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Composer Of The Week

  1. Edward Elgar2019/08/02
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  2. Antonio Vivaldi2019/07/26
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  3. James MacMillan2019/07/19
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  4. Carl Nielsen2019/07/12
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  5. CPE Bach2019/07/05
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  6. Fryderyk Chopin2019/06/28
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  7. Jacques Offenbach2019/06/21
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  8. England's Golden Age2019/06/07
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  9. Dmitry Shostakovich2019/05/24
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  10. Igor Stravinsky2019/05/10
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  11. Amy Beach2019/05/03
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  12. Handel, Messiah and Dublin2019/04/26
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  13. Alban Berg2019/04/19
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  14. Joseph Haydn2019/04/12
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  15. Francis Poulenc2019/04/05
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  16. Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber2019/03/28
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  17. Astor Piazzolla2019/03/22
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  18. Hector Berlioz2019/03/15
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  19. Debbie Wiseman2019/03/08
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  20. Johann Sebastian Bach2019/02/22
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  21. Max Bruch2019/02/15
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  22. William Grant Still2019/02/08
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  23. Michael Tippett2019/02/01
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  24. Franz Liszt2019/01/25
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  25. Jean-Philippe Rameau2019/01/18
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  26. Felix Mendelssohn2019/01/11
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  27. George Gershwin2019/01/04
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  28. Heinrich Schütz2018/12/28
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  29. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov2018/12/21
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  30. Camille Saint-Saëns2018/12/07
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  31. Billy Strayhorn2018/11/23
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  32. Gioachino Rossini2018/11/16
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  33. François Couperin2018/11/09
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  34. Anton Bruckner2018/11/02
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  35. Dora Pejačević2018/10/26
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  36. Hubert Parry2018/10/12
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  37. Thea Musgrave2018/10/05
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  38. Sergei Rachmaninov2018/09/28
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  39. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky2018/09/14
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  40. Ernest Chausson2018/09/07
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  41. Leonard Bernstein2018/08/24
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  42. Alfred Schnittke2018/08/03
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  43. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2018/07/27
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of undisputed master, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  44. Josquin des Prez2018/07/20
    Donald Macleod and Jeremy Summerly discuss elusive Renaissance master, Josquin des Prez.
  45. Ralph Vaughan Williams2018/07/13
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams
  46. Luciano Berio2018/07/06
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Italian experimental composer, Luciano Berio
  47. Carl Maria von Weber2018/06/22
    Donald Macleod examines the life and work of German composer Carl Maria von Weber
  48. Charles Gounod2018/06/15
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of French composer Charles Gounod
  49. Giovanni Gabrieli2018/06/01
    Donald Macleod delves into the life and work of Giovanni Gabrieli
  50. Maurice Ravel2018/05/25
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of French composer Maurice Ravel.
  51. Johannes Brahms2018/05/18
    Donald Macleod explores the lifelong friendship between Brahms and the great violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim - and the music of genius that resulted
  52. Lili Boulanger2018/05/11
    Donald Macleod explores the life of Lili Boulanger, the first female winner of France's most prestigious composition competition, the Prix de Rome
  53. Aaron Copland2018/05/04
    Aaron Copland is the composer who, more than any other, defined the sound of American classical music. Copland's life spanned every decade of the 20th Century, and this week Donald Macleod explores the composer's life and music against the background of the events of that Century.
  54. Giuseppe Verdi2018/04/20
    Donald Macleod pieces together the truths as he traces Verdi's life and music.
  55. Johann Pachelbel2018/04/13
    Donald Macleod unravels the rich musical legacy of a composer known almost exclusively for one iconic work: the "Canon in D".
  56. Carlo Gesualdo2018/03/30
    Donald Macleod looks at the life and music of Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, notorious for the murder of his first wife and cousin, Maria d'Avalos.
  57. Claude Debussy2018/03/23
    Donald Macleod looks at the development of Debussy's career against his personal life
  58. Joseph Haydn2018/03/16
    Donald Macleod explores a hugely successful episode in Haydn's life, his London years.
  59. Rachel Portman2018/03/09
    Donald Macleod joins the Oscar winning film composer Rachel Portman in her studio in London, to chat about her life and music for film and the concert platform.
  60. Richard Strauss2018/03/02
    Donald Macleod introduces the life and music of the German composer and conductor, Richard Strauss.
  61. John Dowland2018/02/23
    Donald Macleod introduces John Dowland, and those influenced by his exquisite melodies.
  62. Jean Sibelius2018/02/16
    Donald Macleod delves into the life and work of the man who is almost universally recognised as Finland's greatest ever composer – Jean Sibelius.
  63. Toru Takemitsu2018/02/09
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.
  64. Handel2018/02/02
    Donald Macleod introduces a variety of music across the whole of Handel's life
  65. Lutoslawski2018/01/26
    Donald Macleod is joined by Dr Nicholas Reyland to explore Witold Lutoslawski's life
  66. Beethoven2018/01/19
    Donald Macleod explores Beethoven the pianist and composer for the piano.
  67. Schubert2018/01/12
    Donald focuses on five years through Franz Schubert's short life.
  68. J S Bach2017/12/22
    Donald Macleod traces J S Bach's early life from Eisenach through to his first marriage.
  69. Tchaikovsky2017/12/15
    Donald Macleod explores the rich vein of fairy tale and fantasy in Tchaikovsky's music
  70. 21st Century Opera2017/12/08
    Paul Griffiths joins Donald Macleod to give opera a health check in the 21st century.
  71. Thelonious Monk2017/11/24
    Donald Macleod and Brian Priestley celebrate the centenary of jazz legend Thelonious Monk
  72. Breaking Free: A Century of Russian Culture: Soviet Russia (1953-1991)2017/11/17
    Donald and Marina Frolova-Walker look at the lives and masterpieces of the musicians.
  73. Breaking Free: A Century of Russian Culture: Soviet Russia (1917-1953)2017/11/10
    Donald and Marina Frolova-Walker look at the lives and masterpieces of the musicians.
  74. Elgar2017/11/03
    Donald Macleod explores the life and career of Edward Elgar through the lens of his muses
  75. Puccini2017/10/20
    Donald Macleod and Sir Antonio Pappano trace the developmental line of Puccini's heroines
  76. Vivaldi's operas2017/10/13
    A look behind the curtain and onto the stage to explore the world of Vivaldi's operas
  77. Mussorgsky2017/09/29
    Donald Macleod explores Mussorgsky's music, with the spotlight on his songs
  78. Purcell2017/09/22
    Donald Macleod explores the music of English composer Henry Purcell.
  79. Alexander Goehr - Part 22017/09/15
    Donald Macleod in conversation with composer Alexander Goehr at his home near Cambridge
  80. Alexander Goehr - Part 12017/09/15
    Donald Macleod in conversation with composer Alexander Goehr at his home near Cambridge
  81. Mozart2017/09/08
    Donald Macleod explores the miraculous chamber music of Mozart's Vienna years
  82. Grieg2017/08/11
    Donald Macleod looks at the multi-talented Norwegian composer, pianist and conductor
  83. Birth of Polyphony2017/08/04
    Donald Macleod takes a close look at the change from pure monophony to complex polyphony.
  84. Mathias2017/07/28
    Donald Macleod explores Mathias's student days in Aberystwyth and London
  85. Haydn2017/07/21
    Donald Macleod explores Haydn's often overlooked piano sonatas.
  86. Messiaen2017/07/14
    Donald Macleod explores the organ music of Olivier Messiaen.
  87. Charpentier2017/07/07
    Donald Macleod explores the music of Marc-Antoine Charpentier.
  88. Mahler2017/06/30
    Donald Macleod explores the relationship between Gustav and Alma Mahler
  89. Bizet2017/06/16
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Georges Bizet
  90. Chopin2017/06/09
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Fryderyk Chopin
  91. Rebecca Clarke2017/06/02
    Donald Macleod looks at life of Rebecca Clarke with Christopher Johnson and Ian Jones.
  92. Monteverdi2017/05/19
    Donald Macleod recounts Monteverdi's rise from humble beginnings in Cremona.
  93. Praetorius2017/05/05
    Donald Macleod focuses on Praetorius's final years and works.
  94. LeFanu2017/04/28
    Donald Macleod talks to British composer Nicola LeFanu in the year of her 70th birthday
  95. LeFanu2017/04/28
    British composer Nicola LeFanu discusses her life and music with Donald Macleod.
  96. Schumann2017/04/21
    Donald Macleod explores Schumann's Dusseldorf years.
  97. Dvorak2017/04/14
    Donald explores the critical period in the late 1870s when Dvorak first made his name.
  98. Joplin2017/04/07
    Donald Macleod looks at the African-American composer Scott Joplin.
  99. Zemlinsky2017/03/24
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Alexander Zemlinsky
  100. Maxwell Davies2017/03/17
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Peter Maxwell Davies.
  101. The Women of Renaissance Ferrara2017/03/10
    Donald with Laurie Stras explore the work of the female composers of Renaissance Ferrara.
  102. Gade2017/02/24
    Donald Macleod is joined by Dr Colin Roth to explore the life and work of Niels Gade.
  103. Ravel2017/02/17
    Donald Macleod explores the enigmatic personality and vibrant music of Maurice Ravel.
  104. Mackenzie2017/02/10
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Alexander Mackenzie.
  105. Britten2017/02/03
    Donald Macleod explores the music of Benjamin Britten's formative years.
  106. Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges2017/01/20
    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
  107. Schoenberg2017/01/06
    Donald Macleod explores Schoenberg's life from five different viewpoints
  108. Novello2016/12/30
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Ivor Novello.
  109. Prokofiev2016/12/23
    Donald Macleod explores Prokofiev's triumphant and ultimately tragic return to the USSR.
  110. Caccini2016/12/16
    Donald Macleod explores the life and music of Francesca Caccini and her circle.
  111. Handel2016/12/09
  112. Faure2016/11/25
  113. Schubert2016/11/11
  114. Meredith Monk2016/11/04
  115. Michael Haydn2016/10/28
  116. Martinu2016/10/14
  117. Daniel Kidane2016/10/07
  118. Anna Meredith2016/10/07
  119. Helen Grime2016/10/06
  120. Gwilym Simcock2016/10/04
  121. Anoushka Shankar2016/10/04
  122. Oliver Knussen2016/10/03
  123. Rubbra2016/09/23
  124. Rimsky-Korsakov2016/09/16
  125. Mendelssohn2016/08/26
  126. Janacek2016/08/19
  127. Villa Lobos2016/08/12
  128. Butterworth2016/08/05
  129. Brahms2016/07/29
  130. Mozart2016/07/15
  131. Bernard Stevens2016/07/08
  132. Stravinsky and the Symphony2016/07/01
  133. Johann Strauss I and II2016/06/17
  134. Gershwin2016/06/03
  135. Clara Schumann and Her Circle2016/05/27
  136. Satie2016/05/20
  137. Dussek2016/05/13
  138. Purcell2016/04/29
  139. Byrd2016/04/22
  140. Sterndale Bennett2016/04/15
  141. Vaughan Williams2016/04/08
  142. Telemann2016/04/01
  143. Granados2016/03/25
  144. Women of the MacDowell Colony2016/03/18
  145. Strozzi2016/03/11
  146. Haydn2016/03/04
  147. Debussy2016/02/26
  148. Cimarosa2016/02/19
  149. Ponce2016/02/12
  150. Rubinstein2016/02/05
  151. Dvorak2016/01/29
  152. Dutilleux2016/01/26
  153. Coulthard2016/01/15
  154. Stockhausen2016/01/08
  155. Berwald2015/12/25
  156. Sibelius2015/12/11
  157. CPE Bach2015/12/10
  158. Handel2015/12/02
  159. Hoagy Carmichael2015/11/20
  160. Chabrier2015/11/13
  161. Farrenc2015/11/06
  162. Nielsen2015/10/30
  163. Cowell2015/10/23
  164. Kapralova2015/10/16
  165. Rachmaninov2015/10/09
  166. Vanhal2015/10/02
  167. Bellini2015/09/25
  168. Shostakovich2015/09/18
  169. Elgar2015/09/11
  170. Walton2015/08/07
  171. Three Choirs2015/07/31
  172. Poulenc2015/07/24
  173. Arvo Part2015/06/26
  174. Bach2015/06/19
  175. Kodaly2015/06/05
  176. Bacewicz2015/05/29
  177. Schutz2015/05/22
  178. Widor2015/05/15
  179. Mozart2015/05/08
  180. Scriabin2015/05/01
  181. Tailleferre2015/04/17
  182. Chopin2015/04/10
  183. Judith Weir2015/04/03
  184. Holst2015/03/27
  185. Weber2015/03/20
  186. Five Under 352015/03/13
  187. Jacquet de la Guerre2015/03/06
  188. Verdi2015/02/27
  189. Purcell2015/02/13
  190. Schubert2015/02/06
  191. Bartok2015/01/30
  192. Haydn2015/01/23
  193. Lassus2015/01/16
  194. Liszt2015/01/09
  195. Chabrier2015/01/02
  196. Vivaldi2014/12/26
  197. Previn2014/12/19
  198. Schumann2014/12/12
  199. Lord Berners2014/12/05
  200. Falla2014/11/28
  201. Mozart2014/11/14
  202. Stradella2014/11/07
  203. Khachaturian2014/10/31
  204. Debussy2014/10/17
  205. Brahms Experience- Johannes Brahms2014/10/10
  206. Dyson2014/10/03
  207. Panufnik2014/09/26
  208. Donizetti2014/09/19
  209. Rameau2014/09/12
  210. Dvorak2014/09/05
  211. Stravinsky2014/08/08
  212. Cole Porter2014/08/01
  213. Janacek2014/07/25
  214. Dittersdorf2014/07/18
  215. Buxtehude2014/07/11
  216. Gurney2014/07/04
  217. Strauss2014/06/13
  218. Weinberg2014/06/06
  219. Berlioz2014/05/30
  220. Monteverdi2014/05/23
  221. Grieg2014/05/16
  222. Hans Gal2014/05/09
  223. Handel2014/04/25
  224. Locatelli2014/04/04
  225. Leopold Mozart2014/03/21
  226. Mendelssohn2014/03/14
  227. Franck2014/02/28
  228. Rossini2014/02/21
  229. Mahler2014/02/14
  230. Taneyev2014/02/07
  231. Massenet2014/01/31
  232. Schubert2014/01/24
  233. Vienna on the Brink2014/01/10
  234. The Sammartini Brothers2014/01/03
  235. Beethoven2013/12/27
  236. 70th Anniversary Special - Louise Farrenc2013/12/20
  237. Iceland2013/12/13
  238. Pietro Mascagni2013/12/06
  239. Saint-Saens2013/11/29
  240. Britten 1002013/11/22
  241. Bill Evans2013/11/15
  242. Ethel Smyth2013/11/08
  243. Franz Joseph Haydn2013/11/01
  244. Lully2013/10/25
  245. Chaminade and Holmes2013/10/18
  246. Verdi 2002013/10/11
  247. British Film Music2013/09/27
  248. Golden Age of Hollywood2013/09/20
  249. Gluck2013/09/13
  250. Dvorak2013/09/06
  251. Sibelius2013/08/23
  252. 200 Years of the Royal Philharmonic Society2013/08/09
  253. Robert Schumann2013/08/02
  254. Tchaikovsky2013/07/26
  255. Ravel and His World2013/07/05
  256. George Lloyd2013/06/28
  257. Elgar2013/06/21
  258. Vaughan Williams2013/06/07
  259. Faure2013/05/31
  260. Wagner and His World2013/05/24
  261. Hummel2013/05/17
  262. Copland2013/05/10
  263. Meyerbeer2013/05/03
  264. Gordon Jacob and Joseph Horovitz2013/04/19
  265. Gordon Jacob and Joseph Horovitz2013/04/19
  266. Giacomo Puccini2013/04/05
  267. J S Bach2013/03/29
  268. Vivaldi2013/03/22
  269. Purcell2013/03/15
  270. Handel2013/03/08
  271. Gounod2013/03/01
  272. WF Bach2013/02/22
  273. Avison and Stanley2013/02/08
  274. Bruckner2013/02/01
  275. Jommelli2013/01/25
  276. John Williams2013/01/18
  277. Prokofiev2013/01/11
  278. Respighi2013/01/04
  279. Offenbach2012/12/28
  280. Brahms2012/12/21
  281. Marais and Delalande2012/12/14
  282. Napoleon's Music2012/12/07
  283. Glazunov2012/11/30
  284. Telemann2012/11/23
  285. Big Band2012/11/16
  286. Koechlin2012/11/02
  287. Rachmaninov and Medtner2012/10/26
  288. Granados and Albeniz2012/10/19
  289. Debussy2012/10/12
  290. Liszt and his world2012/10/05
  291. Field and Chopin2012/09/28
  292. Muzio Clementi2012/09/21
  293. Coleridge-Taylor2012/09/14
  294. Adams2012/09/07
  295. English Pastoralists2012/08/17
  296. Berlioz2012/08/10
  297. J S Bach2012/08/03
  298. Beethoven2012/07/27
  299. Handel2012/07/20
  300. Nyman2012/07/13
Composer of the Week
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