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Sparkling Client - The Silverlight Podcast

  1. Show 115: Being an Independent Developer Today2011/10/19
    What’s an independent developer today supposed to do? There are more app stores than you can shake a stick at, and on this show Erik and Kelly talk about how developers can pick a home. Kelly defends Microsoft. Erik doesn’t. Stuff we talk about on the show: Windows Phones haven’t sold very well. Maybe 1.7 [...]
  2. Show 114: Thoughts on Windows 82011/10/11
    In this show we talk about Windows 8. And related. It’s a whirlwind tour through the land of upcoming Windows tablets. Also, in the show I thought the comic came from XKCD, but that’s incorrect. It comes from Bonkers World.
  3. Show 113: Silverlight 5 Thoughts2011/02/27
    Silverlight 5 Thoughts with Brian Goldfarb, Ward Bell and Adam Kinney! Recorded December 2, 2010 At the Silverlight 5 Firestarter, we were able to record a spectacular show with some Silverlight luminaries. It’s a great peak into what’s coming in Silverlight. The people we grabbed: Adam Kinney Brian Goldfarb Ward Bell Here’s what [...]
  4. Show 112: Scott Guthrie on Silverlight 52010/12/10
    Microsoft VP Scott Guthrie Inverview at the Silverlight Firestarter Recorded December 2, 2010 For this show, we were able to catch up with Scott Guthrie at the Silverlight Firestarter. He was kind enough to give us an interview, and we asked all of our Silverlight 5 questions. Including: A lot of folks tuned into [...]
  5. Silverlight 5 – 5 Quick Things2010/12/02
    Silverlight 5 is on the way. Today (December 2, 2010) we’ve seen a brief preview, and I’d like to give a short overview of the important points. I’m giving you the short story, and if you want a complete feature list see here. 3d You can now write 3d hardware accelerated applications in Silverlight. This [...]
  6. Show 111: Silverlight Redemption2010/11/23
    What’s new This Week in Silverlight The crew talks about the Firestarter. It’s coming up, and there we’re going to learn about Silverlight v.Next. If you’re in Porland, you can catch a ride to the Firestarter on a wifi equipped bus. Novell was just purchased? What does this mean for Mono, MonoTouch and Monodroid? [...]
  7. Video: HTML5 Primer with Scott Stanfield2010/11/19
    Thanks to Kelly White for recording and uploading this video. Scott Stanfield of Vertigo talks about HTML5. It’s a great primer. Scott Stanfield on HTML5 from Portland Silverlight User Group on Vimeo. If you’re interested in more talks like this, swing by the Portland Silverlight User Group.
  8. Silverlight Tour Portland – Time is Running Out2010/11/17
    The Silverlight Tour is returning to Portland December 6th-December 8th. It’s a great way to learn about Silverlight. I’ve been informed that the class is filling up early. If you want in, you’d better register soon.
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