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PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - All about horses, of course. Horse podcast on Pet Life Radio.

  1. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 37 Equine Agility - A Fun Course for your Horse!2012/01/03
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  2. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 36 Spirit of the Horse2011/11/04
    Animal communicator Carole Devereux talks to Audrey about her book Spirit of the Horse: The New Myths of Equus, where creation myths and other mystical topics are covered from the equine point of view.

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  3. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 35 Riding High in Cavalia2011/02/01
    Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Cavalia as Audrey talks to trick and Roman rider Fairland Ferguson about her amazing work in the show. "Cavalia" is often described as a "'Cirque du Soleil' with horses," though it's really a horse of a different color!

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  4. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 34 The Language of the Horse2010/07/14
    Audrey talks to natural horsemanship clinician and trainer, animal communicator and Reiki Master Anna Twinney about the language of the horse, how horses communicate with us and each other.

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  5. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 33 Ride & Tie2010/05/18
    One of the most exciting competitive trail sports is Ride & Tie, where two humans and one horse team up to race through the countryside. This week, Audrey talks to Melanie Weir, vice president of the Ride and Tie Association about how to get started in this fun-filled sport.

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  6. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 32 The Right Way to Feed2010/05/04
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  7. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 31 The Soul of Cavalia2009/12/03
    Thousands of people around the world have witnessed the magic of the equine spectacular, Cavalia. In this episode, Audrey talks to Cavalia founders Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado about the incredible relationships they have with their amazing Lusitano stallions.

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  8. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 30 The Herd-Bound Horse2009/09/17
    Herd-bound behavior in horses can be a real challenge for riders. Horses that won't leave the barn or their buddies can make a rider's life miserable. This week, Audrey talks to trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight about herd-bound horses and how to deal with this issue..

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  9. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 29 - Balancing Your Equestrian Lifestyle2009/08/31
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  10. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 28 Putting On A Horse Show2009/07/14
    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to host a horse show? In this episode, Christy Wood, horse show judge and author of "Your Best Horse Show" gives Audrey the scoop on what it's like to organize your own event.

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  11. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 27 Equine Metabolic Syndrome2009/06/23
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  12. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 26 Eco-Horsekeeping2009/05/30
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  13. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 25 Wild Hoofbeats2009/05/20
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  14. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 24 Healing Through Horses2009/04/20
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  15. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 23 Dressage 1012009/04/03
    Learn all about the oldest style of riding in the world as Audrey talks to USDF bronze and silver medallist Jennifer O. Bryant, author of The USDF Guide to Dressage.

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  16. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 22 Finding Yourself Through Horses2009/02/09
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  17. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 21 Five Fundamentals For A Safer Ride2009/02/03
    This week we’re speaking with trainer Missy Wryn of WHolistic Horsemanship again about the five fundamentals that translate on your saddle for a safer ride.

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  18. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 20 The Three Foundations for a Safer Horse2009/01/25
    Before you can safely ride your horse, you need to establish rules on the ground. This week, Audrey talks to trainer and clinician Missy Wryn of WHolistic Horsemanship in Estacada, Oregon, about the Three Foundations for a Safer Horse.

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  19. PetLifeRadio.com- Horsing Around - Episode 19 Conquering Fear2008/12/24
    For many riders, fear is their constant companion when in the saddle. This week, Audrey talks to Colorado trainer and clinician Franklin Levinson about the causes of rider fear and how to cope with it.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Conquering Fear with Audrey Pavia

  20. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 18 Riding Bitless2008/10/24
    Horses have been ridden in bits for hundreds of years, but a recent trend in bitless riding is questioning this age-old method of controlling a horse. This week, Audrey talks to bitless bridle expert Claudia Chavis about the difference between riding with a bit and without one.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Riding Bitless with Audrey Pavia

  21. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 17 Building Confidence2008/10/14
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  22. PetLifeRadio.com- Horsing Around - Episode 16 Preparing for Disaster2008/09/18
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  23. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 15 Building Your Dream Horse2008/09/09
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  24. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 14 Coping With Colic2008/09/09
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  25. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 13 Saving the Wild Horse2008/08/17
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  26. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 12 The First American Horse2008/07/12
    The Spanish Mustang is the horse behind many of America's most popular breeds of today. A hardy and versatile horse, this rare breed is making a comeback. Audrey talks to Spanish Mustang breeder Susan Catt about the incredible horse with an amazing past and an even brighter future.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The First American Horse with Audrey Pavia

  27. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 11 Big Time Showing on a Small Budget2008/06/19
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  28. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 10 Helping Horses2008/06/10
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  29. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 9 Phenominal in 100 Days? Hail Yeah!2008/05/19
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  30. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 8 Crying With Cockroaches2008/04/16
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  31. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 7 Competitive Trail Riding2008/04/09
    This week we're going to talk about a very special sport that just about anyone can do on horseback... Competitive Trail Riding with guest, Beverly Roberts.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Competitive Trail Riding with Audrey Pavia

  32. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 6 The Adult Longeing Guide2008/03/31
    Emily Esterson is today's guest talking about her new book, The Adult Longeing Guide.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The Adult Longeing Guide with Audrey Pavia

  33. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 5 I said, Hay Hay Hay! All about horse nutrition.2008/03/14
    All about horse nutrition with holistic nutritionist Judy Sinner. Find out what to feed your horse, how much, what supplements should you use if any and more!

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - I said Hay Hay Hay, with Audrey Pavia

  34. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 4 Getting To The Point2008/02/22
    Audrey talks to veterinarian Kate Gentry-Running about acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, two forms of alternative therapies for horses.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Getting To The Point, with Audrey Pavia

  35. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 3 Equestrian Pilates2008/02/16
    Today's topic is Equestrian Pilates with Sue Kellogg-Graf . Find out how Equestrian Pilates helps riders! With a stronger yet agile body, riders are better able to move with their horses, are happier in their riding, easier to train, and also have fewer injuries.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Equestrian Pilates, with Audrey Pavia

  36. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 2 Barefoot In The Park2008/02/07
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  37. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 1 The Ticket To Ride2008/01/18
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  38. PetLifeRadio.com - Horsing Around - Episode 0 Introduction - Welcome to Horsing Around2008/01/11
    Audrey welcomes everyone to her new show, Horsing Around, and gives an overview of what to expect in upcoming episodes.

    More details on this episode MP3 Podcast -Welcome to Horsing Around

Horsing Around - All about horses, of course. Horse podcast - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (PetLifeRadio.com)
Horsing Around is all about horses, of course. We cover everything from how to get started in horses to how to best take care of your equine companion. You'll learn all about nutrition, hoof care,

training, veterinary issues and behavior. We cover breed topics, riding and alternative therapies. Even communicating with horses that have gone to the Great Beyond is among our list of subjects.

Our podcasts include guests in every field of the horse world. Trainers,veterinarians, farriers, breed experts and animal

communicators give you the low-down on everything equine... on Pet Life Radio.

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