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Pat's Podcast

  1. As My World Turns2008/04/19
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  2. Pat's Podcast Episode 292006/04/22
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  3. Pat's Podcast Episode 282006/04/06
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  4. Pat's Podcast Episode 272006/03/12
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  5. Pat's Podcast Episode 262006/03/12

    Topics featured:

    * The UAE and our ports - Is Bush SURRENDERING to Al Qaeida?

    * Lazyass Bums vs. Working Class people - Who should get the breaks (A response to comments made by Dan Tencer on The Dan Tencer Show

    Plus a mashup rendition of "Let It Be", a Ham Radio PSA and more! :)

    CHECK IT OUT!! :)
  6. Pat's Podcast Episode 252006/03/12
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Pat's Podcast
A CommuteCast-style podcast of my own general musings, rants, raves, and so forth featuring sound-seeing tours, mashups & podsafe music from a variety of podsafe music sites.

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