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Heaven's Lounge: Soarin' Above The Clouds

  1. Thanksgiving Lounge 2014 “Sea of Glass” by Dj Peter Canellis2014/11/26
    Thanksgiving Lounge 2014 – Beautiful, Hypnotic and soothing. Perfect for relaxing and clearing your mind.
  2. Dreaming Of You2013/12/30
  3. The Journey Begins2013/12/30
    Episode 1 “The Journey Begins” Space Ambient
  4. Summer Chill (Lush Vocals, Dreamy Melodies, Hypnotic Rhythms)2013/12/30
    My arms are wrapped around you as we soar thru the clouds to Heaven. Peter
  5. Market Days / Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon 2008 (Running Trance)2013/12/30
    Sorry for the long wait friends. Peter
  6. Spellbound (Progressive House – HT #15) Tempo Run2013/12/30
    Friends, Sorry for the delay. Excellent progressive house for your listening pleasure. Peter
  7. Heavens Trance 64 Grindy Chilly Trance2013/12/30
    Grindy, Chilly Pretty Trance.
  8. Chicago Marathon 2008 #2 Cruise Control (Balearic Tribal)2013/12/30
    Dear friends, Cruise Control. Beautiful Balearic Trance.
  9. Fly Away- Beautiful Electronic Chill-Out Lounge (Re-issue)2013/12/29
    A day for relaxation, chillin’ and love. Sit back and let your mind “Fly Away”. DJ Peter
  10. Chicago Marathon #4 (Uplifting Trance)2013/12/29
    Friends, Chicago Marathon #4 Running
  11. Rebirth – Lustrous Lounge2013/12/29
    Dear Listeners, Enjoy this beautiful relaxing show.
  12. Elements Of Life_Water – Chill Out, Exotic Electronica2013/12/29
    This weeks episode is the beginning of the Elements Of Life Series. Episode 1 – Water. Dj Peter Canellis
  13. Heavens Trance Episode 22 (Epic, Melodic, Uplifting, Sunrise Trance)2013/12/29
    Dear Friends, Enjoy this Heart pounding melodic, ethereal uplifting trance set. Peter
  14. Running Grooves #4 136-140 bpm 6:40-7:45 miles2013/12/29
    The home stretch miles 21-26.2
  15. Traveling Trance 132-142 6:40-10 min miles2013/12/29
    I have produced yet again another floor filler, head twirling, mind traveling, raise your hands in the air party mix. Enjoy, Peter
  16. Ibiza Tea 132-138 6:40-9:30 miles – Commercial Nrg Tea Dance2013/12/29
    Hey guys, This selection is fun uplifting Nrg Vocals. Enjoy, Dj Peter Canellis
  17. Running Grooves #2 Tempo Run 133bpm coasting at 9 min miles2013/12/29
    Dear Friends, Hour 2 on my 26.2 mile conquer. Miles 7-14 Peter
  18. Running Grooves Tempo run #3 136bpm 7:45min miles2013/12/29
    miles 15-21
  19. Running Grooves Negative split#1 8-10min miles 130-134 bpms-NRG VOCALS2013/12/29
    Dear Friends, This is what I will be listening to on my 26.2 mile trek in the Miami Marathon. And I’m off. Peter
  20. Love Making In A Waveform – Exotic Chill2013/12/29
    Spellbinding, Hypnotic Sounds And Beats Transport You Around The Globe. Places Of Visit Will Be India, Belgium, London, Mexico, Austria, Germany and U.S.A. Merry Christmas, DJ Peter Canellis
  21. Welcome To My World (Amazing Running Mix)2013/12/29
    Enjoy, a night in my mind. Progressive House/Trance
  22. Chicago Marathon 2008 #1 of 4(Running Music)2013/12/29
    Dear Friends, This is the first of 4 hours of running music from my Marathon Race. This first segment is the “Get Me Running” hour Enjoy, Peter
  23. Steamworks #5 – Chicago, October 11th, 2009 (Beautiful Sexy Trance)2013/12/29
    Live Performance Big Finale, This finale will make you cry. Beautiful Sexy Trance World Solar Day June 12 and 13 2010, Germany DJ Peter Canellis
  24. Steamworks #3 – Chicago, October 11th, 2009 (Beuatiful, Sexy Trance)2013/12/29
    Live Performance. 3rd Hour of 5 hour set Beautiful Sexy/Hypnotic/Groovy Trance World Solar Day, June 12, 13 2010- Germany, DJ Peter Canellis Details to follow
  25. Steamworks #2 – Chicago, October 11, 2009 (House, Trance)2013/12/29
    Live Performance, 2nd hour of 5 hour set. House/Trance World Solar Day – June 12 and 13th, Germany, DJ Peter Canellis
  26. Steamworks #1- Chicago, October 11, 2009 (Electro/House)2013/12/29
    Live Performance, 1st hour of 5 hour set. Dark Sexy Electro, House. I will be coming to Germany June 12, 13th, 2010 for the first event of its kind “World Solar Day” Peter
  27. A Flaggers Delight – Beautiful, Lustrous After Hours Vocals and Instrumentals2013/12/29
    A Beautiful session of lustrous vocals and instrumentals. Enjoy Peter
  28. Beautiful Endeavors Tempo Run 132 bpm 9 mins of coasting- Soft House/Trance Vocals2013/12/29
    132 bpm Tempo Run 9 min Miles coasting speed
  29. Heavens Trance “Spring Breeze” vocal mix 5-30-2009 (Energetic Spring Light Vocals)2013/12/29
    Energetic, Light, Vocals perfect music for a soft early, late dance or simply chilly upbeat grooving. peter
  30. Universal Sole 10 Miler 132-140 6:40-10 min miles – Running With The Music2013/12/29
    Friends, I just finished the lakefront 10 miler run 7 minutes faster than anticipated for a Personal Record of 1hr 13min :04. I attribute it to the music. It had me flying high. I hope it does the same for you. Peter
  31. Thanksgiving Lounge2013/12/29
    Dear Friends, Happy Thanksgiving DJ Peter Canellis
  32. Aerus (Lost In Space Mix)- Space Ambient Relaxation, Recovery Music 4am -5am2013/12/29
    Aerus (Lost In Space Mix) – Space Ambient Relaxation, Recovery, Chilling Music. Very Very Intense Chilling
  33. Heaven’s Lounge pres – Thanksgiving Lounge 2013 “REBORN”2013/11/25
    Thanksgiving Lounge 2013 – Ethereal, Cosmic, Space Ambient, Star Stream Lounge
  34. Heaven’s Lounge presents “Star Lounge #1” by Peter Canellis2013/10/13
    A Collection of loungey, spacey, alternative, ethereal songs I compiled for dinner party.
  35. Heaven’s Lounge presents “Thanksgiving Lounge 2012 Long Life” by DJ Peter Canellis2012/11/22
    Thanksgiving Lounge 2012 – A peaceful journey to relax your mind.
  36. Heaven’s Lounge presents “We Are Forever” by DJ Peter Canellis 5th Anniversary Mix2012/08/23
    There is a saying that “Music is the speech of Angels” – Hear them Speak!! Welcome to Heaven’s Lounge
  37. DJ Peter Canellis presents “Over the Rainbow” – Gay Pride 20122012/06/20
    Heaven’s Trance Gay Pride 2012 Mix – Commercial Progressive House/Trance
  38. Heaven’s Lounge presents “A New Beginning” April 20122012/04/06
    A sophisticated blend of Space Ambient, Ibiza Lounge and Chillout
  39. Heaven’s Lounge presents “Purple Christmas” by Dj Peter Canellis2011/12/24
    A Purple Christmas by DJ Peter Canellis
  40. Heaven’s Lounge pres “Thanksgiving Lounge 2011”2011/11/09
    Thanksgiving Lounge 2011 is here!! Relaxing, Breathtaking, Transcendental Chill.
  41. Air2011/06/28
    Chill out Relaxing Summery Breezy Airy
  42. Greek Islands Cruise (Saturday Night #1) Progressive House2011/06/17
    Saturday night Set Sail party. Starting off the cruise Fun Uplifting Progressive House. Musically Yours, Peter
  43. Greek Islands Cruise (Saturday Night #2) Progressive House/Trance2011/06/17
    Saturday Night Sail Party #2. Setting the mood for an incredible journey. Musically Yours, Peter
  44. Rome Venice Announcement Sept 3rd-10th2011/06/16
    Rome To Venice Cruise Announcement
  45. Morning Breeze – by DJ Peter Canellis – May Episode (Lounge/Trance)2011/05/03
    This is an amazing soothing trance mix that will have you Soarin Above The Clouds
  46. Stunning Silences Vol 2 by Luca Lombardi and Dominico Cascarino2011/03/10
    Stellar chillout Mix by World Class Producer Luca Lombardi and Domenico Cascarino
  47. Future Sound of Heaven2011/01/28
    Future Sound Of Heaven – Electronica beats and rhythms that float you to Heaven
  48. Heavens Lounge Christmas 2010 “A Christmas Story”2010/12/24
    A Christmas Story
  49. Exotic Electronica – Electronic Lounge2010/11/27
    Episode 4 “Exotic Electronica” DJ Peter Canellis
  50. Beautiful Life – Exotic Lounge2010/11/27
    Good Day Friends. DJ Peter Canellis
  51. Mixed Grooves – Smooth Jazz, Exotic Electronica, Breaks, Beats, Dubs2010/11/27
    Hello Friends, To start off the New Year I am trying something a little different. Breaks, Beats, Dubs, Smooth Jazz, Exotic Electronica all mashed up. Enjoy. Peter Canellis
  52. Chicago Marathon #3 (Progressive Trance)2010/11/26
    Friends, Chicago Marathon #3 Running.
  53. Christmas In Space 20092010/11/26
    Christmas In Space – Final Episode 2009
  54. Love Lost – Lounge2010/11/26
    Dear Friends, Happy Turkey Day! I have been up all morning working on the show. Actually, I started working on it 4 days ago. I am finally happy with the outcome Peter
  55. Peter’s Birthday Set (Lounge)2010/11/26
    Pretty Down tempo
  56. Aerus 2 “The Landing” Morning Lounge 5am -6am2010/11/26
    For your morning travels. Perfect upon waking up. beautiful instrumentals, and beautiful vocals. peter
  57. Thanksgiving Lounge 2010 – Beautiful Whispers2010/11/25
    Happy Thanksgiving Peter
  58. Falling Leaves – November 20102010/11/03
    You are listening to relaxing chills from Peters IPOD
  59. Peter Birthday Lounge 20102010/08/28
    New smooth tunes to relax by. On my birthday Peter
  60. Peters Birthday Tea Dance ( Uplifting Vocals, Classics and New)2010/08/27
    Peter Pet Shop Boys, Donna Lewis, Jimmy Ruffin, Voyage, Light House Family, Tracey Ackerman Enjoy.
  61. Walking Mix (120-125 spm)2010/07/24
    This mix is for Jill. Thank you for the introduction to the Toronto Gay Pride Organization. I hope to see you either this year or next. Peter
  62. Mystical Dreams2010/07/24
    Amazing pure relaxing chill, dream, fly, float, soar. Be one with the universe. Enjoy Peter
  63. A New Beginning (Chill Out Lounge) Re-Uploaded2010/07/24
    On the other side of every door is a new opportunity. A new blessing, a new hope. Open the door and discover the wonderful gifts life has to offer. Peter
  64. Heavens Lounge Returns May 20102010/05/22
    I’M Back
  65. Heaven’s Trance 52 (4-24-2010)2010/04/26
  66. Thanksgiving Lounge 20092009/11/26
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. We are all Blessed Peter
  67. Sound of The Sun pt. 12009/11/04
  68. Art Institute/Chicago Grand Opening Modern Wing Premier Cocktail Party 5-9-09 (Space Lounge)2009/05/16
    Dear Friends, Come join me on my Starship as I travel thru the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute in Chicago. 5-9-09 Ibiza Space Lounge Enjoy Peter
  69. Eyes On The Future (Lounge)2009/01/07
    Dear Friends, Download podcast, Lounge 2009
Heaven’s Lounge: Soarin’ Above The Clouds
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