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  1. Episode #2 (Enhanced) Kyle Glanville (2008 USA Barista Champion), Paul Rice (President & CEO of Transfair USA), Coffee of the Year (2008-06-17)2008/06/19
    On todays show, we are going to be talking to Kyle Glanville, 2008 USA Barista Champion, and have an Interview with Paul Rice, President & CEO Transfair USA, we will announce the 2008 Coffee of the Year and much, much … Continue reading →
  2. Episode #1 (Enhanced) – Intelligentsia Coffee, Harney and Sons Tea, and the Clover Coffee Brewer (2008-03-24)2008/03/26
    On todays show we are going to be talking about Intelligentsia Coffee, Harney & Sons Tea and much, much more. Click on the link below to download the podcast to your computer, or subscribe in iTunes. 2008-03-24.m4a If you can play … Continue reading →
TheCafeGuide.com podcast
The podcast that covers everything relating to coffee, tea and cafe culture.

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