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Spiritual Eyes Ministry Devotional Podcast

  1. Hearing God's Voice2009/01/02
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  2. Trust In The Lord2008/09/30
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  3. Unanswered Prayers2008/09/02

    Are your prayers being answered? Sometimes, we pray and wait for God to answer our prayers. And, sometimes, these prayers go unanswered. Are you asking for the right things? Are you asking with a genuine heart? Join me as we explore passages in the books of Matthew and Mark that touch on prayer and God's willingness and ability to answer our prayers through our faith in Him.
  4. Greatness In Service2008/08/18

    There is much greatness in serving God and those who do good by it...the Lord will reward abundantly!!! Join me as we explore passages in the books of Matthew, Ephesians, and First John to help us point out the proper and improper ways to serve God. To God Be The Glory!!!!
  5. Young Lambs2008/07/02

    Children cannot raise themselves...many are like young lambs who need guidance from their shepherds. We, as parents, are their shepherds and it is up to us to nurture and guide them in the right way...as God sees fit. Join me as we explore passages, in books of Psalm and Deuteronomy, that touch on the significance of being shepherds to our children.
  6. Unfailing Love2008/06/17
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  7. Sunflowers2008/06/06

    As parents, we want the best for our children and, at the same time, we want our children to be the best they can be in life. Every good parent wants a wise child. And, with that wise child, comes obedience and knowledge. Join me as we explore several passages in the book of Proverbs concerning children and the importance of wisdom.
  8. Fleeting Charm2008/06/02
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  9. Lying Lips2008/05/19
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  10. Money Never Satisfies2008/05/13
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  11. Nobodies2008/05/07

    We must humble ourselves before the Lord. Submitting to God involves trusting in Him, and when we trust in Him we will not be disappointed; He will exalt us, lift us up, and establish us in due time. Join me as we explore passages in First Peter, Deuteronomy, and Proverbs to help us understand the importance of being humble and meek in the eyes of God.
  12. Brotherly Love2008/05/05

    We are to love one another as God love us...for God is love! Join me as we explore passages in the books of First John and First Corinthians...as God points out the importance of loving others.
  13. Riotous Children2008/05/02
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  14. A True Friend Indeed2008/04/30

    Sometimes, we go through difficult times with friends. Sometimes, we may feel like we have no friends at all. But, we must realize that we always have a friend in Jesus. He is a true friend indeed! Join me as we explore a passage in the book of Proverbs and discover what a friend is, according to God.
  15. Get Over It2008/04/27

    We have not forgiven someone, if we tend to go back and relive the wrongdoing in our minds, or we end up holding a grudge. Our God is a forgiving God, and we should want to be forgiving people. Join me as we explore passages in the books of Leviticus, Colossians, and First Peter that explain how we are to forgive and get over whatever it is that has troubled us.
  16. Healing Love2008/04/25
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  17. Due Benevolence2008/04/23
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  18. Eternally Useful2008/04/19
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  19. Powerlessness2008/04/18
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  20. Uncommon Courtesy2008/04/15
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  21. Love Covers Sins2008/04/12
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  22. The Act of Forgiveness2008/04/10

    Forgiveness can be thought of in many ways. It can be thought of in terms of the person who forgives, in terms of the person forgiven and/or in terms of the relationship between the forgiver and the person forgiven. Join me as we explore passages in the books of Mark, James, and Luke to help us learn what forgiveness really means.
  23. Love's Value2008/04/08

    Love is from God…God is love. Love is one of the primary characteristics of God. Likewise, God has endowed us with the capacity for love. This capacity for love is one of the ways in which we are "created in the image of God." Join me as we examine a scripture verse in the book of Song of Solomon to search out the true meaning of the value of “love”.
  24. The Redemption of Jesus2008/04/06
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  25. Faith in Jesus2008/04/04

    As humans, we tend to put our faith more in mankind than in Jesus. Faith is looking to Jesus! Join me as we seek to find the importance of putting our faith in Jesus…examining passages in the books of Luke and Hebrews.
  26. Take Refuge2008/04/03

    It is inevitable...we will face a trial or tribulation at some point in our lives. But, if we take refuge in God during this time, he will see us through 'til the end. Join me as we explore passages in the books of Psalm, Hebrews, and First Peter to help us understand why it is so important to seek safety in God.

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  27. Possibilities - I Have a Testimony2008/03/30
    Possibilities are things that may certainly exist or occur given the proper conditions. Join me as I share a devotional centered around the scripture verse, Mark 9:23, and how it relates to a recent testimonial in my life.
  28. Introduction to Podcast2008/03/30

    Introduction Podcast: Welcome to the Spiritual Eyes Ministry's first ever devotional podcast!
Spiritual Eyes Ministry Devotional Podcast
A podcast focusing on serving the Lord and glorifying Him through scripture-based devotionals.

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