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The Entheogenic Evolution

  1. Jamaican Toad Yoga with Joel and Corey2019/01/21

    For this episode I speak with Joel Brierre and Corey Chase about how they got into working with 5-MeO and toad and their upcoming retreat in Jamaica
  2. EP 2018: Psychedelic Christianity with Tom Hatsis2019/01/14

    Tom Hatsis gave a response to the showing of the Psychedelica Episode of Mushrooms in Christian Art, and we followed it up with an interview regarding what he's uncovered in his research for his book, Psychedelic Mystery Traditions, which documents psychedelic use by Christians, but NOT mushrooms . . .
  3. Jeff Tarrant and 5-MeO EEG Scan2019/01/07

    At the film festival that followed the conference, we showed the video of me taking 5-MeO-DMT and Jeff Tarrant doing an EEG scan. Here's the discussion and analysis that followed
  4. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Rak Razam2018/12/21

    We reach the end of postings from day two with the incomparable Rak Razam and "The Ocean in the Drop" - discussing the integration and transformation of the 5-MeO-DMT experience
  5. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Merrill Ward2018/12/17

    Repeat offender, Merrill Ward, re-joins the Exploring Psychedelics stage with his talk on "Letting Go: Practical Techniques for Effective Ego Transcendence Through the Entheogenic Experience" on our section on 5-MeO-DMT
  6. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Mario Garnier2018/12/10

    Filmmaker, event organizer for WBAC, and social activist Mario Garnier joins Exploring Psychedelics for the first time with his talk on "Developing the 5-MeO-DMT Community"
  7. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Octavio Rettig2018/12/03

    Dr. Octavio Rettig discusses both his practice of serving toad medicine and his research into Meso-American symbolism and mythology of toads, making the argument that 5-MeO-DMT consumption via toad was prevalent in the past but ultimately forgotten
  8. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Amanda Stevenson and Angela Ward2018/11/26

    Our section on 5-MeO-DMT starts out with survey results: "Qualitative Report of Advantages and Disadvantages of Consuming 5-MeO-DMT: Results from two Surveys"
  9. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Eric Grace2018/11/19

    SOU student Eric Grace shares his own story of "MDMA for Personal Healing"
  10. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Meriana Dinkova2018/11/12

    Meriana Dinkova is welcomed back to the Exploring Psychedelics stage and the Entheogenic Evolution podcast with her return to the conference with her talk, "Empower Your Inner Shaman and Realize the Creator Within"
  11. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Jeff Tarrant2018/11/05

    Psychologist Jeff Tarrant shares his work with EEG brain scans, psychedelics, neurofeedback, and spontaneous medicine reactivations with his first of two presentations at Exploring Psychedelics 2018
  12. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Gregory Wells and Veronika Gold2018/10/29

    Gregory Wells and Veronika Gold bring ketamine into the mix for the first time at Exploring Psychedelics with their talk on "Starting a Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Practice"
  13. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Phillip Perl2018/10/22

    Phillip Perl makes his public speaking debut at Exploring Psychedelics 2018 with his talk, "A Qualitative Follow-up Study from MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Findings and Suggestions for Future Research"
  14. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Yashpal Jayne2018/10/15
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  15. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Mike Crowley2018/10/09

    Mike Crowley makes his triumphant return to Exploring Psychedelics with his talk on "Blue Mushrooms, Blue Gods," discussing the encoding of psychedelic mushrooms into Buddhist and Hindu mythology and iconography.

    To support the campaign to bring Ayahuasca spirituality to the Parliament of World religions, use this link: https://www.gofundme.com/ayahuasca-parliament-of-religions
  16. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Kevin Feeney2018/10/01

    Day two of Exploring Psychedelics kicks off by welcoming back Kevin Feeney for his talk, "Fly Agaric as Medicine: From Traditional to Modern Use"
  17. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Brad Adams2018/09/24

    Brad Adams explores themes of entheogenic experience and how they relate to Buddhist concepts of the self and the possibilities for self transformation
  18. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Justin Panneck2018/09/17

    Are you ready for "Neuro-Psycho-Entheo Hacking: Psychonautic Engineering Healing Hacks for Optimal Living in the Post-Modern Era" with Justin Panneck? Sure you are!
  19. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Gwyllm Lwydd/William Floyd2018/09/11

    Gwyllm Lwydd is welcomed back to the Exploring Psychedelics stage with this talk on "Fitz Hugh Ludlow and Hasheesh as a Psychedelic within the Transcendentalist Movement"
  20. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Preston Temple2018/09/05

    Preston Temple expands on the work of Thomas Ray discussing the future of psychedelic drug development via "designer drugs"
  21. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Women's Panel2018/08/23

    The afternoon of day one of Exploring Psychedelics 2018 wraps up with the panel on women in the psychedelic movement
  22. Music to Burn by . . .2018/08/23

    It's time for Burning Man! Though I'm not attending, I'd love for YOU to take ME with you in the form of music. Here's my gift to the Burning Man community of some reworked, re-mixed, re-mastered tracks of mine that I'm in the process of re-releasing, sounding better than ever. Have a good Burn, everyone!
  23. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Amanda Noconi2018/08/20

    Exploring Psychedelics welcomes back Amanda Noconi for her talk, "Psychedelics, Feminism, and Oppression: How Cognitive Liberty is a Feminist Issue"
  24. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Kirra Swenerton2018/08/14

    Making her second appearance at Exploring Psychedelics, here's Kirra Katine Swenerton with her talk, "Spirit Guides, Energetic Hygiene and Ritual Containers - Relational Technologies for Navigating Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness"
  25. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Kristina Castleberry2018/08/04

    Kristina Castleberry makes her first public talk at the 2018 Exploring Psychedelics Conference, sharing her personal story of "The Power of Psychedelic Plants to Transform Trauma: A Survivor's Mystical Perspective"
  26. World Bufo Alvarius Congress wrap up with Martin & Hal2018/08/02

    History was made in Mexico City this past weekend with the World Bufo Alvarius Congress. I sat down with Hal Lucius Nation of the Temple of Awakening Divinity to share our thoughts on the amazing gathering. Listen in to get the inside download.
  27. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Ana Holub2018/07/23

    Local author and workshop facilitator Ana Holub takes to the Exploring Psychedelics stage with her work on "The Role of Forgiveness in Entheogenic Journeys"
  28. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Tara Rose2018/07/16

    Tara Rose joins Exploring Psychedelics for her first time, sharing her insights on "Cleansing the Ego with Entheogens: Kambo, Cannabis, and Ayahuasca"
  29. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Rev Aryshta Dean2018/07/14

    Rev Aryshta Dean is welcomed back to the Exploring Psychedelics stage with her talk on "The Mystical Experience: Quantum Consciousness, Entheogens, and Container Theory - Beyond Set and Setting"
  30. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: John Harrison2018/07/02

    Here's John Harrison's talk on "So You Want to be a Psychedelic Therapist," discussing current trends in formalizing psychedelic therapy as well as the world of underground practitioners
  31. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Martin Ball2018/06/24

    Here's my own talk from the conference on "Nondual Energetic Therapy with 5-MeO-DMT," sharing just a few details of what the practice is, how it started, what I learned, and why I stopped, and some of the ideas contained in my book, Entheogenic Liberation
  32. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Andrew Joseph2018/06/18

    Andrew Joseph finishes off the first morning of Exploring Psychedelics 2018 with his talk, "Prohibition, The Constitution, and the Path to Legalization"
  33. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Robert Owings2018/06/11

    Novelist, Robert Owings, was recently my guest on the podcast. Here's his talk of "Fiction as a Gateway into Psychedelics" from the 2018 conference.
  34. 5-MeO-DMT: Practices and Concerns2018/06/07

    In this episode, I directly address some of the concerns, controversies, and issues surrounding the methods and practices employed by Octavio Rettig and how he works with toad medicine. This is not a defense, nor a condemnation, but more of an exploration of the issues to encourage more informed and balanced discussion.
  35. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Cody Noconi2018/06/05

    Here's Cody Noconi's talk on "EntheoMagus: The Secret Psychedelic History of Mormonism." However, before we get to his talk, I address Cody's critical blog post regarding Exploring Psychedelics 2018, my comments, and I issue apologies in ways that I see fit. For anyone wanting to skip to Cody's talk, it starts around the 1 hour mark.
  36. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Esteban DeCorazon2018/06/04

    To get us started with the first talk from Exploring Psychedelics, we have Esteban DeCorazon, speaking about "Metaphysical Phenomena: Approaching the Psilocybin Spectrum"
  37. Exploring Psychedelics 2018: 5-MeO-DMT Panel2018/06/02

    Due to controversy and demand, we're starting off talks from the 2018 conference with the final section from Friday afternoon with the 5-MeO-DMT panel - featuring myself, Merrill Ward, Mario Garnier, Octvaio Rettig, Angela Ward, and Amanda Stevenson, moderated by Rak Razam.
  38. Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies2018/05/14

    It's group conversation time with James Joseph, Prism Marlow, and Vip Short of the Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies discussing their collection of books on psychedelics, forming a 501(c)3, and the state of the psychedelic movement in Oregon - catch their info table at Exploring Psychedelics 2018 next week!
  39. Exploring Psychedelics Supercut by New Media Productions2018/05/07
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  40. Call of the Forbidden Way with Robert Owings2018/04/30

    For this episode, we have a psychedelic fiction author-to-author talk with Robert Owings about his novel, "Call of the Forbidden Way," the first book in a series of three. Robert will be speaking at Exploring Psychedelics on Thursday, May 24th
  41. Oregon Psilocybin Society with Tom and Sheri Eckert2018/04/23

    For this episode, I take Tom and Sheri off script and we have an intimate conversation about how they got interested in psilocybin and what motivates them in their efforts to legalize psilocybin therapy sessions in the great state of Oregon - www.opsbuzz.com
  42. "Psychedelica" with Ben Stewart, Producer2018/04/16

    For this episode, I speak with Ben Stewart, producer for the new Gaia TV show, "Psychedelica" - we talk TV production, psychedelic experience, music, editing, and more - catch the show at www.gaia.com/psychedelica and the viewing of "The Holy Mushroom Theory" at Exploring Psychedelics 2018 with a response by Tom Hatsis
  43. The New Psychedelic Revolution with James Oroc2018/04/09

    James Oroc and I catch-up by welcoming him back to the podcast after originally appearing on the show 10 years ago with a wide-ranging discussion of toads, 5-MeO-DMT, writing, publishing, paragliding, Burning Man, and his new book, The New Psychedelic Revolution
  44. Heffter Research Institute with George Greer2018/04/02

    My conversation this week is with the president of the Heffter Research Institute, which designs studies with MDMA and Psilocybin, George Greer - www.heffter.org
  45. EntheoMedicine: Martin Ball, Part 22018/03/19

    Here's the second half of my talk in Santa Barbara - funny, emotional, and informative, plus Q&A with the audience
  46. EntheoMedicine: Martin Ball, Part 12018/03/12

    Here's part one of my talk from the kick-off lecture for EntheoMedicine in Santa Barbara. Part two will be next week, and the next speaker at EntheoMedicine will be in April . . .
  47. Psychedelic Birthday Boy, James W. Jesso2018/03/06

    It's shop-talk time as James and I discuss our experiences of being podcasters, self-published authors, and psychedelic educators - plus, he's 32 years old today!
  48. Mushroom Master, John W. Allen2018/02/26

    John W. Allen shares his encyclopedic knowledge of the psilocybin mushrooms of the world in this information-packed interview, plus plenty of stories from the front lines of the modern psychedelic movement, of which John has been a part from its contemporary origins
  49. Listening to Ayahuasca with Rachel Harris, Ph.D.2018/02/19

    An interview that was a long time in coming has finally materialized! After sitting on her book for almost a year, I've managed to get in a very well-rounded and informative talk with author, Rachel Harris, about her book, Listening to Ayahuasca.
  50. Shamanic Graffiti with Marcus Rummery2018/02/12

    It's back to interviews on the podacst, and to get us started, here's Marcus Rummery sharing about his book, Shamanic Graffiti, with the inside scoop on psychedelic history and culture in Canada and LSD therapy. Visit Marcus online at www.therummery.ca
  51. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Iboga Panel Wrap-Up2018/02/05

    Closing out the 2017 conference we have John Harrison from the Global Ibogaine Therapy Association along with Clinton Montgomery, Spencer Burton, and Ashley Booth taking questions about iboga and ibogaine along with general information about use, treatment, and therapy - Thanks to everyone for making 2017 a great year, and here's looking toward another great conference for 2018!
  52. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Spencer "Skip Wicked" Burton2018/01/29

    The final section from the 2017 Conference focused on Iboga and Ibogaine. Here's a personal account of deep healing from Spencer "Skip Wicked" Burton, detailing his own healing and struggle with addictions and health - an intimate account from the bass player of one of the Northwest's most popular reggae groups, Indubious.
  53. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Gerald Thomas2018/01/22

    Gerald Thomas, Ph.D., shares a heartfelt and emotional account of his healing experiences with ayahuasca in his talk, "Integration and Therapy with Ayahuasca" - plus, an appeal for donations for the upcoming 2018 Exploring Psychedelics Conference
  54. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Justin Panneck2018/01/15

    I hope you're ready for some hilariously mind-bending fun with Justin Panneck, cuz here it comes! Just sit back and absorb this episode which celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast . . .
  55. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Eugene Alliende2018/01/08

    Eugene Alliende, who was first on the podcast in 2014, shares thoughts on consciousness with a talk on the "Dimensions of Being" - also the title of his book
  56. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Thomas Ray2017/12/31

    Thomas Ray wows the crowd with his groundbreaking work on the "organs of the mind" and "depth and breadth of consciousness," sharing his original research on how different psychedelics interact with neuro-receptor sites on the brain. To watch a view of the slideshow that is referenced in the talk, visit: https://www.transformpress.com/breadth-and-depth
  57. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Martin Ball, Talk 22017/12/11

    Here's my second talk from the 2017 conference. This one is titled "A Phenomenological Inventory of Psychedelic Visuals on MDMA," which should put to rest the question of whether MDMA counts as a "psychedelic" or not
  58. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Brian Paul Smith2017/12/04

    Local fractal artist, Brian Paul Smith, discusses how his experiences with DMT and 5-MeO-DMT changed his way of perceiving and creating fractal art
  59. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Yashpal Jayne2017/11/27

    One of our Ashland locals, Yashpal Jayne, shares his vision of "Reclaiming our Entheogenic Rights," starting us off with day two from the 2017 conference
  60. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Brad Adams2017/11/06

    Brad Adams from the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS) presents some of his scientific research on Ayahuasca as the final speaker for day one of the conference - coming up next: day two!
  61. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Joe Tafur2017/10/31

    Dr. Joe Tafur steps in with a last-minute presentation on his research on ayahuasca as recounted in his new book, "Fellowship of the River"
  62. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Ian-Michael Hebert2017/10/23

    We continue with a discussion about the influence of the Esalen Institute on the modern psychedelic movement with insider info by Ian-Michael Hebert and archival interview clips
  63. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: John Harrison2017/10/16

    John Harrison presents on Esalen and the birth of the modern psychedelic movement, sharing some cultural history
  64. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Martin Ball (talk #1)2017/10/09

    Here's the first of two talks I gave at the 2017 Exploring Psychedelics Conference - "Embodying Nondual Energy with 5-MeO-DMT"
  65. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: The Teafaerie2017/10/02

    The Teafaerie graces the Exploring Psychedelics stage for the second year in a row with another carefully crafted piece of verbal art and word play about 5-MeO-DMT
  66. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Rak Razam2017/09/25

    The man from the future, Rak Razam, speaks of the "Flowering Soul" and the 5-MeO-DMT experience, capturing in well-crafted language what cannot be expressed
  67. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Merrill Ward2017/09/18

    The always fun and informative Merrill Ward discusses "holding space" when working with 5-MeO-DMT in group settings
  68. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Mary Porter2017/09/11

    We were joined by Mary Porter for Exploring Psychedelics 2016, and are happy to have her back for 2017 discussing spiritual evolution with entheogens
  69. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Aryshta Dean2017/09/04

    Here's more from the 2017 conference as we welcome back Rev Aryshta Dean speaking about Blue Lotus in ancient Egyptian traditions
  70. Entheogenic Liberation Book Release Talk2017/08/24

    Here's the talk I gave on Aug 10th at Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland discussing my newest book, Entheogenic Liberation. For the talk, I give details about the "back story" of how it came to be, as well as discussing some of the key issues of the book of use of 5-MeO-DMT for the purpose of nondual realization and liberation from the prison of the ego. Enjoy :)
  71. Entheogenic Liberation - Introduction2017/08/02

    I'm excited to announce the release of my newest book - Entheogenic Liberation: Unraveling the Enigma of Nonduality with 5-MeO-DMT Energetic Therapy - the world's most comprehensive work on 5-MeO and Nonduality. I share the introduction and the table of contents to spark your interest . . . Book is now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and Kindle
  72. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Amanda Noconi2017/07/24

    Amanda Noconi shares her talk on the psychedelic origins of religious sacraments, plus a special message from Rak Razam on Bufo Alvarius conservation with Terra Incognita
  73. Exploring Psychedelics 2017: Tom and Jerry2017/07/12

    Tom Hatsis and Jerry Brown have a scholarly dialog concerning the question of whether psychedelic mushrooms are depicted in Christian art or not . . .
  74. Peace Village 2016: Mike Crowley2017/05/12

    Here's Mike's talk from last summer's Peace Village festival. Mike is heading to London for heart surgery, so let's all wish him well! Plus, updates about the upcoming Exploring Psychedelics conference and additional events
  75. Survey Says . . . 5-MeO-DMT, with Alan Davis2017/05/04

    Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan, Alan Kooi Davis, discusses his 5-MeO-DMT online survey and forthcoming human research at Johns Hopkins. You can find the survey here: www.facebook.com/groups/433388667010024/?hc_ref=SEARCH
  76. Exploring Psychedelics 2016: Kilindi Iyi2016/11/15

    Here's more from the intrepid Kilindi Iyi and VERY high-dose psilocybin experience
  77. Exploring Psychedelics 2016: Martin Ball2016/06/21

    It's my "Toads in Space" talk - exploring psychedelics through fiction, sharing about my newest novel, The Solandarian Game
  78. MDMA and Organs of the Mind with Thomas Ray2016/01/14
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  79. A Psychedelic Bromance2015/11/17

    In this episode, I share an essay written about my recent trip to Mexico to visit with Octavio Rettig Hinojosa and enjoy toad medicine on the beach.
  80. Being Infinite - Selected Readings2014/06/10
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  81. Your Constitutional Right to Psychedelics with Thomas Roberts2014/03/28

    I welcome Thomas Roberts, Ph.D., back to the podcast to discus a chapter from his forthcoming book on the Psychedelic Policy Quagmire. To find more by Tom and his prolific writings, visit his page at niu.academia.edu/ThomasRoberts
  82. Ralph Metzner and 5-MeO-DMT2014/02/23

    For this episode, Ralph Metzner discusses his new book, The Toad and the Jaguar, which is about the crown jewel of all entheogenic medicines, 5-MeO-DMT. Give it a listen and find out why Ralph feels that in comparison to 5-MeO-DMT, "DMT is overrated." We discuss 5-MeO and mystical experience, healing, therapeutic uses, and much more. For more info, visit www.greenearthfound.org
  83. The Visionary Realism of Martina Hoffmann2013/08/01

    Martina Hoffmann is our guest, discussing the history of visionary art, her life and work with Robert Venosa, how visionary art relates to contemporary culture, and more. Check out Martina's art at www.martinahoffmannfineart.com
  84. Organs of the Mind with Thomas Ray, Ph.D.2012/09/27

    Join me for a fascinating conversation with Thomas Ray as we discuss his hypothesis of "Organs of the Mind" and the neurological underpinning of psychedelic experience. We discuss the actions of DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, Salvia Divinorum, Ibogaine, and MDMA.
  85. God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles2011/10/12
    A no nonsense, no strings attached approach to universal being.

    The full text for this podcast is available at:
  86. MWB@BM20112011/09/05

    Here's my talk from Friday morning at Sacred Spaces Village for Burning Man 2011. The talk was entitled "Entheogens as the Ultimate Rite of Passage into Unitary Consciousness." Enjoy!
  87. The Process2010/04/17
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  88. Opening to Energy with Entheogens, Part 12009/10/20

    This week I distinguish the methods of working with entheogens to explore energy from the practices of meditation and the dualism of shamanism and entheogenic religion as discussed in my new book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality
  89. Introducing Being Human2009/10/09

    Happy to be back after a month off and introduce my new book, Being Human, An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality - a book that can change your life and change the world!
The Entheogenic Evolution
Welcome to the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast, hosted by author Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. This podcast is dedicated to the discussion of the nondual and unitary nature of being as revealed by conscious entheogenic energetic awakening. Featuring music and art by Martin and the occasional interview with leading figures in psychedelic research and culture.

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