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SermonIndex.net Classics Podcast

  1. Are You Destroying The Church by Francis Chan2018/11/21
    Francis Chan speaks on a very important subject of Church Unity and the sacredness of the Church.
  2. Epistle to the Ephesians by Ignatius of Antioch2018/11/19
    Ignatius, who is also called Theophorus, to the Church which is at Ephesus, in Asia.
  3. True Revival Has a Cost by Shane Idleman2018/10/11
    You don’t want revival—it will ruin your schedule, your dignity, your image, and your reputation as a person who is ‘well balanced.’
  4. Tragedy of Deflected Aims by William Fitch2018/10/10
    Pastor Fitch shows that once God has revealed His will to us.
  5. Ministering to the Lord by Paul Washer2017/03/22
    Brother Paul Washer here describes something that is drastically wanting in the modern movement that calls itself Evangelicalism.
  6. Don't Take Away The Job From Jesus by Hans Peter Royer2017/02/02
    Hans Royer shares the story of the Ark of God being brought back by David.
  7. The Triumph of God's Glory by Festo Kivengere2016/12/28
    Festo Kivengere, a Ugandan Anglican bishop converted during the East African revival.
  8. Preparing For Persecution by Don Currin2016/10/30
    Don Currin shares on the topic of coming persecution to North America.
  9. The Life Of Brokenness by William MacDonaldFri, 9 Sept 2016 10:00:40 -0700
    William MacDonald ministers on the subject of brokenness.
  10. Ichabod: The Glory Departed by Bakht Singh2016/08/19
    Brother Bakht Singh speaks a message on the glory of God departing. Hophni and Phinehas the 2 sons of Eli were doing wickedly before the presence of God.
  11. Men Marked by the Presence of God by Paul Washer2016/08/12
    Paul Washer shares a passionate and encouraging message on the presence of God and following god in relationship.
  12. Falling Stars - A Message for Preachers by Erlo Stegen2016/05/18
    Erlo Stegen speaks a powerful word on failure in preachers and calling ministers to be lights in the evil dark world.
  13. Recognizing And Dealing With Occult Involvement by Bill McLeod2016/05/09
    Bill Mcleod clearly deals with the subject of the occult in this message.
  14. The Theocratic Kingdom by Art Katz2016/04/28
    With all the emphasis on ‘revival’ presently occurring, Art examines what true revival should lead to.
  15. The Gospel of Accommodation by David Wilkerson2016/04/15
    Accommodate means to adapt, to make suitable and acceptable, to make convenient.
  16. Loving God in the Last Days by Sandeep Poonen2016/03/25
    Sandeep Poonen ministers on a vital passage concerning the last days and those who are loving self more then loving God.
  17. The Holy Ghost by Leonard Ravenhill2016/03/09
    Leonard Ravenhill shares on the Holy Spirit and some of the groups in Christendom that speak of the Spirit but not the reality of a person made holy in experiencing Him.
  18. The Holiness of God by Paul Washer2016/02/24
    The word holy at it's very core means 'cut' or seperate, God is so far beyond what we think He is like that we cannot truelly concieve of how what He truelly is.
  19. No Tears by R. Edward Miller2016/02/18
    Brother Edward Miller shares about the breaking of God in the life of the Christian.
  20. The Redeemer is Coming to Zion by David Wilkerson2016/01/18
    Dating from late 1982 and given to a Canadian gathering, this sermon is a cry against the shallow, me-first "gospel."
  21. Freedom From Denominationalism by Zac Poonen2016/01/13
    Denominationalism is a prison for many and the spirit of this many need to be freed from.
  22. He That Comes in the Name of the Lord by Art Katz2015/11/08
    Art Katz gives a very prophetic and important message for current evangelicalism to embrace.
  23. A Call To Repentance by Vance Havner2015/10/26
    Vance Havner preaches this message at a special meeting at Moody Bible Institute.
  24. They that Love the Lord Shall Be as the Sun by Hans R. Waldvogel2015/10/15
    Hans R. Waldvogel speaks on maintaining a bridal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  25. Kingdom of God is Not in Words by A.W. Tozer2015/09/02
    The June 16, 1957 message entitled, 'The Kingdom of God Is Not In Words,' is 30 minutes in length.
  26. The Unity of the Church of Christ by Ben Torrey2015/08/05
    Ben Torrey shares a short talk on the unity of the body of Christ.
  27. Be Filled with the Holy Spirit by Chuck Smith2015/07/08
    Chuck Smith shares principles of people who God uses.
  28. God's Word Helps Us Overcome Satan by Zac Poonen2015/05/18
    Br. Zac Poonen speaks of the weapon of the Word of God in the life of the Christian believer.
  29. The Glory of God in Moral Purity by Paul Washer2015/05/02
    Paul Washer argues that the Song Of Solomon is more than just a book about the relationship between a man and a woman, and he uses these verses to expound aspects of the church’s living relationship with Christ.
  30. Triumphing Over Trials in Christian Life by Zac Poonen2015/04/19
    Brother Zac shares on the truth of the New Covenant that we can overcome trials and problems in life. He shares the truth that we are not to be scared of the devil or circumstances that come our way.
  31. The Curse Of Pornography by Erlo Stegen2015/01/05
    Scientists say that when you look at pornography there are chemicals that are automatically released in the brain which changes the brain in such a way that it alters it's structure. Porn rewires you. Adam and Eve didn't know they were naked, but when they sinned they became aware of it and were ashamed.
  32. The Secret Of Paul’s Authority: Paul Was A Bondslave by Zac Poonen2014/12/20
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  33. The Radical Example of Moravian Missions by Denny Kenaston2014/09/22
    Brother Denny Kenaston shares on the radical history of the Moravian movement and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1727. He recounts of how God worked in the past and exhorts believers in our day to believe God for great things and for Him to use us in our local areas in similar ways for the glory of God.
  34. One Thing You Lack by Art Katz2014/09/06
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  35. The Biblical Call To Missions by Dick Brogden2014/08/17
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  36. Knowing And Finding The Will of God by Jim Cymbala2014/08/11
    In this study, Pastor Cymbala gives Biblical illustrations of how God led King David and the Apostle Paul in their decisions. God provides the same leading today as we face forks in the road of life. As you listen allow God to speak to your heart and open your heart to depend on Him more to guide you in every decision in life.
  37. The Mental Agonies Of Hell by Robert Murray M'Cheyne2014/07/31
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  38. Spiritual Warfare And Deception By Jim Cymbala2014/07/02
    Jim Cymbala gives a wonderful message on the Gibeonites. He clearly shows that Satan wants to deceive us and he warns against false prophets. Satan uses masks to disguise true intentions. Let's be vigilant, walk close to God and read His word. A powerful word that will set us free and encourage us to walk in victory with our Lord.
  39. A Wake Up Call To Men In The Church By Shane Idleman2014/06/15
    We are in desperate need of genuine leadership-broken, humble men-men who are not afraid to admit that they need God; men who are more worried about prayer than about status and recognition; men who petition God rather than position themselves. The state of the family today is disheartening. Men have largely forsaken their God-given role as spiritual leaders in their homes…that, no one can deny.
  40. The Famine Has Begun By David Wilkerson2014/06/07
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  41. The Love Of The Truth by Art Katz2014/05/20
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  42. When God Stepped Down From Heaven By Duncan Campbell2014/05/04
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  43. Christ Magnified In Our Bodies By Leonard Ravenhill2014/02/14
    Asked why he was used of the Lord so greatly in China, Hudson Taylor replied, 'God had looked long for a man weak enough, and He found me.' He takes the weak things of the world to confound the mighty. Spiritual wisdom does not come with years; neither does maturity. The key to both is obedience. Whatsoever He saith unto YOU, do it.
  44. A Bride Adorned For The Bridegroom by Art Katz2014/01/31
    Being the Bride of Christ has everything to do with one’s identification with the One who is “acquainted with sorrows,” and it is through being joined with Him in the fellowship of His sufferings that we are fitted for our bridal role.
  45. The Grace Of God By T. Austin Sparks2014/01/10
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  46. You Ought Not To Have Left These Things Undone by Dan Biser2013/12/17
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  47. Trusting In Our Own Means Or The Power Of The Holy Spirit by Jim Cymbala2013/12/05
    Jim Cymbala shares about how it is very dangerous and grieving to the Lord to trust in our own means and methods in the Church. He clearly shows that we must trust in the work of the Holy Spirit, no method works except God. God works in many ways and desires to get all the glory. May we in North America look towards God afresh for His Spirit's leading in the work of His Gospel and Church.
  48. When The Arrow Is Beyond You By Carter Conlon2013/11/24
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  49. Beware of Ambition by Chuck Smith2013/10/27
    God is looking for men and women that are not seeking to glorify themselves, but to give glory to God. People that begin to take glory for themselves soon become unusable by God. God can set us aside in a hurry. We should have no personal ambitions for greatness if we want to be used by God.
  50. Honouring God In an Impossible Place by Carter Conlon2013/09/16
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  51. The Apostate Church In America The Cappuccino Church by E.A. Johnston2013/07/08
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  52. Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell2013/05/17
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  53. Lord Let Your Fire Fall! by Edgar Reich2013/04/30
    Brother Edgar shares a convicting message from the exhortation of brother Paul the Apostle to be a living sacrifice. He shares the old Testament type of what a sacrifice is and how the Lord is calling us in the New Covenant to be a sacrifice for our Lord. He shares many sins and reasons why we do not allow ourselves to be a sacrifice.
  54. God is Training A Holy Remnant by David Wilkerson2013/04/12
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  55. The Call For The Church To Leave The Plains Of Sodom And Gomorrah by Steve Hill2013/04/04
    Brother Steve shares a powerful burdened message from the Lord particularly to the Church in America. He shares a prophetic call to repentance for believers to leave Sodom and Gomorrah in their hearts. There is a great need for preaching on sin, powerful prophetic messages that will lay hearts bare before a Holy God. Judgment day will come for all, we must live in light of it.
  56. The Church - The Pillar of Truth by Zac Poonen2013/03/19
    Brother Zac shares about New Covenant Churches that hold the truth and mystery of the Gospel. These truths only come through revelation from the Holy Spirit from God. There is a great difference to build a Church simply on good ideas and fellowship or on revelation from God. He explains on the body of Christ work in local bodies a fellowship where there is life.
  57. A Silent Church Amidst A Sinful Nation by E.A. Johnston2013/03/06
    Brother E.A. Johnston speaks on the silence of the Church in the midst of a sin depraved society. He speaks of a time of persecution coming in North America to the Church. Worldliness has prevailed in the Church and no power of the Spirit present. There is a time needed of great repentance for the Church of God.
  58. The Humility Of Christ by Brian Long2013/01/25
    Brian Long shares a powerful message on the Humility of Christ. He reads this message on a prayer revival conference call. Hear afresh the humility of our precious Lord and how this challenges us to follow in His ways. Brian Long is the pastor of Cornerstone Community Church of Barnsdall and can be contacted at: barnsdallcornerstone.com
  59. Crazy Christians by Steve Gallagher2013/01/02
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  60. Dependence On The Lord by K.P. Yohannan2012/12/24
    Brother K.P. Yohannan shares powerful principles on how to work in God's spiritual kingdom. There is a great need to see God's work as God sees it. And be a part of God's work in God's way. There are many timeless thoughts and ideas in this message that will help any ministry or fellowship to continue in God's grace and purposes.
  61. A Call to Those Who Care About the Honor of God by Carter Conlon2012/12/12
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  62. The Approaching Wave of Persecution by Denny Kenaston2012/10/30
    Brother Denny Kenaston shares his burden on the coming persecution that will come in the end times but very possibly soon to Christianity world-wide. He clearly shows biblically that if we are of the kingdom of Christ the kingdom of this world will be in opposition against us. We need to prepare for this and prepare to love our enemies and share the Gospel.
  63. Coming Persecution And The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit by Brian Long2012/10/08
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  64. Heart Talk On Revival by Jim Cymbala2012/09/18
    Jim Cymbala gives a down to earth talk on the theme of biblical revival in this message. He gives clear admonition in regards to this theme from Scripture. Revival is not evangelism it is a spiritual renewal of believers who are in a state of carnality and lukewarmness. May God give us a renewed desire for God's people and His Church to be revived in our day.
  65. Jesus Training The Twelve by Bill Mcleod2012/06/29
    Bill Mcleod powerfully shares on Jesus training the twelve disciples showing all the ways Jesus trained them. He shares many lessons for our walk with Jesus Christ daily in our day. Are you seeing your need before God today? For the Holy Spirit with prevailing prayer?
  66. The People Used by God by Chuck Smith2012/06/19
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  67. Are You Ready For the Coming of Jesus by David Wilkerson2012/06/08
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  68. The Holiness of God - Part 2 by A.W. Tozer2012/05/17
    Tozer powerfully delivers a message on the Holy character of God. This is a doctrine and truth that he shares has been lost in our day of humanistic christianity. We have lost the sense of the awful and awesome presence of God. He is not to be feared anymore but to played with and cuddled. May God revive to the church a healthy respect of this Holy God we worship.
  69. Blessedness of the Unoffended by T. Austin-Sparks2012/04/26
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  70. Do We Really Believe In Hell by K.P. Yohannan2012/04/09
    K.P. Yohannan gives a passionate appeal to what really matters in life. In just a few years when we are all before the Lord, the things this brother shares will matter the most. Oh may we hear the Spirit of God through this brother and repent and change. May we believe in an eternal hell truly and its implications.
  71. The Church on Broadway by Steve Gallagher2012/01/19
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  72. His and His Alone by K.P. Yohannan2011/12/08
    Brother K.P. Yohannan preaches with passion and burden for us to realize we are not our own but have been bought with a price. He calls for those that will follow Christ in whole-hearted devotion and live for His approval alone. There is a lost and dying world going to Hell and need to hear the Gospel and see it clearly in our lives.
  73. The Fear Of The Lord - Malachi's Resurgence by David Ravenhill2011/10/27
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  74. Only One Life Will Soon Be Past by Zac Poonen2011/08/16
    Brother Zac shares from the famous phrase of the missionary C.T. Studd: "Only One life will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last." He shares the need not only to do things in the Name of Christ but to do them in the calling and power of Christ's life in us. A powerful needed message towards especially those in ministry or pastoring.
  75. Offer Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice by Paul Washer2011/08/04
    Paul Washer powerfully shares an exposition of Romans chapter 12 verse 1 on offering our life as a true sacrifice to God. He clearly shows that it must in light of the work of mercy and justification that God offers through His Son Jesus Christ. This is a powerful message calling for full surrender and holiness to the Lord.
  76. Following Jesus The Straight Gate by Hans R. Waldvogel2011/06/05
    Brother Hans Waldvogel shares powerfully that salvation is in the person of Jesus Christ. Not in sects, denominations or specific doctrines or theology. But in the blood and work of Christ and His indwelling us by the Spirit. May God bring us to a place of reality in our walk with Jesus.
  77. Where is the Fire? by Leonard Ravenhill2011/05/12
    This is a powerful burdened message preached at a Baptist Conference in Texas around 1990. Ravenhill shares on the burden for a unction, anointing and power from above to rest upon the Church. He speaks for 2 whole hours sharing his burden for revival. Do we have the fire of God in our life's?
  78. At the Price of God's Own Blood by John Piper2011/04/21
    This is a very challenging message given by John Piper on the life and ministry of Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf and the Moravian movement. Oh what a tremendous example of piety and sacrifice in these saints who gave all in response to the free salvation offered in Christ. May this stir you to give all, what can you truly hold back from the Son of God's love?
  79. Studying the Scriptures And Finding Jesus by Albert Mohler2011/04/13
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  80. The Crushing of Christ by Paul Washer2011/04/05
    Paul Washer shares on the gospel message of Christ taking on the wrath of God for the lost world. This is a clear message of the Gospel and its focus and elevation of Christ alone. Amidst the shallow presentations of the gospel this message elevates the true Gospel.
  81. Turning Carnal Cash Into Kingdom Currency by Glenn Sheppard2011/03/24
    Glenn Sheppard preaches a powerful message on the proper way to use money as a Christian. He gives a strong exhortation about the abuse of seeking lustfully money for personal gain amongst the Churches. He clearly shows how many leaders are seeking comfort and gain in the ministry. There needs to be a change in North America the way we use money for the glory of God.
  82. Dont Be Dismayed by Carter Conlon2011/03/18
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  83. Purity In A Wicked Age by David Wilkerson2011/03/01
    David Wilkerson contends for purity in the midst of a wicked, perverse age where the world is encroaching the Church of the living God. There is a need to maintain purity in these days so that the Lamb of God will be glorified in the lives of Christians and the Gospel would have a testimony in this wicked age.
  84. The God Who Devastates by Art Katz2011/02/20
    Art Katz speaks prophetically using the holocaust and the sufferings of Job applying it to the Church and the need of repentance. If Divine reality is to come into the church in its present unreal condition, then we need to expect devastations in our midst of the deepest and challenging kind. The text is from the suffering of Job.
  85. Outside the Camp by David Platt2011/01/26
    David Platt shares passionately the character of God, His powerful and sovereignty. He speakings on the modern church and our trust in the flesh and our sufficiency and how God does not need these things. God has a plan and purpose may we enter into this fully and live by His power and great grace!
  86. Everything is For the Glory of God by Jim Cymbala2011/01/08
    Jim Cymbala shares how everything in the world, life and Christian life is for the glory of God. This is an important foundational message for Christian life and many of us seem to drift from this sure place and goal. He also shares how our constant victory in Christ must be soley by His grace and for His glory.
  87. The Spirit Filled Life by Oswald J. Smith2010/12/21
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  88. You Can Fulfill God's Perfect Plan by Zac Poonen2010/12/12
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  89. Run The Race Like Abraham by K.P. Yohannan2010/12/12
    Brother K.P. Yohannan shares a short devotional before a Gospel For Asia prayer meeting. He shares 7 principles in the life of Abraham on how to finish well in your faith. It is absolutely important to finish better then we began.
  90. Excellency Of Knowing God by Leonard Ravenhill2010/09/05
    Ravenhill preaches from a deep burden on the greatest need in our Churches to know God! We don't know God, we talk about Him, we read His book but do we know Him in his grandeur and in his power? This is a provoking and challenging message.
  91. Full Time Ministry by David Wilkerson2010/08/25
    David Wilkerson gives a very clear warning to the spirit of the age that many Christians are living in. Think you're too busy to pray? No matter how busy or what your occupation in this life, every Believer is called into "Full Time Ministry."
  92. Where Christianity Becomes Profiteering by Zac Poonen2010/07/26
    Zac Poonen shares clearly from Scripture and the burden of the Holy Spirit how many in Christendom are making profit from the Gospel. He calls for brethren to be set apart from serving mammon in anyway in the work of the Gospel.
  93. Dealing With Sin by Charles Price2010/07/16
    Charles Price delivers a very sobering message on the danger of sin in the Christian life and ministry. He shares the account of Saul and how sin came back to haunt him and took him from kingship. May we be at war with sin in our Christian Life and never excuse sin in any way.
  94. The Greatest Sin In The Church by Stephen Olford2010/06/29
    Stephen Olford shares a powerful message on the need for obedience to the voice of the Lord. Apart from sacrifice, christian ministry, busyness the Lord desires us to deal with God about sin. There is a deception that can easily take us over and we can be blind to our condition. The greatest sin is partial obedience.
  95. The Breaking Heart Of God by Clayton Dougan2010/06/11
    Clayton Dougan shares a powerful message on the broken heart of God over His Church. That God's heart is breaking for a backslidden bride that is flirting with the world. This message is a deep burdened call to true revival in our day.
  96. A Beautiful Mind by Edgar Reich2010/05/24
    Brother Edgar shares on the great need to have a mind like the Lord Jesus Christ's. He shares from personal experiences and from scripture how we should think and behave as a redeemed Christian. This is a powerful message that will lead you more into the conformity of Jesus Christ.
  97. Revival Now by Mark Greening2010/05/12
    Mark Greening shares a powerful word from God at the New Jersey, Revival God's way conference in 2010. Mark shares on how we can have personal revival in our life's today. Do we see that our loving of sin is more then Jesus Christ? Are we willing to repent of this and love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts?
  98. The Return Of God's Glory by Bill Mcleod2010/05/08
    Bill Mcleod shares about times in scripture when the glory of God departs. This is a very sobering message that has the anointing of God's Spirit on it. It is very clear that the message is spoken as the oracles of God. Some of the testimonies that are shared at the end of true revival are very God glorifying. Oh that God might send a revival again.
  99. The Missing Presence of Christ by Rolfe Barnard2010/03/23
    Rolfe Barnard shares from a deep prophetic burden of the lack of the true conception of what Church is. He also laments the lacking presence of Christ in the midst of assemblies in America. Truly there is a deep need for revival in our day.
  100. Resurrection Realm by David Wilkerson2010/03/15
    David Wilkerson shares a powerful prophetic word that is even more timely in our day. He speaks on the subject of idolatry and unbelief in the church. His main burden is to see believers enter into the full freedom of sin in the resurrection life that Jesus Christ offers all saints.
  101. Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham2010/03/05
    Billy Graham exhorts a large gathering of young people to count the count to follow Christ fully in missionary service. This is a prophetic message for our day to consider the true cost of following Christ and serving Him in missions. Oh that God would raise up a radical disciples in and end times radical missions movement in these last days.
  102. Whole Hearted Households by Denny Kenaston2010/02/18
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  103. Why Revival Tarries by George Verwer2010/02/05
    George Verwer shares his burden for revival and spiritual awakening in modern day evangelism. There is such a need to realize we are deceived even the best of us. We need to seek reality and surrender fully in radical discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  104. Beginning Of The End by Alan Redpath2010/01/21
    Redpath preaching to students at Prairie Bible Institute and looks at the 6th chapter of Mark's gospel, specifically at the miricale of the feeding of the 5000. He shows how we try to do so much in our own strength, rather than being totally dependant on God. Have we given all to Jesus?
  105. Resist The Devil by Mark Greening2010/01/15
    Mark Greening shares on spiritual warfare and resisting the work of the devil in Christian life. He debunks some of the false concepts of spiritual warfare that have crept in the Church and shows how the Church has departed from scripture in this area.
  106. Making Whole Hearted Disciples by Zac Poonen2009/12/28
    Brother Zac Poonen gives a very strong prophetic message on the need for discipleship in Christendom in our day. This is a clarion call for repentance for leadership in Churches to start to disciple their converts and build the body of Christ. It is not enough to just have a church full on sundays we need to see discipleship and whole hearted believers living for Christ daily.
  107. World-Wide Evangelization by K.P. Yohannan2009/12/23
    K.P. Yohannan shares his passion for seeking and saving the lost as Christ did. He delivered this message at a leadership conference and exhorts us to not lose our heart and burden for the lost souls going to a Christless eternity. This message will change you if you open your heart afresh to the passion of God's heart: Missions!
  108. The Holy Presence Of God by Yorrie Richards2009/12/13
    Yorrie speaks in this message of the character of God namely His holiness. And not just an abstract message but it speaks of our experiencing of this holy God. This is a crucial message for modern Christianity, this was spoken on the 50th year of ministry of brother Yorrie at the Moriah Chapel in Wales.
  109. Gods New Thing by David Legge2009/12/03
    David Legge shares his burden about what God is doing in now and will be doing in revival in the future. This message is prophetic and carries with it a great weight about the true reality of a move of God and the biblical implications. This is a very important message for the times we are living in as the body of Christ.
  110. The Power of Travailing Prayer by Mark Greening2009/10/28
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  111. The Power Of Weeping by Michael Youssef2009/10/19
  112. Watching Joseph Die by Bill Mcleod2009/10/18
  113. A Message for America and Its Cultural Religion by Carter Conlon2009/09/20
  114. Judges And Jesters by Scott Hynds2009/08/26
  115. When God Asks Too Much by William Carrol2009/08/10
  116. To Live Is Christ by K.P. Yohannan2009/07/28
  117. The Beauty of Nothing by Richard Wurmbrand2009/07/12
  118. Remember Lot's Wife by Walid Bitar2009/07/07
  119. God Uses Foolish Things by Jackie Pullinger2009/07/05
  120. The Cry From Hell by David Legge 2009/06/30
  121. Worthless Prayer Meeting by Paul Washer2009/06/20
  122. The Holy Spirit In Revival by Mark Greening2009/06/12
  123. New Birth: New Experience by J. Glyn Owen2009/05/19
  124. Does Doctrine Matter by Derek Melton2009/05/03
  125. Authority Over Demons by Corrie Ten Boom2009/04/21
  126. Fresh Oil by Jack Hyles2009/04/10
  127. The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening by J. Edwin Orr2009/03/30
  128. The Occult by Bill Mcleod2009/03/21
  129. Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church by Paul Washer2009/03/21
  130. The Awful Presence Of God by David Wilkerson2009/03/08
  131. Steps To Personal Revival by Bill McLeod2009/02/05
  132. A Grain of Wheat by Major Ian Thomas2008/12/31
  133. The Way Of Cain by Zac Poonen2008/12/31
  134. Can We Have Revival by Oswald J. Smith2008/12/31
  135. The Two Judaims by Art Katz2008/12/27
  136. Love With Shoes On by Darrel Champlin2008/02/20
  137. The Holy Art of Training Children by Denny Kenaston2008/02/20
  138. Do Everything Out Of Love by Arno Stegen2008/01/31
  139. Humanizing God by Lou Sutera2008/01/17
  140. Steadying The Ark Of God by Vance Havner2008/01/02
  141. The Adversary In The Church by Milton Green2008/01/02
  142. Real Revival by Denny Kenaston2007/12/08
  143. Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon2007/11/14
  144. The Danger Of Pharisaisim by Zac Poonen2007/09/05
  145. Five Principles of Revival by Ian Paisley2007/08/20
  146. Judgement Day by David Wilkerson2007/07/16
  147. Man's Petty Kingdom by Art Katz2007/07/02
  148. God's Bloodhound by Rolfe Barnard2007/06/01
  149. The Burden of God Brings Brokenness by Gerhard Du Toit2007/05/21
  150. How To Escape Deception by Zac Poonen2007/05/21
  151. Others by Denny Kenaston2007/05/10
  152. Playing At Soldiers by George Verwer2007/04/20
  153. The Reproach of Christ by Carter Conlon2007/04/16
  154. Oh, America, America! by Leonard Ravenhill2007/04/14
  155. A Warning To America by Keith Daniel2007/03/31
  156. Power of Prayer by William P. Nicholson2007/03/24
  157. True Discipleship by Zac Poonen2007/03/08
  158. Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen2007/03/07
  159. Chosen To Be Holy by Alan Redpath2007/03/01
  160. That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About by David Wilkerson2007/02/28
  161. Run For Your Life by Carter Conlon2007/02/22
  162. Devotions or Devotion by Keith Green2007/02/22
  163. Another Gospel by David Wilkerson2007/02/22
  164. The Anointing of God by Jim Cymbala2007/02/17
  165. Rivers of Living Water by Bill McLeod2007/02/17
  166. The Heresy Of Cheap Grace by Ernest O'Neill2007/02/17
  167. Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead2007/02/12
  168. Getting Used To The Dark by Vance Havner2007/02/12
  169. Hell, What Is It Like? by David Wilkerson2007/02/12
  170. The enemy of the cross by Erlo Stegen2007/02/12
  171. Pointed Powerful Paralysing Preaching by Willie Mullan2007/02/12
  172. God's Heart For America by Derek Prince2007/02/06
  173. Spiritual Treason by A.W. Tozer2007/01/16
  174. Christ In Us by Erlo Stegen2006/12/27
  175. Either Pentecost or Holocaust by Leonard Ravenhill2006/12/15
  176. The King's Highway by Keith Daniel2006/12/09
  177. Echoes Of Eternity by John Ridley2006/11/14
  178. The Reality of the Divine Life by Duncan Campbell2006/10/31
  179. A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson2006/10/27
  180. Believe His Word Powerfully by Don McClure2006/10/03
  181. Seek My Face by Richard Owen Roberts2006/10/03
  182. Revival In the Bible by J Vernon McGee2006/10/03
  183. Regeneration And Self-Denial by Paul Washer2006/10/03
  184. Personal Testimony by Milton Green2006/10/03
  185. Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill2006/10/03
  186. God's Burden for Zion by George Warnock2006/10/03
  187. And They Crucified Him by Art Katz2006/10/03
  188. A Time to Cry by David Legge2006/10/03
  189. A Burning Heart by Leonard Ravenhill2006/10/03
  190. Christs Call Follow In My Footsteps by K.P. Yohannan2006/10/03
  191. The Incandescent Man by Leonard Ravenhill2006/08/11
  192. Modern American Christianity by Paul Washer2006/08/11
SermonIndex.net Classics Podcast
The work and ministry of SermonIndex can be encapsulated in this one word: Revival. Concepts such as Holiness, Purity, Christ-Likeness, Self-Denial and Discipleship are hardly the goal of much modern preaching. Thus the main thrust of the speakers and articles on the website encourage us towards a reviving of these missing elements of Christianity

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