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  1. Planet Parsons 2542019/11/01
    Barefoot🌟Good News🌟New Moon🌟Mercury in retrograde 🌟Organ Donation Cottage for Sale 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  2. Planet Parsons 2532019/10/07
    Knee🌟Paper Pants🌟Sanditon🌟Judy🌟Sir Ian McKellen 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌈
  3. Planet Parsons 2512019/09/09
    Amelie Joseph Memories & Treasure
  4. Planet Parsons 2502019/08/30
    A Bat in the Bedroom Love & Sunshine
  5. Planet Parsons 2492019/08/19
    Welcome You.. I’m Back Be afraid Very afraid
  6. Planet Parsons 2482016/01/20
    Happy New Year Chalet update Sausage Sandwich & a Hot Water Bottle Natalie Cole David Bowie Alan Rickman Glen Frey Duck Quacks Don’t Echo Pain Threshold of Red Heads twitter @LynnParsonsUK Love & Warm Sunshine
  7. Planet Parsons 2472015/12/12
    New Moon The Winters Tale Dawn French 30 Million Minutes Frank Sinatra Born this day 100 years ago 12.12.1915 Fly Me to the Moon written by Bart Howard Love & Sunshine
  8. Planet Parsons 2462015/10/27
    Full Moon John Glen Bond Director For My Eyes Only www.signumbooks.com out on Amazon 2nd November Wicked new cast Oliver Savile Tom McGowan (Kenny in Frasier) Mario Testina the Towel series Love & Sunshine photo on twitter @LynnParsonsUK
  9. Planet Parsons 2452015/09/27
    Oops… actually show 245Sir David AttenboroughRadio Times FestivalGlobal Apollo ProgrammeLove & Sunshine
  10. Planet Parsons 2432015/09/06
    Swimming costumes Kermit the Frog Love & Sunshine
  11. Planet Parsons 2422015/09/02
    Welcome Countdowns Madam Tussauds Love & Sunshine
  12. Planet Parsons 2412014/10/08
    Sir Roger Moore Quincy Jones Kate Bush Love & Sunshine
  13. Planet Parsons 2402014/09/13
    Norfolk Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Old Vic University Letting Go Jazz Breakfast Jazzfm.com Love & Sunshine
  14. Planet Parsons 2392014/09/06
    Pandas Joan Rivers Elementary Jar of Sweets Captain Scarlett Sylvia Anderson Love & Sunshine
  15. Planet Parsons 2382014/08/16
    Robin Williams Results Tate Modern Click Love & Sunshine
  16. Planet Parsons 2372014/08/11
    24 thousand Bicycles London Rib Experience Elephantom Ross Collins New London Theatre Goldfinger Science Museum Red Arrows 3D Simulator Super Moon Meteor Shower Before I go to Sleep SJ Watson Jazz FM Love & Sunshine
  17. Planet Parsons 2362014/08/04
    WW1 Candle between 10 & 11pm Sir Terry with a Moustache Love, Sunshine & Peace
  18. Planet Parsons 2352014/08/03
    Seaside trip getting the Tent up & down BBC Radio 2 Jarrod Lawson World War 1 Love Sunshine & Peace
  19. Planet Parsons 2342014/07/23
    Farnborough International Air Show The Bloodhound The Storm Women Bishops & Champagne? The Key Radio One Yellow Love & Sunshine
  20. Planet Parsons 2332014/07/12
    Graham Butler Curious Incident Super Moon Out of Darkness into Light Red Light Zone Sending Super Moon Light
  21. Planet Parsons 2322014/07/12
    Edinburgh Opportunities The Queen Tennis World Cup Suarez? Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime Sending Sunshine
  22. Planet Parsons 2312014/06/29
    Wimbledon Glastonbury Time & Length BBC 4 Bobby Womack Peter Young Jazz FM Love & Sunshine
  23. Planet Parsons 2302014/06/21
    Sam Kelly Francis Matthews On the Up How to Train your Dragon England Game of Thrones The Queen Aeroplane miss annoucement oops… Love & Sunshine
  24. Planet Parsons 2292014/06/14
    Surprise Surprise No Hiss
  25. Planet Parsons 2282014/06/14
    Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge World Cup Louise L Hay Heart Thoughts Fathers Day Love & Sunshine
  26. Planet Parsons 2272014/06/11
    Carrots Psychology Magic Thinking (It works for me) Ssshh! second hand school Uniform Sale Love & Sunshine
  27. Planet Parsons 2262014/06/10
    Malificent Disney Angelina Jolie 70th Anniversary D Day landings Jock Hutton aged 89 Bernard Jordan aged 89 The One Hundred year old man Jonas Jonnasson Rik Mayall aged 56 Love & Sunshine
  28. Planet Parsons 2252014/06/04
    Head Butting Trees Roland Garros French Aviator 1888 – 1918 World Cup Love & Sunshine
  29. Planet Parsons 2242014/05/30
    It’s a long one Road Trip to Wales Wincey Willis Ruthless Romans Scooby Doo Ghost seats One Direction Matisse Tate Modern Love & Sunshine
  30. Planet Parsons 2232014/05/21
    I’m STILL here!!!
  31. Planet Parsons 2222014/05/21
    an Unexpected Extra ST jAMES THEATRE 1ST jUNE Sir Ian McKellen stjamestheatre.co.uk I’m stuck!!!!!
  32. Planet Parsons 2212014/05/21
    M25 Secret Squirrel Technology Letters to Juliet Road Trip Love & Sunshine
  33. Planet Parsons 2202014/05/17
    Norfolk farmer Tim Flaxman RAH ROH Martin Marquez oops Pink Ribbon Walk Justgiving.com Love & Sunshine
  34. Planet Parsons 2182014/05/15
    Steve Wright in the Afternoon Travel Sickness sunglasses Smelly T shirts Sumo Tosca Royal Albert Hall RAH Royal Opera House ROH Monsieur Amour Pink Ribbon Walk Love & Sunshine
  35. Planet Parsons 2172014/05/03
    Pink Ribbon Walk 17th May Justgiving.com McAlmont & Butler Magic Numbers Union Chapel www.bobath.org.uk charity number 229663 French Trip Alan Sherman Hello Muddah Hello Faddah Charlie Brown & Snoopy Endeavor Quinona Love & Sunshine
  36. Planet Parsons Promo2007/03/28
    Standby for liftoff! My new daily bite-sized show starts on Monday April 2nd.
Planet Parsons
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