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The Fattening of America

  1. Holidays2013/12/02
    You can start a weight loss journey during the holidays! www.iweighedmorethanjared.com
  2. Goals, Again2013/11/12
    This week I continue on again about goals and some of my apprehensions when it comes to them... www.iweighedmorethanjared.com
  3. Goals2013/11/04
    Talking about being tired & setting goals... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  4. Queen Bee, pt 22013/10/28
    The continuing saga with new info... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  5. Queen Bee, pt 12013/10/28
    Tales from the rec center pool... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  6. The Past2013/09/30
    This week I riff on a fact that I still need to learn - you cannot change the past... Check out my other podcast - www.junkiosity.com
  7. Weight Lost2013/09/23
    This week I talk about some exciting developments as well as some downfalls... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  8. Amusement Parks & Water-Walking2013/09/09
    This week I share what happened last week, exciting stuff! www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  9. Bike2013/08/26
    This week I talk about my recent ortho visit and my bike! www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  10. I Wanna Be2013/08/13
    This week I share some wisdom from "Back to School" & try out my new podcast equipment... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  11. Glory Daze2013/08/05
    As promised, a query posed by something I saw on Facebook... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  12. Pare Down2013/07/29
    This week I talk about relationships & Facebook...
  13. Ohio2013/07/22
    A visit to Ohio brings a milestone...
  14. Craigslist2013/07/15
    This week I share some Craigslist tips based on my recent purchase... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  15. Good vs Best2013/07/08
    An interaction with a homeless man... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  16. New Month2013/07/01
    This week I talk about the race & its aftermath as well as considering today is the start of a new month! www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  17. Do For You2013/06/17
    Simple as that... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  18. Disjointed2013/06/03
    A disjointed podcast... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  19. Do What You Love2013/05/20
    This week I talk about advice that keeps coming up, do what you love... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  20. Ice Watches & Sit Coms2013/05/13
    This week I am all over the place... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  21. The Big 4-02013/05/06
    Birthday blues & missing something... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  22. Continue2013/04/29
    A little disappointment, a little encouragement, a little something to feed your brain.... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  23. Tortoise2013/04/22
    This week I discuss being a tortoise on my recovery and the app "Zombies! Run!" for iPod/iPhone. www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  24. Thankfulness2013/04/15
    This podcast is about thankfulness... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  25. Insurance Love2013/04/11
    This week I talk a little about my job and the things I love about it (not!)... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  26. The Return2013/04/01
    A summary of my NJ visit... Fresh content that's comicon-free will come next week! www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  27. The Road to Comicon2013/04/01
    I share with you my thoughts on traveling to NJ to the Asbury Park Comicon... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  28. Comics & Prayer2013/03/18
    This week I talk about my upcoming trip and about "fishing" prayers. Visit www.mattystribe.wordpress.com for daily inspiration!
  29. Crutches2013/03/11
    This week I talk about a couple of crutches I have gotten rid of and proof that mind over matter indeed happens... www.mattystribe.wordpress.com
  30. Respawn2013/03/04
    Back on the internet airwaves, MattyV recounts a tragic event that hindered his weight loss journey and shares some inspiration as the result. Check out www.myfitnesspal.com, the website MattyV uses to track his eating & exercising.
The Fattening of America

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