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  1. Coffin Builder2008/04/18

    Demon Hunter

  2. Turn Your Back and Run2008/04/18

    Demon Hunter

  3. Death Metal2008/01/15

    Strong Bad assists an aspiring death metal band.

  4. Crying2008/01/15

    Strong Bad makes Homestarrunner, The Cheat, and Strong Sad cry with a picture of Lil’ Brudder.

  5. Teen Girl Squad2008/01/15

    So and So babysits. (the only one never available in the original podcast)

  6. DNA Evidence2008/01/15

    Strong Sad investigates about the DNA evidence.

  7. Enviorment2008/01/12

    The Lappy has some destructive secrets? Sorry about the terrible sound quality.

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