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Dr. John Hartmann

  1. Taking Up the Cross of Jesus in Witness and Suffering2012/09/16
    Dr. Hartmann discusses taking up the cross of Jesus in witness and suffering.
  2. A Tale of Two Kingdoms2012/09/09
    Dr. Hartmann discusses a tale of two kingdoms.
  3. Seeking the Lost- God calling sinners to repentance2012/08/19
    Dr. Hartmann discusses seeking the lost as God calls sinners to repentance.
  4. The Quality of Endurance2012/07/26
    Dr. Hartmann discusses the quality of endurance.
  5. Blessed is the Man who Perseveres under Trial2012/07/22
    Dr. Hartmann discusses the blessedness of the person who perseveres under trial.
  6. The Practical Application of the Servants Songs of Isaiah 40-542012/07/15
    Dr. Hartmann teaches on the practical application of the Servants Songs of Isaiah 40-54
  7. Essentials of Righteous Living- Prayer, Giving, Fasting2012/07/08
    Dr. Hartmann teaches on some of the essentials of righteous living- prayer, giving, and fasting.
  8. God’s One Redemptive Plan as Expressed in the 5 Main Covenants of Scripture2012/07/01
    Dr. Hartmann teaches on God’s one redemptive plan as expressed in the 5 main covenants of scripture.
  9. Walking in the Faith of Abraham – Fulfilling our Purpose-Destiny as the People of God2012/06/24
    Dr. Hartmann teaches and exhorts on walking in the faith of Abraham so as to fulfill our purpose, and actualize our destiny, as the people of God
  10. Reading and Understanding the Old Testament- It’s Value and Importance2012/06/10
    Dr. Hartmann teaches on reading and understanding the Old Testament, and discusses it’s value and importance.
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Dr. John Hartmann is devoted to teaching and preaching the whole counsel of the Word of God. These solid messages impart the Living Word to listeners so they are equipped to engage in fervent God glorifying worship and an effusion of prayer and faith in the Living God who does the impossible. These Bible teachings enhance everyday living by training people to cultivate a life of fellowship with one another as members of the Body of Christ, and fulfill the scriptural command to serve one another in love. Listeners are taught to employ their spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ, and reap His plentiful harvest by fulfilling the great commission to make disciples in all nations.

Dr. John J. Hartmann is the senior teacher and overseer of Living Word Christian Fellowship in St. Louis, Missouri USA. He is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO (Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology) and of Cambridge University, England (Ph.D. in New Testament with specialization in Early Judaism and Pauline Theology).

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