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Bloodsuckers: A Twilight Podcast

  1. Bloodsuckers Episode 27: Swedish Racism2009/08/14
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  2. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 7: More Forks Interviews2009/07/27
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  3. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 6: Larry Carroll "Epic Win"2009/06/30
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  4. is that... us on mtv?2009/06/30
    http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/ 1614969/story.jhtml

  5. Forks Day 2: Rain Dance2009/06/25

  6. Check The Site!2009/06/25
    Download update here .

    Keep checking the site for updates from Forks!

  7. Forks Day 12009/11/18
    This link is broken.
  8. Bloodsuckers Episode 26: Dissecting India2009/06/23
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  9. Bloodsuckers Episode 25: Because We Feel Like It2009/06/10
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  10. School Paper2009/02/27
    You guys may recall us talking about A-Ray's article for the school paper a while back. The paper finally came out today, so check it out here . (excuse the lame photobucket account name. It's from my Orlando Bloom-obsessed days. 10 points if you can figure out what significance the number 77 has. - Maddi)

    NOTE: We actually now have over 230,000 downloads and 2,000 subscribers.
  11. Picspam please!?!2009/03/07
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  12. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 5: Mostly Music2009/02/26
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  13. Bloodsuckers Episode 24: We Love Little Sisters2009/02/24
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  14. Summer School in Forks2009/01/02
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  15. Happy Holidays from the Girls Necks Door!2008/12/24
    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday of your choice!

    Thanks to Anna for the picture!
  16. Bloodsuckers Episode 23: The Curse Of A-Ray2009/02/24
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  17. HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT2008/10/17
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  18. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 4: We Don't Edit2009/01/28
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  19. We're Horrible People2008/10/06
    I know, the episode isn't out yet. I was going to edit it tonight, but I just got completely overwhelmed with work and here I am, 10:00pm, still doing homework. The episode will be out tomorrow. I'm soooo sorry, guys.

  20. Bloodsuckers Announcement 1: So Sowwy2009/01/28
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  21. Bloodsuckers Episode 22: Like, Yeah2009/01/28
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  22. ...Where are the Girls Necks Door?2008/09/01
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  23. Bloodsuckers Episode 21: SMeyer Science2009/01/28
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  24. Bloodsuckers Episode 20: Molly Peed on Me!2009/01/28
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  25. Bloodsuckers Episode 19: Lamepire2008/08/11
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  26. First Baby Picture!2008/08/10

    Thanks to Tesa for sending us Renesmee's first official baby picture! Exclusive at bloodsuckerspodcast.blogspot.com!


    Allie was nice enough to send us a picture of our little "Loch Ness Monster" in her first Cullen car!

  27. Bloodsuckers Episode 18: Breaking Dawn and Making Pizza2009/01/28
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  28. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 3: Comicon, EW Spoiler, and Quotes2009/01/28
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  29. Bloodsuckers Episode 17: The Atlantis Cloverfield Monster2009/01/28
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  30. Bloodsuckers Episode 16: May Contain Peanuts2008/08/11
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  31. Episode 16 and Release Party Info2008/07/20
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  32. Pictures!2008/12/08
    Since pictures of us are in high demand, here you guys go!







  33. Bloodsuckers Episode 15: Happy Birthday Corn Dog2008/12/08
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  34. Ignore this post2008/07/10
    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-b66516582097fcaf4c889d0048f07fd8}

    Just some technical stuff.
  35. Another All Music Episode?2008/07/08
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  36. Bloodsuckers Episode 14: Jigglypuff2008/12/08
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  37. Podcast Alley!2008/07/03
    Hey Fanpires,

    Its a new month, which means it's time to cast your vote for Bloodsuckers on podcast alley! You can do so here !
    Thanks guys!

    -The Girls Necks Doors

  38. Bloodsuckers Episode 13: Our Giant Teddy Bear2008/12/08
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  39. Bloodsuckers Episode 12: Get Ready To Vrock2008/12/08
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  40. Bloodsuckers Episode 11: Michael Jackson plays Carlisle!2008/08/11
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  41. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 2: MTV Movie Award Scene2008/08/11
    Download episode here .

    The Girls Necks Door discuss the first completed scene of the Twilight movie.

  42. Screen Names2008/06/12
    Good news. The Girls Necks Door now use aim. So feel free to IM any of us any time! They are:
    Maddi's: MaddiNecksDoor

    Aray's: ArayNecksDoor

    Christina: CJNecksDoor

    Gayle: GayleNecksDoor

    Janae: JNecksDoor
  43. Bloodsuckers Episode 10: ZOMG First Chapter!2008/08/11
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  44. Bloodsuckers Episode 9: Everyone's A Werewolf2008/08/11
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  45. Bloodsuckers Episode 8: Moooosic2008/08/11
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  46. Bloodsuckers Episode 7: Vampire Wars In Texas2008/08/11
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  47. Bloodsuckers Special Edition 1: Teaser Trailer2008/08/11
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  48. Bloodsuckers Episode 6: Where The Smart People Go2008/08/11
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  49. Bloodsuckers Episode 5: Sneezing Evilly2008/08/11
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  50. Bloodsuckers Episode 4: Vampires In Black2008/08/11
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Bloodsuckers: A Twilight Podcast
A podcast about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Join us each week for news and theories about the upcoming book and movie, as well as thoughts and discussions about the series so far.

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