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Anomaly: Sci-Fi / Fantasy Geek Chats

  1. Bonus: Fireside Geek Chat, TRF 20182018/12/24
  2. The Tardis Twirl: A John Barrowman Panel 20182018/12/04
  3. Captain Picard Series, News, Speculation, and More2018/10/30
  4. The Anomaly of the Future2018/08/21
  5. What's the deal with "Solo: A Star Wars Story?"2018/06/01
  6. Anomaly-Netflix-Originals-You-Should-Be-Watching2018/05/06
  7. Do Picard and Crusher ever get together? An exploration of their relationship in the TNG novels (PART 1 : Death in Winter)2018/03/17
  8. Discovery Season 1 Recap and Listener Mail2018/02/17
  9. Conflict and Controversy | Star Wars The Last Jedi Podcast Review 2017/12/21
  10. Felicia Day Panel | Wizard World Austin 20172017/12/19
  11. Something About Star Trek Discovery's Fall Finale (Ep 8 and 9)2017/11/23
  12. DAY THREE: Wizard World Austin 2017 Booth Chat 2017/11/21
  13. DAY TWO: Wizard World Austin 2017 Booth Chat2017/11/21
  14. DAY ONE : Wizard World Austin 2017 BOOTH CHAT2017/11/21
  15. Special Wizard World Austin Announcement2017/11/16
  16. Which Sci-Fi/Fantasy Character’s Personality Type are you? | Anomaly2017/11/09
  17. Star Trek Discovery: Lethe (S1 E6) Review | Anomaly Mini-skirt Cast2017/10/26
  18. Is Star Trek Discovery Really Worth It? A Chat about Eps 1 & 22017/09/28
  19. 11 Scifi Fantasy Schools We all Wish We Could Go to2017/08/18
  20. Star Trek or Star Wars? What Does Your Preference Really Mean?2017/07/18
  21. Wonder Woman: From Satin to Leather | Movie Review2017/06/08
  22. I am Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review2017/05/19
  23. The Coolest Space Mom EVER: Lwaxana Troi:2017/05/14
  24. Can Wonder Woman be Every Woman? | Anomaly2017/04/13
  25. Anomaly Turns 10 : What is an Anomaly and is it Contagious? 2017/03/03
  26. The Ultimate Anomaly: A Carrie Fisher Tribute2017/02/05
  27. Does Rogue One Measure Up? SPOILERS!!!2016/12/20
  28. Anomaly: New Movies, TV Shows, Books & Games Chat2016/12/11
  29. Anomaly Supplemental | Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Finale!)2016/11/27
  30. The Epic Elder Scrolls Games | Anomaly2016/11/21
  31. Anomaly Supplemental | Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell2016/11/15
  32. Anomaly | REAL Paranormal Stories2016/10/31
  33. Anomaly Supplemental | Young Frankenstein2016/10/30
  34. Anomaly Alert: Your Ghost Stories Wanted for a New Episode!2016/10/27
  35. Anomaly Classic | Buffy Musical Once More With Feeling2016/10/23
  36. Anomaly Supplemental | Jack of All Trades & Cleopatra 25252016/10/16
  37. Anomaly Classic |An AWESOME Shaun of the Dead Review from 20112016/10/09
  38. Anomaly Supplemental | Jessica Jones: Dealing with Your Demons (Dragon Con 2016)2016/10/02
  39. Mass Effect Trilogy Review: Massively Awesome Mass Effect | Anomaly2016/09/25
  40. Anomaly Supplemental | Truly Outrageous: Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi (Dragon Con 2016)2016/09/18
  41. Keep Your Mom Pants On: Stranger Things (S1) SPOILERS!2016/09/11
  42. Anomaly Supplemental | Dragon Con 2016 Preview2016/09/04
  43. Anomaly Vidcast | Suicide Squad is Wickedly Fun! SPOILERS2016/09/01
  44. Anomaly Supplemental | Little Shop of Horrors (Re-Release)2016/08/21
  45. Anomaly | What Everybody Ought to Know About Star Trek: Beyond2016/08/12
  46. Anomaly Supplemental | Who Framed Roger Rabbit?2016/08/08
  47. Anomaly | Get the Scoop on "The Secret Life of Pets"!2016/08/04
  48. Your Moment of Who | The Tenth Doctor Adventures (Big Finish)2016/07/24
  49. Anomaly Vidcast | Who's Your Favorite Star Trek Captain?2016/07/20
  50. Anomaly Supplemental | Babylon 5, Season 5, Part 22016/07/10
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