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Your Story : How We Play the Game of Life

  1. Ep 75 : Alick. Art from the Torres Straits to the World.2016/02/01
    Sculpting a Dugong for casting in Bronze In this Episode 75 of Your Story we talk to Alick Tipoti about his preparation for a forthcoming exhibition in Monaco about his Torres Strait culture, it’s differences from the Australian Aboriginal and similarity to Melanesian cultures. We also discuss how he expresses his culture in paint, sculpture and dance. Dugong by […]
  2. Ep 74 : Ian. Flight from South African apartheid.2015/06/21
    How do you leave the country you love? Not long ago, if you cared about having a good life and doing the right things by other people in South Africa, you had the real chance of coming up against the government. What would you do? For some it’s simply a matter of survival to leave […]
  3. Ep 73 : Moshlo. Pre-war Migrant to Acclaimed Architect & Violinist.2015/04/28
    Music, Architecture and Music of the Old Country. It was 1936 and like many others, Morrice Shaw’s father could see the writing on the wall for his young family in Poland. More importantly, being Jewish, he knew things weren’t good and would only get worse. The best thing was to pay whatever was necessary to get his wife […]
  4. Your Story Addendum Ep 30 : Your Story is Back.2015/04/20
    Ian’s back from three years of Pod-Fading. After three years away it’s wonderful for me to say… “Welcome To Episode 30 of Your Story Addendum.“ Having been away for so long I think, as we get started again, it’s only fair to bring you up to speed with what happened to cause such a long […]
  5. Do Lectures Australia 20142014/05/11
    No-One can sum up what it is, about The Do Lectures No-One can but maybe Many-Ones can! So I thought I let the many say as a community, what the individual struggled to get across. What is the Do Lectures all about? How would or could you explain something that only those who have been […]
  6. Do Lectures 2014 – Paynes Hut, Australia2014/04/22
    The whisper of something special. You know what it’s like, don’t you? There’s this whisper, mentioned from time to time, not by the mainstream but by those you care about and follow, the people who show you the way around this social sphere these days that is the internet. People like @Documentally and @RossHill both of whom […]
  7. Dinosaur Destruction – A most entertaining evening.2013/12/15
    You live with science but do you know it? Living in an age where technology encompasses every aspect of our lives, the most important thing is to have, at least at a basic level, an understanding of the science behind it. However as society dumbs down not caring where their iPhone comes from, great people […]
  8. Having fun with my Atomic Coffee Maker.2013/03/11
    How much do I love my Atomic! While I was on The Wolverine at the end of 2012 I had access to a metal buffing machine so thought it was worth giving my trusty Atomic Cappuccino Maker a good clean and refresh. Over time it slowly tarnishes and once every few years it’s nice to return it […]
  9. Visiting Canberra as #HumanBrochure all in one Storify.2013/03/04
    Bringing it all together in one place. I thought it was worth bringing the whole story of Sabina and my trip to Canberra as part of #HumanBrochure in one place. What better way than the best of the audio and images I could find from the greater group of people we meet on the week-end. […]
  10. What do the ‘Humans’ think of Canberra and #HumanBrochure?2013/03/01
    I asked the other ‘Humans’ for their thoughts on #HumanBrochure. I love audio. I mean… I really love audio! As a way of getting the personal thoughts and emotions from people about a variety of issues there is nothing better than recording their voice. And as we were all in Canberra as guests of the #HumanBrochure campaign put […]
  11. What ‘Humans’ think of the Australian War Memorial.2013/02/25
    Not everyone agrees. As part of the #HumanBrochure campaign for Australian Capital Tourism we were welcomed at the Australian War Memorial and presented with some of what this iconic Canberra museum has to offer. Sure it was a quick and somewhat superficial visit but we only had a couple of hours and the idea was to give us a taste […]
  12. Happy Human Days as a #HumanBrochure in Canberra.2013/02/22
    A week-end on indulgence shared on Social Networks I’ve been producing online for a half-dozen years now but it’s rare for me to receive any bonus for doing something I enjoy but this last week-end that’s exactly what’s happened as part of the #HumanBrochure campaign for Visit Canberra put on by Australian Capital Tourism. It […]
  13. A Dad & Daughter Trip to Canberra2013/02/09
    Maybe our last holiday together, just for being a ‘Human’. With my daughter Sabina now being 21 years old, this will most probably be the last time just the two of us will get the chance to have a holiday together. And it’s even a bit of a surprise that we should get that chance. You know […]
  14. Ep 72 : Stefan & Rocco. Metroccolis Redux – Passion, Success and Balancing Art with Business2012/05/17
    Passion, skill, determination and slowly move towards success! Four years on from our discussion on Your Story with Rocco from Metroccolis we once again sit on the roof tops of Berlin just near Mauerpark in the old East Berlin. But this time Stefan as the other half of Metroccolis joins us for coffee and donuts and talk of […]
  15. Ep 71 : Juliane. Indie Film Support and Asian Production.2012/05/11
    Creating, then helping others with their Indy Movie production! Creative people never have an issue with the making. That’s their passion and what we talk about here on Your Story. Their issues are to fund and promote their creation. And that means getting attention! Independent film maker Juliane Block shares these challenges but has additional skills […]
  16. Here is a story of the importance of Pointe Shoes2012/04/24
    This is the story of pointes. It’s not just people who have stories but I had never thought of the importance of Pointe Shoes for a ballet dancer.
  17. Episode 70 : Sophie Pt 2. Gender Change and Transition to a Woman.2012/04/23
    Imagine waking one morning to discover your sex has changed! On the last episode of Your Story we heard from Sophie, about her time in Berlin from before “The Wall” came down in 1989 to today. Today we hear Part 2, a completely different story to what we heard last time, about her amazing story of gender transition […]
  18. Episode 69 : Sophie Pt 1. 25 years of a British Ex-Pat in Kreuzberg, Berlin.2012/04/21
    Berlin change & Another Country Books. From the beginning of her time going back to 1987, Sophie has been part of the culture and changes in Berlin. Back in the day, Berlin was a divided city with “The Wall”, still very much in evidence. Sophie tells us about Berlin before the wall came down and what those dying days […]
  19. Episode 68 : Sebastian. Re-Inventing Insurance using Social Networks2012/03/02
    Using a 350 year old model to create a 50% discounted Peer to Peer insurance scheme. You hate insurance, I hate insurance, we all hate insurance but we all know, when things go down the toilet, it’s good to have the safety net to help us recover. Like all of us, Sebastian Herfurth hated insurance […]
  20. Your Story Addendum Episode 29 : Settling in to Berlin Life.2012/02/22
    It seems to have taken four weeks for my soul to catch up with me. I’ve been in Berlin now for four weeks meeting people and spending time settling in to how this city operates. I find it takes time to find my feet in any new environment and understand how the basic functions of […]
  21. Episode 67 : Henry. Opportunity for a Young Person in Berlin2012/02/21
    Grabbing opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. When you’re young and exploring the world, there are chances for finding yourself wherever you are but the opportunities that present themselves will vary depending on location. Just take a moment to consider how different your life would have been and the opportunities that you took advantage […]
  22. Episode 66 : Rainer. Electronic One Man Band on an Acoustic Guitar2012/02/17
    One Guitar for a DJ Mix Party At a recent Betahaus event in Berlin, the Awesome Foundationawarded 1000€ to innovative musician Robin Sukroso, aka. Rainer, to help further the development of his one man band guitar modification. Taking the idea of percussive and traditional guitar playing, using the instrument as an input for a midi device, […]
  23. Berlin’s Heyday of Anything Goes2012/02/15
    Could Berlin return to these times 100 years later? As a walk around the streets of Berlin and talk to people I realise that there are aspects of the culture that reminds me of Berlin’s most avant guard times in the 1920’s. In the area where I’m staying I notice some of the relaxed attitudes […]
  24. Your Story Addendum Ep 28 : Megève. The Heart of the French Alps.2012/01/23
    Megève’s a stunning place to see Snow and Ice, something I don’t know! I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be in the Alps in winter. The cold, the snow, the strong biting sun but I’ve never had the chance, until now! What we call mountains in Australia doesn’t really compare to what is the […]
  25. Your Story Addendum Ep 27 : A New Trip to Europe2012/01/17
    Letting life unfold as it will… What will happen, will happen and we can do nothing about it because we don’t have any control despite the illusion that we do. This, to my understanding is the way of life. We live an illusion that we make decisions about all manner of things but the reality […]
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