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Jokes Be Us

  1. 04 - Jokes Be Us - How to Cook a Dane2008/02/19
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  2. 03 - Jokes Be Us - Jello Pudding Man2008/02/05
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  3. 02 - Jokes Be Us2008/01/28
    Jokes Be Us: Did you hear about the shoe factory that burnt down? Two hundred soles were lost.
  4. 01 - Jokes Be Us2008/01/15
    Jokes Be Us: Why did the Antarctican get on the roof of the bar?
    She heard drinks were on the house. Some jokes are good some bad. Its all in fun.
Jokes Be Us
Jokes Be Us: If you like to laugh than this is the podcast for you. Listen to jokes being told, some are funny, some are not. There just jokes get over it.
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