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  1. Russ Oullette · episode 662015/10/18

    For episode 66, it was my pleasure to chat with master blender Russ Ouellette of PipesandCigars.com fame. Check out this podcast for some great insight and advice, then go grab some of his awesome blends at PipesandCigars.com.

  2. SmokingPipes.com · episode 652015/07/03
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  3. Jonas Rosengren · episode 642015/04/26

    It was so cool to finally chat with my Swedish pal Jonas Rosengren. What a really nice and talented guy he is! You'll hear how Jonas begins his journey and a lot more. I hope you enjoy!

  4. Tim Thorpe · episode 632015/01/24

    It was my pleasure to chat with American pipe carver Tim Thorpe for episode 63. One of things that really stands out to me about Tim's work, is his color push. I hope you enjoy!

  5. MiddleEarthTobacco.com · episode 622014/11/22

    It was a pleasure to chat with Nat Clark of Middle Earth Tobacco. I have to say that I got more than I bargained for and was pleasantly surprised. Here's a heck of a guy carrying on his Grandfather's tobacco legacy through small batch hand blending. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

  6. Rokstarpipes.com · episode 612014/10/23

    I truly had a great time interviewing Jay from Rokstarpipes.com. He is easily one of the funniest guys I know. With a real passion for pipes and history, take a listen to an honest American and good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy!

  7. The Oom Paul shape debate · episode 602014/06/05

    It is with great pleasure that I present to you a very interesting delve into the Oom Paul shape debate written by none other the Mr. Ben Rapaport. Ben's very interesting paper on the pipe shape and it's twists and turns is read by Venessa Sylvester. I hope you enjoy!

  8. Nate King · episode 592014/05/13

    It was great chatting with American pipe carver Nate King. What a talent he is. Looking for a twist on the traditional? Looking for something totally and completely different? Find both and much more coming out of Nate's shop. Take a listen!

  9. Scottie Piersel · episode 582014/03/21

    For episode 58, it was my pleasure to chat with up and coming pipe maker from the Kansas City area, Scottie Piersel. With lots of energy and a drive geared towards traditional shapes, I think you'll like what you find coming from Piersel's workshop. I hope you enjoy!

  10. Jonathan Townsend · episode 572014/02/10

    I stumble upon a really neat site, and the next thing you know I find pressed clay pipes for sale! Take a listen to Jonathan Townsend talk about this really interesting family business that involves everything from tricorn hats to chatelains. Oh, and pipes!

  11. Trever Talbert · episode 562014/01/04

    It was my pleasure to chat with legendary pipe maker Trever Talbert. He is truly one of the most influential makers out there and has been making work that spans from traditional to fantastically artistic for quite some time. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into a bit of pipe history as much as I did.

  12. Wayne Teipen · episode 552013/11/22

    It was my pleasure to chat with American pipe maker Wayne Teipen for episode 55. Wayne is a meticulous pipe maker and great guy, but that's not all. There's that Smokey the Bear story, too. Enjoy!

  13. Gio · episode 542013/11/08
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  14. Napier survey · episode 532013/10/03

    A timely survey is included in this podcast. Do me a favor and help out some graphic design students at Napier University in Scotland. They want you to answer a few questions about pipe smoking. Take a listen and send in your answers asap. Survey ends Oct. 6, 2013 so hurry!

  15. Chris Morgan · episode 522013/09/27

    It was my pleasure to chat with the very talented American pipe carver Mr. Chris Morgan for episode 52. With an artist's mind and a serious drive it's always interesting to see what Chris will come up with next. I hope you enjoy. 

  16. Briar Bird · episode 512013/09/05

    For episode 51, it was my pleasure to chat with Jason Cochey, the man behind Briar Bird pipes. I've been following Briar Bird pipes for some time on Instagram, so it was nice to finally chat with the man producing these nice pieces. I hope you enjoy.

  17. Mike Lancaster of TPC · episode 502013/08/28
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  18. Luca Di Piazza • Episode 492013/06/30

    I finally catch up with long time pal Luca of Neatpipes.com fame. I've been wanting this podcast for a long time. I'm very pleased to finally bring you this chat with an incredibly important person in the pipe world who also happens to be a genuinely interesting and nice guy. I hope you enjoy! 

  19. Grant Batson • episode 482013/05/02

    It was my pleasure to chat with the incredibly talented American carver Mr. Grant Batson. Grant has a keen artistic eye that really sets him apart and it was a lot of fun talking shop and ideas, not to mention road kill vittles with Mr. Batson. I hope you enjoy.

    Grant Batson

  20. Dustin Babitzke • episode 472013/04/27
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  21. Adam Remington • episode 462013/04/16

    It was my pleasure to chat with American phenom carver Adam Remington. Watch this guy, if you can. The trajectory is stellar. If you can acquire one of his works, I would highly recommend you do it sooner rather than later. Listen to my chat with Adam and get to know the incredible talent behind one of the brightest new stars in the pipe world.

    Adam Remington

  22. Tyler Beard • episode 452013/04/07
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  23. Kevin Godbee • episode 442013/03/07
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  24. John O. • Episode 432013/02/11

    For epsisode 43, I bring to you a chat with a pal of mine, Mr. John O. who is a moderator over at Pipesmokers2 on Yahoo. Take a listen and you'll hear why I think this board is one of the more unique ones to check out. I hope you enjoy!


  25. Brian Levine • Episode 422013/01/17
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  26. Stephen Downie • Episode 412012/12/20

    It was a real treat to finally chat with the amazingly talented Canadian carver Stephen Downie. Take a gander at his incredible work at www.downiepipes.com while listening to the podcast. I hope you enjoy!

    Stephen Downie

  27. Joe Case • Episode 402012/11/19

    American pipe carver from Nashville Tennessee, Mr. Joe Case. It was a pleasure getting to chat with this relatively new pipe carver that is really burning it up. Joe's work has a wonderfully rugged and solid feel that I think you'll really enjoy. Take a listen and go grab a Joe Case pipe for yourself!

    Joe Case

  28. Episode 39 • GKCPC Carving Contest!2012/06/10
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  29. Episode 38 • Chicago Show 20122012/06/03

    The Chicago show is always a good time. Take a listen and get a glimpse of why this event (and the other great shows) are such a big deal to our community.

    Chicago Show 2012

  30. Episode 37 • Chris Askwith2012/04/26

    Young Gun from across the pond Chris Askwith is spreading magic with each and every pipe. Already Chris has a sincere and serious following. If you're not one of those with an Askwith in your collection or rotation, I hope you'll rectify that situation pronto.

    Chris Askwith

  31. Episode 36 • Bob Beltrandi2012/02/17
    I met Bob in CT while I was on a press check for work. We landed on the topic of pipes and he mentioned that he used to work in the tobacco fields as a kid. Take a listen to the ins and outs of this really interesting peek into an industry we're all tied to.
    Bob Beltrandi

  32. Episode 35 • Steve Liskey2011/12/16

    I own a Steve Liskey pipe and love it. Bottom line: you should too. Steve is a great guy that makes an exceptional pipe. Add one of his pipes to your regular rotation and you'll be coming back for more. Guaranteed.

    Steve Liskey

  33. Episode 34 • Steve Morrisette2011/12/04

    It was my pleasure to chat with American carver Steve Morrisette. Steve's work is beautiful and precise. Steve has an exacting artistic eye that yields some real stunners.

    Steve Morrisette

  34. Episode 33 • Pipe spotting!2011/11/18

    Where have you spotted a pipe lately? Listen and I'll tell you of some pipe spottings of my own, then join the conversation.



    Pipe spotting!

  35. Episode 32 • Pipes and Cigars!2011/11/11
    Do you smoke pipes and cigars? Why or why not? Let's start the discussion and continue it with your call ins and emails. Hey, we even give a quick call to check in with Mr. Scott Bendett with PipesandCigars.com . You can see his site here .
    Click here to listen  or listen at your leisure by subscribing in iTunes .
    Pipes and Cigars!

  36. Episode 31 • Briar Blues2011/11/05
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  37. Episode 30 • Todd Johnson2011/11/05
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  38. Episode 29 • Bruce Weaver2011/07/15

    Bruce Weaver: With blasts beyond compare and a heart of gold, this man has everyone's attention. Listen to the great chat I had with my buddy Bruce and check out his pipes today at http://www.baweaverpipes.com

    Bruce Weaver

  39. Episode 28 • Keith Moore2011/01/11

    Keith Moore: legendary pipe salesman who also happens to be an amazing singer / songwriter talks about the pipe world 10 years ago vs. now. Keith has great insight into collecting and appreciating pipes.


  40. Episode 27 • Vernon Vig2010/11/13

    On June 3rd 2010 it was my pleasure to chat with Mr. Vernon Vig, current president of the UPCA (United Pipe Clubs of America.) Vernon is a long time pipe smoking advocate who has been very successful carrying the torch for our hobby. Listen to the podcast and find out how you too can make a big difference.


  41. Episode 26 • Kurt Huhn2010/09/30
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  42. Steve Monjure • Episode 252010/08/29
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  43. Raymond Lykins • Episode 242010/07/17

    On June 21, 2010, I enjoyed a chat with Mr. Raymond Lykins, the current PUCA National slow smoking champ. Incredibly, this was Mr. Lykins first Chicago show where he entered and took it all! He's no stranger to slow smoking though, listen to the podcast to find out more. I hope you enjoy!


  44. J. T. Cooke • Episode 232010/06/16

    © S.E. Thile On February 6, 2009 I had the pleasure to chat with American pipe carver extraordinaire, J.T. Cooke. Known for his amazing blasts and unforgettable pipes, this podcast will give you a glimpse into the man behind the magic. I hope you enjoy!


  45. Alex Florov • Episode 222010/05/27

    Back in December 2008, I had a chat with Alex Florov. I first saw Alex as he helped out with a pipe making course at the Chicago show. He had a really interesting petite pipe and was full of great advice. Find out more about that pipe, his artistry and much more by listening to the podcast!


  46. Jody Davis • Episode 212010/05/17
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  47. Jeff Gracik • Episode 202010/02/12

    In early 2009 I had the pleasure to chat with one of America's top carvers, Jeff Gracik of J. Alan Pipes. A really nice guy with some unique vision for high end pipes, Jeff is one to watch. Listen to the podcast, then check out his site at jalanpipes.com .

    Jeff Gracik

  48. Chat with Santa on Christmas Eve 20092009/12/24

    Take a listen to the chat I had with one of the most famous pipe smokers ever, Santa! A sincere Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

    - Olie

    A Chat with Santa

  49. The Radice family podcast is here! Episode 192009/12/14
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  50. The Chicagoland Pipe Show • Episode 182009/08/30
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  51. Gunnar Weber-Prada • Episode 172009/03/27

    I had a chat with Gunnar Weber-Prada, the very busy artist behind the beautiful pipes and many other items at www.totemstar.com . From modern pipe displays to pipe art shirts to the Icon pipe tamper, there's more than just beautiful hand made pipes at totemstar.com. 

    Gunnar Weber-Prada

  52. Jennifer Rinaldi • Episode 162009/02/14

    I had a chat with Jennifer Rinaldi, the woman behind the beautiful pipe stands at,  jrinaldipipes.com . Jennifer's fine arts background finds yet another voice in these amazing works.


    Jennifer Rinaldi

  53. Neill Archer Roan • Episode 152009/02/01
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  54. Nelson Pidgeon & the SHPC Gazette • Episode 142009/01/25
    I had a chat with Nelson Pidgeon, Secretary of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe
    Club and the man behind the SHPC Gazette, back in December.
  55. Joyce White • Episode 132009/01/15
    It was my pleasure to interview owner and operator of Tobacco Supermarket,
    Joyce White.
  56. Jon Rinaldi • Episode 122009/01/04
    It was my pleasure to interview Jon Rinaldi of www.jrinaldipipes.com on
    November 23, 2008.
  57. Happy Holidays • Episode 112008/12/24

    Instead of sending you all holiday cards, I’ve made one big one for you in the form of this podcast. You’ll hear greetings from some familiar folks and a few surprises (even to me!) Grab a pipe and have fun listening to this virtual Holiday card made just for you. Thanks for listening! 

    Happy Holidays

  58. Jotham “JP” Tausig • Episode 102008/12/21
    UPCA Slow Smoking Champion Jotham Tausig
  59. Lee von Erck • Episode 92008/11/23
    Von Erck’s incredibly artistic pipes are known worldwide and I was
    fortunate enough to spend some time with this personable, easygoing
  60. Brad Pohlmann • Episode 82008/09/08
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  61. Kirk Bosi • Episode 72008/07/14
    I was very fortunate to be able to chat with another one of the great
    American pipe carvers, Kirk Bosi, at the 2008 Chicagoland Pipe Show
  62. Ming Kahuna • Episode 62008/06/09
    Art Ruppelt's artistic creations bring joy to pipe smokers the world over.
  63. Frenchy • Episode 52008/05/13
    Frenchy of Frenchy's pipes took a few moments to chat with me about his
    blooming business, his Yankees hat, his favorite tobacco, and the ugliest
    pipe he's ever seen (and had to have.)
  64. Mark Tinsky • Episode 42008/04/23

    I hope you enjoy this conversation with legendary pipe carver, Mark Tinsky. 

    Mark Tinsky

  65. Frank Burla • Episode 32008/04/15
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  66. Pipestud • Episode 22008/04/07
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  67. Bjarne Nielsen • Episode 12008/01/22
    Our First Episode: An Interview with Bjarne Nielsen Bjarne Nielsen is a
    world-famous pipe carver from Denmark, who of course, owns Bjarne Pipes,
    Ltd. Hear what Bjarne has to say about handmade vs. machine made pipes, how
    he started, and lots of other great stories. Click here for the podcast.
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