kayser
  61. Kayser9soze: My Destiny:que ellos se cren2007/10/21

    exclusive from the "Destiny" album by kayser. Multi lingual hip hop
  62. Kayser presents: I just wanna...explicit2007/09/26

    Sexually explicit and graphic material...this is a preview from the coming album "Destiny" Coming 1.1.2008....you are the first to hear this track in this format..just a snippet pre mastering.
  63. Kayser presents: Hate it or love it2007/09/05

    Exclusive track from the forth coming album "The final chapter".
  64. Freestyle index flowz2007/08/05

    One of the freestyles that will accompany the full length album on a separate cd. Enjoy
  65. kayser presents: My legacy2007/07/16

    Quick studio recording, not editing.
  66. SPEAK Freestyle-Kayser9soze exclusive 2007/06/24

    The effect of the world down to atoms and molecules. The opposite view of life. Very harsh, but very direct.
  67. Cause and effect example2007/06/24

    I use two beats to offer an example of the cause and effect theory..it explains how in life sometimes our actions when involved lead to certain effects on who we are as individuals
  68. I am back!! The cause2007/06/24

    I am officially back with this release, this is one of the hidden tracks for the cause and effect theory. I am giving all of you clan a chance to judge the materials yourself. Support the movement www.myspace.com/kayser9soze
  69. hood hop-making of a king track 22007/03/26

    Track number 2 from making of a king...just a preview!!
  70. Buddy remix-featuring soze2007/03/24

    Remix of musiq's hit "Buddy" I've remixed previous material from the artist named Musiq Soulchild. Great artist make sure to go out and purchase his latest work, currently number one on the billboard charts
  71. icebox re-rmx2007/03/23
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  72. real life-track 1 making of a king preview2007/03/21

    This is an exclusive, I know it's chopped but money was running low and it's the last record I recorded for the album mixtape. It was rushed but I still think the irony of the track and how far away it falls from stereotype gives it it's own life. Enjoy...

  73. kayser presents: flava in ya ear freestyle2007/03/12

    Just came about after hearing this beat again for the first time in ten year or so years....enjoy
  74. kayser9soze presents: so soft jftb version2007/03/06

  75. kayser9soze presents: No sunshine prequel2007/03/05
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  76. kayser9soze presents: Welcome to Jamrock featuring kayser9soze the remix2007/03/04

    Unfinished new mix of damian marley's "Welcome to jamrock" enjoy the sampler.
  77. Kayser9soze presents: HARDEST WORD FINAL (UNEDITED VERSION)2007/02/26

  78. kayser9soze presents: Opus preview2007/02/18

    Preview from the upcoming mixtape "the making of a king", this is just rough after 5 single takes. The beat is ridiculous!!!
  79. kayser9soze presents-Hardest word "unmastered"2007/02/15

    Unedited rough copy of the Remake of the classic "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" featuring elton john vocals and vocals by Leona Lewis. Production and arrangement by Kayser9soze.
    This version is unmastered..the idea is speaking about hip hop as if it were a girl you had a crush on a long time ago and how you suffer watching her current state.
  80. kayser9soze presents-self respect kayser9soze beat by spontane2007/02/10

    I drop a verse on a spontane beat titled self respect..pretty dope beat.
    Spontane..unsigned producer one of the finest on soundclick.com
  81. kayser9soze presents-Inside out behind the scenes recording2007/02/09
    Behind the scenes look at inside out.
  82. Kayser9soze presents-Minority Report freestyle2007/02/09

    Just fell head over heals for this beat and it's drama note. Decided to drop my verse on it too!!
    Underground thrives!!
  83. kayser9soze presents-Reality east coast beat2007/01/29

    Crazy east coast beat featuring vocal samples from nas's classic ether and james brown "Funky President" and kid n play's sample james brown "funky president"....enjoy..i was inspired to work on breaks.
  84. Kayser9soze presents-Cold world 20072007/01/15
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  85. kayser9soze presents-Still dre freestyle2007/01/13

    Just a quick spit drop on the famous still dre beat....enjoy
  86. Kayser presents: U and Dat (Remix) Kayser9soze featuring T-Pain and E-402007/01/07

    Remix of E-40 and T-Pain's hit "U and Dat" Not a clean song!!!! Explicit!!!
  87. Do for love episode-kayser9soze, Bobby Caldwell, Tupac Shakur2007/01/04
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  88. Path to a throne-Kayser9soze2007/01/02

    The bonus track from prince to a king.
  89. Kayser9soze presents- Move your body/moviendo cuerpo2006/12/28

    Preview track from the forth coming album "Prince to a king".

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  92. Kayser9soze - Deja vu beyonce featuring Jay-z and Kayser9soze2006/12/25

    Yeah it's the remix.........I was leaning sideways on this one lol...holiday spirits......another round for everyone. I love these commercialized tracks, they allow for so much imagination, have fun recording and remixing.
    Happy holidays...Kayser
  93. Kayser9soze - Metal Hop (fusion metal with hip hop breaks) beat exclusive2006/12/25

    Metal meets hip hop breaks, i wanted to make one of these beats myself. Merry christmas.

  94. kayser9soze - presents: A touch of class (beat)2006/12/23

    New track. Beat made really quickly, just went with a vibe. It's kinda eclectic I guess, was fun creating.

  95. kayser9soze - presents Boy genius podcast- Beat-0-logy 1012006/12/17

    This is a mix of some beats i've recently created mixed together...enjoy.
  96. kayser presents: higher elevation2006/12/16

    a special track by kayser9soze
  97. kayser9soze-Superman is dead (remake of eminem's superman)2006/12/16

    Remake of Eminem's superman by pair-a-dyce www.murderousmusic.com/pairadyce by kayser9soze www.myspace.com/kayser9soze and BY mindtrix www.murderousmusic.com/mindtrix.

    This was fun, it was done over the net by the three of us..we've never met each other but all loved the song.
  98. 50 shots-remember them (rest in peace Sean Bell)2006/12/06

    This is in the memory of Sean Bell the victiim of murder at the hands of Nypd undercover detcectives. Who further embarras themselves by raiding several buildings in Sean Bell's neighborhood trying to find a fouth mysterious male. ....unsuccesfully I may add. Let's skip the excuses for why this happened, its not the first time this happens...Give us Justice.

    Remixed by kayser9soze featuring kayser9soze, the beat was remade to line up the vocals took a while but it came right at last.
  100. My soul burns-new beat by kayser9soze2006/11/19

    New beat just made i'm going to add more breaks on this one..just putting it out there to see the reaction. The power 50 tournament coming new years day 2007..visit myspace.com/kayser9soze for more information.

    -I do this because I can feel it,-Kayser
  101. Versatility-new beat by kayser9soze2006/11/19

    I just made this beat, i'll probably come back to it and add more cuts but it's dope. Leave a comment or add me on podomatic.

    -We do this for the love and the feeling-kayser9soze
  102. kayser presents: Underground emcees-Sexy love-featuring soze2006/10/16

    Remix of neyo's hit "Sexy love" now featuring soze.
  103. Kayser presents: Underground emcees-THE SIXTY SECOND INTERLUDE2006/10/10

    Ok I was in the process of working on my album....when bam this beat landed on us..The beat went on I hit play and the rest is history...didn't even write on this one..Thank god for dub recreation software lol enjoy

    Special thanks to Kanye West for the beat sample...Chi Towns finest.
  104. Kayser presents: Underground emcees-smack that ass-akon featuring eminem and k9soze2006/10/03

    This song is hot even when not remixed. ...this is a very popular song and the remix is picking up a following online on myspace and other sites. I decided to share this with my subscribers..I had alot of fun remixing,chopping,and mastering this song into it's new format and had tons of fun recording my vocals onto this beat. Enjoy and please continue to support the underground.
  105. Kayser presents: Underground emcees-shadow pimping (most of the stuff on this track is true)2006/10/03

    This is a classic..one of my favorite songs..this was recorded with vintage equipment..reels,4 track recorder..tape deck..this is bare essentials..dont expected the quality to be the best..it's all about creating a feeling...

    This episode features shadow pimping..dont be fooled by the title..it's both raunchy and flirts with truth about being shadows in the mating game. Enjoy.
  106. kayser presents: Underground emcees: Give it up-featuring kayser-sean paul2006/10/01

    Kayser featured on a Sean Paul single featuring the fabulous voice of keisha cole on a DFP beat.
  107. Kayser presents: Underground emcees: Riddin' blues-the beat2006/09/27

    This is one of my production specials, it's called riddin' blues. I made this with someone in mind..cool personality..definitely one of a kind..keep the L's up, rep A/Q.
  108. kayser presents: Underground emcees: Rhyme of truth2006/09/27

    This song is very personal... it features a sample of an amazing voice that can be found on many top forty stations...yes this is a hit song with a hip hop touch added to it. It carries an actual message.. It paints things in an artistic yet plain way... We've got a war on our own streets-kayser9soze
  109. kayser presents: Underground emcees-push it Rick Ross featuring soze "hustlers remix"2006/09/24

    I love this song and what it stands for so it was remade featuring me on it.. I took a stab at it, only had 30 minutes to write and record so pardon the one or two slip ups in the song. Enjoy.

  110. Kayser presents: Underground emcees-jonezy featuring bro-aquemini undisputed2006/09/18

    Jonezy and Bro are two great lyricists from the uk, with their own brand of flavor and originality... they've been around making noise in the depths of the underground for a few years now. Here is a tribute to outkast's aquemini.

    Find more of Jonezy @ soundclick.com
  111. Kayser presents: Underground emcees- Ignite by Jilt Featuring SoZe2006/09/12
  112. Kayser presents: Underground emcees2006/07/04
Some full songs, some previews all amazing material.

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