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Haunted Voices Radio Network

  1. Haunted Voices Radio With Guest: Exorcist Jeffery Seelman2010/07/20

    Join your host Todd Bates as he interviews Psychic & Exorcist Jeffery Seelman.
  2. Monday Meltdown Episode 62009/08/19

    Join your Hosts Todd Bates & Phil Roell as they bring you into the work week. This episode we discuss some strange paranormal creatures, play a WICKED 911 call (True Story), and some new music that Phil sent to Todd that blew him out of his chair! Your won't won't to miss this episode.

    *Due to language, parental discretion is advised*
  3. Todd Bates interviews Actress Eileen Dietz (Played possessed Regan on Exorcist Movie)2009/08/13

    Join Host Todd Bates as he interviews Actress Eileen Dietz from the movie "The Exorcist". Eileen played the role of the "possessed" Regan in the movie. Eileen also play the scary phantom in the white mask. We discuss her role in the film as well as how and why she was chosen for the part.
  4. Todd Bates interviews TV Psychic Lisa Williams2009/08/13

    Join your Host Todd Bates as he interviews Television Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. Lisa stars in the program "Life Among The Dead" as well as her new show "Voices From The Other Side". Todd and Lisa discuss topics such as: the life of a psychic, what is a psychic medium, how she realized she had the psychic gift, and much more!
  5. Guest Rick Hays2009/08/13
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Haunted Voices Radio Network
Paranormal Talk Radio with special guests, paranormal topics. This show will focus on Electronic Voice Phenomena, Ghost Photography, Training, and information on hauntings.

HVRN(Haunted Voices Radio Network) is a Not For Profit radio network. Our goal is to serve the community regarding paranormal awareness, with live radio programs, free archives, free live chat and interactive member''s forums.

Membership with the HVRN Corporation is free of charge to the community as we are here to serve you! We offer you all of the above at no cost to you and are strictly supported by community donations and sponsorship. If you have any feedback or suggestions for our programs, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we would be glad to address them in our monthly meetings.

HVRN Corporation is an international based live streaming network with several syndication's to better serve you. We are filed as a public charity Corporation through the State of Illinois and have been proudly serving the paranormal community since November of 2004 when the organization was founded by Todd Bates. His goal is education and not financial gain and will do all in his power to provide that for you.

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