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Quiet on the Set!

  1. EPISODESP - Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult2008/04/24
    Special episode featuring Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult.
  2. EPISODE15 - Willie Windwalker2008/04/15
    We welcome Willie WindWalker to our show.
    From Louisville,ky â??Cherokee and Irish..I am a sensitive i can see and hear spirits ..I am also a spiritual advisor..â??. This book is about my journey as a chosen one. It will inspire you, captivate your interests, and scare you. My hope is that it will make you realize that there is more out there, and that the spirit world exists."
  3. EPISODE13 - Shelly Ryan2008/04/01
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  4. EPISODE12 - Freight Train Todd Haugen2008/03/25
    I Started Singing at age 4 come July 9th I'll Be 39 Been singing and Playing 35 Years Sincerely Freight Train Todd Haugen Songs I've Written Dear Mr. President, I Give My Heart To Jesus, Spent More Time With You, We Were Meant To Be Together, all 4 Songs written by Freight Train Todd Haugen (C) 2006
  5. EPISODE11 - Madelyn Alt2008/03/18
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  6. EPISODE10 - John Kachuba2008/03/11
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  7. EPISODE9 - Ruined for Life2008/03/04
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  8. EPISODE7 - Jimmie Bussell and Dana Sewell2008/02/19
    February 19th we welcome Jimmie Bussell to our show. "I sang in the 4-H chorus with director Brian Breed from Purdue University. I have always wanted to be a country singer and I new at that moment this was my destination in life. I had the gift of singing and I wanted to share it with everyone who loves Country Music."
  9. EPISODE6 - Lot 392008/02/12
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  10. EPISODE5 - Lauren Baratz-Logsted2008/02/05
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  11. EPISODE4 - James Freeman2008/01/29
    Join us as the Q-Crew welcomes comedian James Freeman!
  12. EPISODE3 - Melissa Greenwood2008/01/22
    Please join us as the Q-Crew welcomes singer/songwriter Melissa Greenwood! We also have another guest, Bill Sterling, singer/songwriter and a good friend of Melissa's.
  13. EPISODE2 - Sydney Chase2008/01/15
    Please join us as the Q-Crew welcomes Sydney Chase!
  14. EPISODE1 - Ghaniya, The Queen of Persia2008/01/08
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