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  1. Heartbroken2014/01/08
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  2. On to the Playoffs2014/01/02
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  3. Colts Pummel Chiefs2013/12/26
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  4. Five for Jamaal2013/12/20
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  5. Three-game skid2013/12/06
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  6. Rollercoaster of emotions2013/11/27
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  7. Rollercoaster Of Emotions2013/11/27
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  8. Chiefs look to rebound after first loss2013/11/22
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  9. Defense keeps the Chiefs perfect2013/11/06
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  10. The Kansas City Chiefs grind out another win2013/10/31
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  11. Lucky number 7-02013/10/23
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  12. 6-0, Loudest Fans in the World!2013/10/17
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  13. Chiefs look to make noise in AFC West by beating the Raiders2013/10/10
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  14. Chiefs dominate on all three phases to improve to 4-02013/10/03
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  15. Ready for New York2013/09/25
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  16. Andy Reid coaches the Chiefs to a 2-0 start!2013/09/17
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  17. Off to a good start, and we're back!2013/09/11
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  18. The Last One2012/01/10
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  19. Eliminated from playoff contention2011/12/30
    It's over for the Chiefs. The Chiefs lose to the Raiders on Christmas Eve 16-13 in overtime, eliminating them from playoff contention, even though the Broncos lost to the Bills.

    Farzin talks about the lackluster effort constructed by the Chiefs in this game.

    As the Chiefs prepare for Tim Tebow and the Broncos, what will be the key to stopping the most popular player in the NFL?
  20. Christmas Bash!2011/12/23
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  21. Undefeated no more! 2011/12/20
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  22. Chiefs preparing to create their second winning streak of th2011/12/10
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  23. Does Todd Haley Deserve A Chance In 2012? 2011/12/07
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  24. Off to Soldier Field2011/12/02
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  25. Another blown game2011/11/29
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  26. Tyler Palko on stage on Monday Night Football2011/11/19
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  27. The Chiefs get Tebowed2011/11/16
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  28. From Heroic to Hapless2011/11/11
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  29. The Miracle At Arrowhead Stadium! 2011/11/03
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  30. Monday Night For The Lead! 2011/10/29
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  31. Red Sea Invasion In The Black Hole! 2011/10/25
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  32. Chiefs look to go .500 at Raider Week2011/10/20
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  33. The Chiefs defeat the Colts and create a positive streak!2011/10/13
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  34. Chiefs Find An Answer2011/10/07
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  35. The Battle Of 2 Winless Squads2011/09/30
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  36. Rock Bottom2011/09/22
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  37. Buffalo Stampede2011/09/16
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  38. Chiefs host Bills in season opener2011/09/09
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  39. Chiefs fall again in the preseason2011/08/24
    The Kansas City Chiefs lose their second consecutive preseason game while Jonathan Baldwin gets into a fight with Thomas Jones and hurts himself.

    Farzin will tell you why Baldwin will have a challenging rookie season after his altercation with Jones.

    Farzin also recaps the game between the Chiefs and Ravens and brings back Morgan Ganem from Sownds.
  40. Moving Forward2011/08/17
    The Chiefs opened the 2011 preseason on a nationally televised game and humiliated themselves in a 25-0 loss to Tampa Bay. The Chiefs were unsuccessful in getting the football beyond the Tampa Bay 44-yard line.

    Farzin talks about the shutout loss to the Bucs and tells you why preseason ticket prices will not go down.
  41. Friday Night Lights at Arrowhead Stadium!2011/08/11
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  42. Building A Team2011/08/05
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  43. Steve Breaston signs with the Chiefs! Football is back! 2011/07/28
    Farzin is back, and so is the National Football League!

    Farzin touches on the signing of Steve Breaston and how it helps the Chiefs become a three-dimensional football team as the Chiefs are two weeks away from their preseason opener!
  44. Chopping It Up - Part II2011/05/17
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  45. A historic weekend2011/05/03
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  46. Draft Prep2011/04/26
    While this may be the least anticipated draft, the show must go on!

    Farzin gives a quick breakdown on the Chiefs 2011 (or 2012...) schedule. Hear what he has to say about the challenge that awaits the Chiefs.

    Farzin also talks about the draft and gives his prediction on who the Chiefs will take.
  47. Larry Johnson puts the diapers back on2011/04/01
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  48. Dwayne Bowe Signed Ball Giveaway!2011/03/12
    Farzin discusses the NFLPA and owners and the result of leading to a decertification.

    Despite the bad news, Farzin cheers everyone up by announcing an autograph giveaway! Farzin has a signed football from Dwayne Bowe, the leader in receiving touchdowns! Find out when and where the giveaway will be.
  49. R.I.P Bill Grigsby2011/03/02
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  50. Taggin' Tamba2011/02/20
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  51. Fan talk2011/02/12
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  52. The Chiefs have hired Bil Muir as their offensive coordinato2011/02/11
    Farzin talks about the hiring and gives you his thoughts on how Muir can be successful. Farzin also lets you know why he thinks the Chiefs will slap the franchise tag on Tamba Hali. All of that and much more!
  53. Charles ends season on high note2011/02/02
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  54. A half dozen Pro Bowlers2011/01/25
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  55. Offseason needs2011/01/18
    As the Chiefs are one week into their offseason program, they continue to search for a new offensive coordinator. Can Todd Haley find an offensive coordinator and get along with him? Hear what Farzin has to say.

    Farzin also breaks down each position and lets you know what positions the Chiefs should focus on throughout the offseason.
  56. All good things come to an end2011/01/11
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  57. The 17-year itch2011/01/07
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  58. The last laugh2011/01/03
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  59. Raider Week At Arrowhead2010/12/31
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  60. AFC West Champions of the world!2010/12/28
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  61. X-Mas Wish List: Win2010/12/24
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  62. The Amazing Playoff Race 2010/12/20
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  63. Battle of division leaders in Missouri2010/12/18
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  64. A QB toss2010/12/10
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  65. Chiefs now at .5002010/12/10
    The Chiefs defeat the Broncos and will not have a record below .500, despite scoring only 10 points at home.

    Farzin reviews the game and talks about the AFC West race.
  66. Seeking revenge2010/12/03
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  67. Road Warriors2010/11/29
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  68. The City of Kansas City2010/11/24
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  69. Looking for an answer2010/11/20
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  70. No longer on top2010/11/15
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  71. Bad and Ugly2010/11/11
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  72. A renewed rivalry2010/11/05
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  73. Halloween Scare2010/11/01
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  74. Preventing an upset2010/10/28
    As Kansas City moves on to 4-2, they prepare to face an 0-6 team in Buffalo.

    Farzin goes around the NFL and gives his thoughts on all 32 NFL teams and who will pull away in each division.

    In the final segment of the show, Farzin breaks down the Chiefs and Bills game and lets you know what two things Kansas City needs to do to win this football game.
  75. Snapping the losing streak2010/10/25
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  76. One Tough Bell2010/10/21
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  77. Fourth quarter dagger2010/10/19
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  78. Fourth quarter dagger2010/10/18
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  79. Matt Battle2010/10/14
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  80. Can't win 'em all2010/10/11
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  81. Finding An Identity2010/10/06
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  82. Staying aggressive2010/09/30
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  83. Staying aggressive2010/09/30
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  84. Arrowhead Stampede2010/09/28
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  85. Ugly performances keeps KC on top2010/09/22
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  86. Beginner's Luck2010/09/16
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  87. Monday Night Lights2010/09/10
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  88. The right 532010/09/07
    Todd Haley and the Kansas City Chiefs their 53-man roster as the 53 practiced for the first time on Monday.

    Farzin breaks down the depth chart and talks about the positives and negatives on the depth chart. Did LB Derrick Johnson or RB Jamaal Charles earn themselves a starting spot?
  89. Speedster Reel2010/08/31
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  90. Todd Haley's Dog House2010/08/25
    On this episode, Farzin reviews the road games against the Falcons and the Buccaneers. How impressive is the first unit in two games?

    Despite the success of some football players, Chiefs head coach, Todd Haley, continues to put players in his "dog house." How much longer will this go on for?

    Farzin touches on those topics and much more!
  91. Revis City? 2010/08/13
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  92. Doable Tasks2010/08/06
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  93. No Waters? The water must not be turning on. 2010/08/04
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  94. A Wild-Cat Start 2010/08/02
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  95. Training Camp!2010/07/30
    With the Chiefs kicking off training camp on Friday, what is expected for the football team this year? Will Eric Berry sign soon? And will Todd Haley have a good football team?

    Farzin has another question that he proposes to the listeners and wants to hear answers.
  96. Countdown to camp2010/07/24
    As the Kansas City Chiefs are a week away from training camp, they've still got a couple unsigned draft picks.

    Farzin goes over the two rookies who have been signed and goes over what he thinks they'll contribute this season. Farzin will also mention why the Chiefs will be hurt if they are without S Eric Berry to open up camp.
  97. Choppin' it up!2010/07/20
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  98. Can the Chiefs survive in the AFC West?2010/07/17
    With the supplemental draft over, the Chiefs decided to move on without RB Harvey Unga.

    Farzin breaks down the AFC West and lets you know what he thinks who will be first. Feel free to respond to breakdown.
  99. Breaking down the AFC West2010/07/13
    With no news out at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Farzin goes over each position in the AFC West. Also, what team could Jarred Page end up with before the regular season kicks off?
  100. Harvey Unga a Chief? 2010/06/29
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  101. Have the Chiefs been forgotten this offseason? 2010/06/26
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  102. A division up for grabs2010/06/22
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  103. The 'Right 53'2010/06/12
    On this show, Farzin gives his 53-man roster, or as the Chiefs like to call it, the right 53. See who Farzin has on the list.

    He also touches on the Big 12 and how the Chiefs lose if Kansas and Missouri go different paths.
  104. Will Arrowhead Stadium be the loudest in the NFL this year? 2010/06/07
    On this episode, Farzin reads fan comments from the Facebook page regarding multiple topics.

    Farzin also discusses the amount of fan support the Chiefs currently have and if they'll be able to get back the fan support they once had. Will the Chiefs be able to sell tickets? Farzin touches on that and much more!
  105. Kansas City Is Worthy Of A Super Bowl2010/06/01
    Despite the quiet Chiefs news, Farzin is packed with a lot of Chiefs topics!

    The biggest topic, New Jersey receiving a Super Bowl. Kansas City was given the chance to host a Super Bowl. With a cold weather city receiving a Super Bowl, Farzin explains why he feels Kansas City is worthy of receiving the big game. He discusses that and much more on this show!
  106. Will the king in the Cassel rebound?2010/05/27
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  107. Not on the same page2010/05/20
    The Chiefs kickoff OTAs, but Jarrad Page, who has yet to sign his tender, is the only player missing. How long will this go on for?

    Uh-oh for D-Bowe! An interview with ESPN Magazine could hurt Bowe.

    Joel Thorman from ArrowheadPride.com gives his takes on Page, offseason additions and more!
  108. What Each Rookie Brings2010/05/07
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  109. Galko's Draft Take2010/04/29
    Eric Galko from NFLHouse.com is the guest on the show and discusses the draft. Hear what Eric has to say the selection of Eric Berry, the second round picks and more draft analysis outside of Kansas City.

    Check out Eric Galko's website at NFLHouse.com and follow him on Twitter at Twitter.com/NFLHouse.
  110. McCluster, Arenas and more join the Chiefs2010/04/26
    The Chiefs wrap up their first draft of the decade. Kansas City did not draft a nose tackle and did not get a linebacker until their final pick. Farzin introduces all the drafted and undrafted rookies and gives his take on the draft.
  111. BERRY TASTIC! 2010/04/23
  112. Monday Night Lights!2010/04/21
  113. Marshall's Departure Helps The AFC West 2010/04/16
  114. Will KC be Eric Berry-Less?2010/04/08
  115. The New Arrowhead means The New Chiefs2010/04/02
  116. The End of The Rebuilding Era2010/01/16
  117. Record Setters2009/12/23
  118. Red Sea Gets Blacked Out2009/12/18
  119. Busted By The Bronco 2009/12/09
  120. Todd Haley and Josh McDaniels meet2009/12/05
  121. Bolted by the Chargers2009/12/02
  122. STEEL SHOCK!2009/11/25
  123. Blowout or Upset? 2009/11/21
  124. Chiefs win, Bowe loses2009/11/19
  125. The Black Hole2009/11/13
  126. The Chiefs Take Out The Trash!2009/11/10
  127. Save.Us.Jamaal.Charles2009/11/06
  128. Larry Johnson Suspended Two Weeks2009/11/01
  129. The Bad, The Ugly, The Awful2009/10/27
  130. Spark The Chargers2009/10/23
  131. Relevant Save Kansas City2009/10/19
  132. A Chance To Win2009/10/17
  133. Referee Talk2009/10/16
  134. Referee Talk2009/10/16
  135. 2-282009/10/14
  136. The Game That Never Was2009/10/09
  137. The Giant Smash2009/10/07
  138. Enter The Giant2009/10/02
  139. Goodbye Thiggy2009/09/30
  140. Golden Eagle2009/09/29
  141. NFC East Month2009/09/24
  142. DMC Beats The Chiefs Again2009/09/21
  143. Red Friday2009/09/18
  144. Opener turns into a loss2009/09/16
  145. The Test Begins2009/09/10
  146. No preseason wins for the new regime 2009/09/07
  147. The Gov Cup2009/09/03
  148. The Bad, the Ugly2009/09/01
  149. Is Tyler Thigpen leaving?2009/08/28
  150. Final Week In River Falls2009/08/21
  151. Back to work2009/08/19
  152. Todd Haley makes his debut as a head coach in Arrowhead!2009/08/15
  153. Almost there!2009/08/14
  154. More Roster Changes2009/08/06
  155. Chiefs sign Amani Toomer2009/08/06
  156. Final Round In River Falls2009/08/04
  157. Soren Petro returns to talk football!2009/07/28
  158. The King in Kansas City2009/07/24
  159. King in the Cassel2009/07/19
  160. More excitement at Arrowhead2009/07/13
  161. Remembering Steve McNair2009/07/09
  162. The Thigpen Plan2009/07/03
  163. The New And Improved Chiefs2009/06/26
  164. Todd Haley Press Conference2009/06/19
  165. King of the Cassel2009/06/15
  166. Can Brad Cottom Get The Job Done?2009/06/10
  167. Interview with Todd Leabo2009/06/05
  168. Brian Waters And Todd Haley Need To Forget About The Past2009/06/04
  169. Todd Haley Changing Arrowhead Stadium2009/06/03
  170. Todd Haley changing Arrowhead Stadium2009/06/01
  171. Todd Haley want to keep LJ?2009/05/25
  172. Anquan Boldin a Chief?2009/05/15
  173. The Chiefs draft Tyson Jackson2009/04/27
  174. Gonzalez is GONE-ZO2009/04/24
  175. Eric Glako and Farzin's first round mock draft2009/04/22
  176. Is Tony Gonzalez really going to the Falcons?2009/04/20
  177. Draft Talk With Soren Petro2009/04/08
  178. LJ wants to stay while Cutler gets his wish2009/04/05
  179. Do the Chiefs need LJ?2009/03/25
  180. The Coaching Staff2009/03/17
  181. Chief Hall of Famer Ed Budde and NFLHouse.com's analyst, Eri2009/03/07
  182. Matt Cassel or Tyler Thigpen?2009/03/03
  183. The Scott Pioli Way2009/02/28
  184. The Scott Pioli Way2009/02/28
  185. Todd Haley Is The New Head Coach2009/02/07
  186. Win a signed photo by Dwayne Bowe!2009/02/05
  187. The Future2009/01/27
  188. Herm Edwards Shipped Out2009/01/24
  189. Pioli in, Gunther out2009/01/22
  190. The Bad Season Ends2008/12/30
  191. Final Home Game2008/12/21
  192. Farewell Carl Peterson2008/12/19
  193. The Thig-Factor2008/12/07
  194. The Second Win2008/12/05
  195. Bills review/Raiders preview2008/11/29
  196. A Quiet Arrowhead2008/11/22
  197. The Saints Go Marching2008/11/19
  198. With A Chance To Shine At Home2008/11/14
  199. Going For Two2008/11/11
  200. Thigpen To Charge Up2008/11/08
  201. The Conservative Quarter2008/11/04
  202. Thigpen's Real Test2008/11/02
  203. Flower Power2008/10/28
  204. Visiting Favre2008/10/24
  205. Quinn Gray Signs With KC2008/10/23
  206. LJ's Unactive2008/10/18
  207. Goin' No Where2008/10/15
  208. The Shutout2008/10/06
  209. Creating a Winning Streak2008/10/04
  210. Against All Odds2008/10/01
  211. Rivals Meet Again2008/09/27
  212. Still Winless2008/09/25
  213. Thigpen's Journey2008/09/21
  214. Thigpen's Journey2008/09/21
  215. McFadden Smash2008/09/18
  216. In Huard We Trust2008/09/13
  217. 5 Yards Short2008/09/10
  218. Dorsey's Career Begins2008/09/07
  219. 53 players2008/09/04
  220. A New Beginning2008/08/30
  221. Governor Cup Showdown2008/08/28
  222. The Big Punch2008/08/27
  223. Edwards And Pennington Meet In Miami2008/08/23
  224. Arrowhead Meltdown2008/08/18
  225. What Is Bobby Sippio2008/08/14
  226. Bobby Sippio Finds The Endzone2008/08/10
  227. Battle At Soldier Field2008/08/07
  228. Interview With Lance Veeser2008/08/05
  229. Depth Chart Breakdown2008/08/02
  230. Interview with Soren Petro2008/07/31
  231. Dorsey Signs2008/07/27
  232. Safety Talk2008/07/20
  233. Carl's Status2008/07/17
  234. Interview With Brian Waters 2008/07/10
  235. Special Teams Talk2008/07/04
  236. Inputs From Derrick Johnson And Herm Edwards2008/06/28
  237. Interview With NFL Network's Brian Baldinger2008/06/25
  238. Interview With Damon Huard2008/06/23
  239. Arena League and Hard Knocks star, Bobby Sippio2008/06/22
  240. Interviews With Brandon Flowers And more2008/06/15
  241. Interviews with Larry Johnson and more2008/06/11
  242. NFC East Break Down2008/06/07
  243. Will Herm Win With A Young Sqaud?2008/06/03
  244. Interviews with Chiefs at OTA's2008/06/01
  245. Interviews with Chiefs at OTA's2008/05/31
  246. Will Arrowhead Be The Same?2008/05/15
  247. Gunther Is A Defensive Machine2008/05/06
  248. Dorsey And Albert Join Rebuilding Force2008/05/01
  249. Chiefs Mock Draft2008/04/25
  250. Soren Petro With Chiefs Talk2008/04/23
  251. Jared Allen Visits Minnesota2008/04/19
  252. The Draft Is Upon Us2008/04/12
  253. Exclusive Gunther 1-Question Interview2008/04/04
  254. Q's and A's2008/03/27
  255. Is Thier Faith Remaining In Kansas City?2008/03/22
  256. Herm Needs To Tell The Truth2008/03/14
  257. Is Carl Serious?2008/03/06
  258. Old Sweep2008/02/29
  259. Who's Leaving, Who's Coming?2008/02/28
  260. CES Ep#54:The New Chiefs2008/02/13
  261. CES Ep#53:National KC Fan Anger Month2008/01/26
  262. CES Ep#51:Can Chan Gailey Do It?2008/01/18
  263. CES Ep#51:Who Will Be Our Offensive Dictatorship?2008/01/17
  264. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#50: Early Draft Preview2008/01/12
  265. CES Ep#49:Who Has Frontstage In KC?2008/01/09
  266. CES Ep# 48:Clean House II2008/01/06
  267. CES Ep# 48:Clean House II2008/01/04
  268. Ces Ep#47:Clean House2008/01/03
  269. CES Ep#46: Battle Of Draft Picks2007/12/30
  270. CES Ep#45:Slip N Slide2007/12/26
  271. CES Ep#44:X-Mas Wish List-Fire Carl2007/12/22
  272. CES Ep#43:Unlucky Number 7772007/12/20
  273. Ces Ep#42:Is This Allen's Final Home Game?2007/12/16
  274. CES Ep#41:The Interview With DA2007/12/15
  275. CES Ep#40:From HBO To Comedy Central2007/12/13
  276. CES Ep#39:Chiefs Continue To Beat The Chiefs2007/12/08
  277. CES Ep#38:No More Mr. Nice Guy2007/12/04
  278. CES Ep#37: 5 A Charm?2007/12/01
  279. CES Ep#36: A Priest To Remember2007/11/28
  280. Ces Ep#35:Carl Does Not Get It2007/11/27
  281. CES Ep# 34: Carl Peterson Screws KC2007/11/24
  282. CES Ep#33: 3 Doors Down2007/11/22
  283. CES Ep#32: Please Welcome Brodie Croyle2007/11/17
  284. CES Ep#31:Downhill Drop2007/11/13
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  288. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#27:Chiefs top AFC West2007/10/25
  289. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#26: Should We Pray For A Priest?2007/10/20
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  307. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#9:The QB Show Down.2007/08/20
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  309. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#7: Chiefs Browns Post Game Show2007/08/14
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  311. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#5: Training Camp Hard Knocks2007/08/08
  312. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#4 Can We Get Younger With Priest2007/08/02
  313. The Chiefs End Zone Show Ep#3: Quarterback Debate2007/07/27
  314. Will L.J. Get Some Receiving Help?2007/07/19
  315. Recap Of Last Season And Player Break Down2007/07/18
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