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  1. Mike Coarson2008/04/05
    This is a message preach from Christ Community Church of Cape Coral by the associte pastor of the church.

    I pray God speaks to You through this message.
  2. God's Provision(Pastor Aden)2008/01/28
    This is a message entirely in english,recorded @ Christ Community Church of Cape Coral. It is based on the story of Joseph(Genesis 37)and we see how God in the mist of adversity always has a plan to make us grow from the inside out,to bless us so that we can be a blessing. I hope you're bless and transform by God's almighty word.
  3. Pastor Ivor Marchany2008/01/27
    This is a message completly in spanish,recorded @ Christ Community Church Espanol of Cape Coral. Is a message of encouragement and reminding us of who we are in Christ Jesus. I hope you enjoy it and you are bless and transformed by the word of God.
  4. Nelvan Gonzalez2008/01/17
    This is a preaching that was recorded @ youth service on a friday night. I hope you're bless by it. God bless you.
  5. Jennifer Torres2008/01/09
    This is a preaching recorded @ Centro Cristiano Casa de Restauracion en Cape Coral,Fl.
This is a podcast with the purpose of spreading the gospel of JesusChrist

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