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  1. Episode 6 - Job and places of work part 2 (All New for 2016)2016/07/07

    In today's episode learn how to discuss places where you and other people work. Learn a variety of work places and how to make sentences using the present tense of ‘Bod’. E.g He is..., She is..., They are…, We are…

    Also, enter our new Competition to win a free membership to the Learn Welsh Podcast Club.

  2. Euro 16 Special: Learn the Welsh National Anthem2016/06/10
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  3. Episode 5 - Job and places of work2016/04/11

    In today's episode we are going to learn how to ask the question, 'Do you work?' in Welsh and answer it with a variety of job titles.

    If you would like access to extra learning materials why not join the Learn Welsh Podcast Club. To find out more about it go to http://www.learnwelshnow.co.uk/memberspage.html for more details.
  4. Episode 4 - You live near where? (All New for 2016)2016/03/05
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  5. Episode 3 - You live where? (All New for 2016)2016/02/08
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  6. Episode 2 - Who are you? How are you? 2016/02/01
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  7. Episode 1 - Hello and Goodbye 2016/01/02
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  8. 2015 Christmas Special2015/12/24
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  9. Twitter2009/10/22
    I'm now on Twitter as @lwpodcast. I'm teaching Welsh on Twitter throughout the day, so please check it out.
    You can also find me at the Podcast's main webpage. www.learnwelshpodcast.co.uk.
  10. Episode Extra2008/01/26
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A Podcast to help people learn to speak the Welsh Language in a fun and simple way.

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