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Region's Road

  1. 0104_Paul-Newman2008/12/11
    Paul Newman, movie star and the man. Tales, stories, magic, ironies and a personal account of Paul Newman.
  2. 0103_Geraldine Page: A Bountiful Trip2008/12/11
    A reflection on one of the greatest actors of the 20th Century, Geraldine Page, centering on the woman and her love for life and acting.
  3. 0099_One Finger Less2008/12/11
    The story of Harry Bauer, Kraut, a remembrance of a friend.
  4. 0098_Fred2008/12/11
    The story of Fred Gibbons, photographer, actor, saloon keeper.
  5. 0097_I Like Ike2008/12/11
    A visit to the Gettysburg home of Ike and Mamie Eisenhower and a look at the time, the 1950s.
  6. 0096_Gettysburg2008/12/11
    A visit to the battlefield and cemetery. A tale of the extraordinary events that took place on those three days in July, 1863.
  7. 0100_Taos Pueblo2008/12/11
    A visit to New Mexico's 1,000 year old Taos Pueblo to touch the spirit of life existing there.
  8. 0101_Spring Hurdles2008/12/11
    A reflective look at natures balance, purging and renewal, the coming of spring and high hurdles.
  9. 0102_Speak into the Mic2008/12/11
    A tale about early television, broadcasting and the microphone pictured in the Regions Road image. It is a classic, the RCA 77 and used is to record this Podcast.
Region's Road
Inspired by Ernie Pyle, Region’s Road is a series of stories about the people whose lives intersect with mine along my road through life. They are tales about places, lives and things that live between point A and point B on our ever more hurried race down the road of life. These are stories of everyday folks who possess great strength and simple wisdom, who have dreams and live all the time of their lives. They are unsung heroes, some famous, some not, they are the heart and soul of America and we celebrate their lives on Region’s Road.

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