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dj Topor podcast

  1. Tenor Fly (Freestylers) - B Boy Stance (DJ Topor Calypso Edit)2014/05/27

  2. JBrown and the Mic Smith - Cookin Soul (DJ Topor RMX)2014/04/03

  3. 740 Boyz-shimmy shake-DJ Topor refix2013/03/08

  4. Redman - Funkorama (Dj Topor stomper refix)2012/12/17

  5. The Treacherous 3 & LUISITO QUINTERO - Can U Hang (DJ Topor re-edit)2012/09/29

  6. Bad B - I'm fly (DJ Topor Jazz Fly RMX)2012/06/06

    Bad Balance - New album "World Wide" is out, check'em out...
  7. Johnny Griffin vs Derrick Keyes (Nine)2012/05/10

    Johnny Griffin - Muvaffak's Pad
    Nine - Whutcha Want
    DJ Topor remix
  8. LL Cool J - Three The Hard Way vs Cuarteto D'Aida2012/03/11

    LL Cool J, El Shabazz,Three The Hard Way vs Cuarteto D'Aida
  9. Das EFX - Microphone Master (DJ Topor rmx)2011/10/19

    Das EFX
  10. Black Haze Express - Masta Cheff feat. Al Solo (Dj Topor HardCore Re-edit)2011/09/11

    Black Haze Express, Masta Cheff feat. Al Solo,HardCore Re-edit...
    extremely explicit....in russian )))
  11. Jack Costanzo and Ghetto Celebs - Safe Sex, No Freaks2011/07/13

    Jack Costanzo and his orchestra FunkMasterFlex & Ghetto Celebs - Safe Sex, No Freaks
  12. DOB (Sir-J, Ligalize) - Black Heat (DaBoogieCrew B-Boy Re-edit)2010/12/31

    DaBoogieCrew B-Boy Re-edit
  13. Every body talkin' about "Good Old Days"2010/08/19
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  14. Carlos Munoz Y Frankie Cutlaz - Puerto Rico2010/03/06

    Carlos Munoz Y Frankie Cutlaz - Puerto Rico
  15. Billy Jones - Doobie Funk2009/12/25

    Billy Jones - Doobie Funk
  16. Ralph Robels (Soul Nitty Gritty) - Grand Puba (Up and Down)2009/09/14

    Ralph Robels (Soul Nitty Gritty) - Grand Puba (Up and Down)
  17. Brooklyn Movement2009/06/13

    Da Bush Babees,Elsie Trio Bianchi, ...enjoin another sunny day
  18. Willie Bobo - Jurassic 52009/03/04

  19. Mellow out2009/01/11
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  20. Latin Beats2008/11/27

    Enjoy it :)
  21. 'Puff'n a CHA-CHA' the great Tito Puente vs Babigezus & Da Allstars Ft. Greg Nyce2008/04/27

    t puente "ninja y senjores" vs Babigezus & Da Allstars Ft. Greg Nyce - i come up with such sound and give the name for rmx "Puff 'n a cha-cha"
  22. bienvinedo granda feat.Mos Def & Mad Skillz - B - Boy2008/01/25

    thats, whats happens, when Bienvinedo Grande meet Busta Rhymes and company...
  23. One of my Rmx work - P-132008/01/12

    Crazy grooves by world famous Dave Brubeck with taste of hip-hop , ..if you will be wonder… what tha…#**# language is this – that’s in Russian , group “P-13”,well known in country
  24. jazz blend mix2008/01/02
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  25. Boogaloo everybody mix2008/01/02
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  26. mixes and other staff thas interests me2008/01/01

DJ Topor podcast
...grab those mixes,it may make your day....an if you dont like - let me know..thanx

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