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lux radio theatre

  1. a farewell to arms 04/05/19372005/08/11
    A dramatization of the story of love and death in Italy during the first war, stars Adolphe Menjou and Clark Gable.
  2. a man to remember 05/18/19422009/06/18
    A story about a doctor who worked all his life to improve the health of his patients, and neglected to accumulate wealth for himself, stars Lionel Barrymore, Anita Louise and Glenn Ford.
  3. a mans castle 12/01/19412006/11/30
    A down and out drifter during trries her, stars Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman.
  4. a star is born 09/13/19372007/08/30
    The Hollywood classic about the star on her way to fame, passing her husband on the way down. Sid Grauman, founder of Graumans Chinese Theatre, tells anecdotes about the stars Janet Gaynor and Robert Montgomery.
  5. a star is born 12/28/19422008/04/24
    The classic Hollywood yarn about a young girl trying to get into the movies, stars Judy Garland and Walter Pidgeon.
  6. a womans face 11/02/19422009/11/12
    A courtroom drama about the criminal career of a Swedish woman with a deeply scarred face.
  7. action in the north 05/15/19442007/05/03
    A good war story about a Victory ship fighting off Nazi subs and planes while trying to bring its cargo through to Murmansk, stars George Raft, Raymond Massey and Julie Bishop.
  8. after the thin man 06/17/19402007/07/12
    Nick and Nora Charles solve their second case, stars William Powell and Myrna Loy.
  9. air force 07/12/19432006/07/13
    The Mary Ann, a flying fortress learns the news of pearl harbor when it is only a few hours away from Hawaii.
  10. alexanders ragtime 06/03/19402006/06/08
    Irving Berlin's famous show business romance, stars Alice Faye and Ray Milland.
  11. algiers 07/07/19412009/08/27
    The classic love story of Pepe Le Moko in the Casbah stars, Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer.
  12. algiers 12/14/19422008/07/24
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  13. alias the deacon 07/01/19402006/07/06
    A card sharp posing as a man of the cloth becomes involved with a small town couple and a prize fight, stars Bob Burns and Helen Wood.
  14. alibi ike 04/19/19372005/08/18
    A baseball comedy about the pitcher whose talent on the mound was equaled only by his ability with his mouth, stars Joe E. Brown and Helen Chandler.
  15. alice adams 01/03/19382007/01/11
    lux radio theatre
  16. all about eve 10/21/19402007/10/11
    lux radio theatre
  17. and now tomorrow 05/21/19452007/07/19
    A poor ear doctor scientist falls for a wealthy, but deaf patient, stars Alan Ladd and Loretta Young.
  18. angels with dirty faces 05/22/19392006/05/25
    A tough guy returns to his old neighborhood and his old ways, stars James Cagney and Ethel Sykes.
  19. appointment for love 05/01/19442006/10/05
    A comedy about a successful playwright and a busy doctor, stars Olivia De Havilland and Paul Lukas.
  20. arrowsmith 10/25/19372007/02/15
    The story of a doctor who gives up his profitable laboratory to contribute to the well-being of mankind, stars Frank Reicher, Ross Forrester and Crauford Kent.
  21. awful truth 09/11/19392007/09/27
    lux radio theatre
  22. awful truth 03/10/19412008/08/28
    A love-hate marriage comedy about a cheating husband being divorced from his like-minded wife, stars Claudette Colbert and Cary Grant.
  23. barker, the 07/20/19362005/03/31
    A well done melodrama of the Midway, stars Claudette Colbert and Walter Huston.
  24. beloved enemy 12/27/19372008/03/27
    An Irish revoltionary and the daughter of a very British nobleman try to overcome a doomed romance, stars Neil Fitzgerald and Lurene Tuttle.
  25. birds, the 07/20/19532008/08/14
    A classic tale of terror, every bit as good as the Hitchcock movie.
  26. blood and sand 10/20/19412007/10/25
    The rise and fall of a great bull fighter, the role made famous by Rudolph Valentino, stars Bea Benaderet and Tyrone Power.
  27. blossoms in the dust 02/16/19422010/02/04
    The story of The Texas Childrens Home and Aid Society and the tragic life of the woman who founded it, stars bea benaderet and bobby larson.
  28. bordertown 07/03/19392006/08/03
    A Mexican lawyer, disbarred when he opposes the upper class, vows to become rich and rise above his humble background, stars Don Ameche and Joan Bennett.
  29. bride by mistake 01/01/19452007/01/04
    A light comedy about an heiress who poses as her own secretary to find a man who loves her for herself, stars laraine day and john hodiak.
  30. british agent 06/07/19372007/07/05
    Romance and adventure with an English diplomat in Moscow during the Russian revolution, stars errol flynn and frances farmer.
  31. broadway bill 04/24/19392008/04/17
    A young man gives up wealth, home and career to race a thoroughbred, stars Elvia Allman and Ernest Whitman.
  32. broken arrow 01/22/19512008/07/31
    A white man arranges a truce between Cochise and the settlers, and then marries a beautiful Indian maiden, stars Burt Lancaster, Debra Paget, and William Conrad.
  33. buccaneer, the 11/14/19382006/11/09
    The story of Jean Lafitte, the buccaneer who came to the aid of Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans, stars clara blandick and clark gable.
  34. buck privates 10/13/19412005/10/13
    Two boys duck into a movie theatre to escape a cop, and find themselves in the pre-war Army, stars Lou Costello and Bud Abbott.
  35. canterville ghost 06/18/19452005/10/27
    The classic British comedy of the cowardly ghost in wartime England, stars Margaret OBrien and Charles Laughton.
  36. captian horatio hornblower 01/21/19522008/08/21
    Stars Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo.
  37. cardinal richelieu 01/23/19392007/09/06
    The intrigues of the French court, and of the wiley Cardinal, stars cesar romero, heather angel.
  38. casablanca 01/24/19442009/07/23
    The story of Ricks Cafe and Victor Lazlos beautiful wife, stars Hedy Lamarr and Alan Ladd.
  39. ceiling zero 02/27/19392008/02/14
    A drama about the early days of commercial aviation, the poor weather and good women the pilots faced, stars ralph bellamy and jeanne cagney.
  40. champ 06/29/19422010/01/21
    A classic melodrama about a washed up exboxer and his young son adrift in the slums of Tijuana, stars wallace beery, noah beery and bobby larson.
  41. china 11/22/19432008/09/04
    Fighting the Japs in China before their attack on Pearl Harbor, a civil engineer finds romance in the hinterland, stars Loretta Young and Alan Ladd.
  42. city for conquest 02/09/19422009/10/01
    A big city romance as boy and girl tackle New York City. She is a dancer, he is a boxer, stars Alice Faye and Robert Preston.
  43. cloak and dagger 05/03/19482007/01/18
    An action spy adventure about an American physicist who tries to rescue an Italian scientist and his daughter and finds romance among the Nazis, stars ronald reagan and lilli palmer.
  44. come and get it 11/15/19372008/07/17
    Romance through the years, set in the big timber country. A lumberman fights his way to the top, stepping on others along the way, stars anne shirley and edward arnold.
  45. coney island 04/17/19442008/04/10
    Romance and rivalry in old Coney Island, with several pleasant tunes by Dorothy Lamour, stars Dorothy Lamour, Alan Ladd and Chester Morris.
  46. dark angel 06/22/19362005/04/14
    A melodrama of a love affair interrupted by the war and only slowed down by blindness, stars James Montgomery Flagg. Merle Oberon, Herbert Marshall
  47. dark victory 04/04/19382007/04/05
    A wealthy, spoiled woman finds out that she is dying of a brain tumor, stars Barbara Stanwyck, Melvyn Douglas and Crauford Kent.
  48. day the earth stood still 04/01/19542008/03/06
    Klaatu arrives in a spaceship and lands in D.C. He declares he has come in peace on a mission of goodwill. Klaatu is shot and wounded by a nervous soldier. A large robot called Gort melts all weapons present.
  49. dixie 12/20/19432009/07/16
    The story of Dan Emmet, the first minstrel man, stars Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.
  50. dust be my destiny 04/14/19412009/04/16
    A Depression romance about a young couple who stay one jump ahead of the law, running from a wrongful murder rap, stars John Garfield and Claire Trevor.
  51. enter madam 01/10/19382006/02/02
    A stormy romance and marriage of an opera star and her adoring husband, stars Grace Moore and Basil Rathbone.
  52. ex mrs bradford 06/19/19392008/07/03
    A physician and detective sees a gelatin like substance as a clue to murder.
  53. fifth avenue girl 12/16/19402007/12/20
    lux radio theatre
  54. fighting 69th 04/06/19422007/03/29
    A good war story about Father Duffy and the famous New York regiment, stars Pat OBrien, Robert Preston and Ralph Bellamy.
  55. five graves to cairo 12/13/19432008/09/11
    A story of the double cross of Field Marshal Rommel in the African desert, stars Franchot Tone and Anne Baxter.
  56. flight for freedom 09/20/19432007/09/20
    lux radio theatre
  57. free soul 11/01/19372007/11/01
    lux radio theatre
  58. front page 06/28/19372006/09/14
    The well known comedy about the newspaper game and the escaped killer hiding in the rolltop desk, stars Walter Winchell, Josephine Hutchinson and James Gleason.
  59. front page woman 01/16/19392006/01/19
    Two reporters try to outdo each other, stars Fred MacMurray and Paulette Goddard.
  60. ghost and mrs muir 12/01/19472008/06/26
    A romance between an impoverished British lady and the dashing ghost of a sea captain, stars Charles Boyer and Madeleine Carroll.
  61. gilded lily 01/11/19372005/12/29
    A young woman dreams of riches by marrying royalty, and then actually falls in love with the guy, Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.
  62. grand duchess and the waiter 12/07/19362005/12/08
    A comedy-romance about an impoverished Duchess and a bumbling waiter, stars Robert Montgomery and Elissa Landi.
  63. great mans lady 06/28/19432007/06/21
    lux radio theatre
  64. hands across the table 05/03/19372006/05/04
    A depression romance about gold diggers, a manicurist is despite to land a wealthy man, stars Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea.
  65. heaven can wait 10/11/19432009/09/10
    A romance about a man who appears before the Devil, asking for admittance into Hell. stars, Don Ameche and Maureen O'Hara.
  66. his girl friday 09/30/19402008/04/03
    lux radio theatre
  67. hitlers childred 05/24/19432008/05/01
    A love story set under the thumb of the Gestapo, stars Bonita Granville and Otto Kruger.
  68. Ill never forget you 09/22/19522010/01/07
    A story of time travel and eternal love, stars tyrone power and debra paget.
  69. I never left home 01/08/19452009/01/29
    The story of Bob Hopes trip overseas to entertain the troops during wartime, stars Bob Hope and Frances Langford.
  70. in which we serve 06/21/19432009/12/17
    A portrait of the British people, told through flashbacks of the men on a sinking destroyer, stars ronald colman and edna best.
  71. intrugue 05/10/19482009/05/21
    An excellent and exciting smuggling and black market story in post war Shanghai. The final commercial and the system cue have been deleted, stars George Raft, June Havoc and William Keighley.
  72. invitation to happiness 10/23/19402007/10/18
    lux radio theatre
  73. irene 06/29/19362005/09/29
    A shop girl from the upholstery department of a large department store is changed into Irene ODare, the famous Irish singer, stars Jeanette MacDonald and RegisToomey.
  74. is zat so 09/07/19442006/10/12
    we are the botar
  75. it happened one night 03/20/19392009/02/19
    The famous Depression-era comedy about the reporter and the heiress on a cross country bus, stars Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable.
  76. it started with eve 11/20/19442009/12/03
    A sophisticated comedy about a dying old man who is introduced to a stranger as his sons fiance. Complications ensue when the old codger decides not to die, stars charles laughton, dick powell and susanna foster.
  77. it's a wonderful life 03/10/19472008/06/12
    Tired of his life on Earth, a man finds out what it is like never to have been born, stars Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
  78. jezebel 11/25/19402007/11/22
    lux radio theatre
  79. kathleen 12/27/19432008/03/13
    A teenager is saddened by her father's lack of attention and dismayed by her proposed new step mother.
  80. kitty foyle 05/05/19412009/04/30
    The Academy Award winning story about a Main Line society mans doomed romance with Kitty, a working class girl with big plans, stars James Craig.
  81. knute rockne all american 12/02/19402008/05/29
    A romance about a down and out American in Paris and a Parisian taxi driver, who find themselves considered Hungarian nobility by French Society, stars Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche.
  82. ladies in retirement 09/27/19432008/02/21
    A gothic melodrama about a neat little British murder, complicated by two mad sisters and a blackmailing nephew.
  83. lady eve 03/09/19422009/12/31
    A pair of swindlers set their sights on a wealthy ale heiress, just back from the Amazon, stars barbara stanwyck and ray milland.
  84. lady for a day 05/01/19392006/09/28
    we are the botar
  85. lady from cheyenne 06/16/19412009/06/04
    A determined female gets the vote in old Wyoming and convicts a badman with an all female jury, stars Edward Arnold and Barbara Jean Wong.
  86. lady has plans 04/26/19432007/04/26
    Spy vs. spy in neutral Lisbon, with the plan" written in invisible ink on the back of a beautiful lady reporter, stars Rita Hayworth, William Powell and Cary Grant.
  87. ladies in retirement 09/27/19432008/02/21
    A gothic melodrama about a neat little British murder, complicated by two mad sisters and a blackmailing nephew.
  88. lady for a day 05/01/19392006/09/28
    we are the botar
  89. lady in the lake 02/09/19482008/02/07
    Philip Marlowe tries to track down the murderer of a woman found at the bottom of a lake and of a man shot to death in the shower.
  90. lady is willing 03/01/19432009/12/24
    An actress marries a baby doctor so she can adopt a baby, stars kay francis and george brent.
  91. last of mrs cheyney 05/11/19422009/08/06
    A beautiful lady pearl thief is caught in the act, stars Norma Shearer and Walter Pidgeon.
  92. legionnaire and the lady 06/01/19362005/12/22
    A love story between a Legionaire in the desert and a night club singer, stars Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich.
  93. les miserables 12/22/19522009/12/10
    victor hugos classic, stars ronald colman, debra paget and robert newton.
  94. letter, the 04/21/19412009/04/09
    An unfaithful wife in Singapore is arrested for murder. A letter held by the dead mans widow contains incriminating evidence.
  95. libel 01/13/19412006/01/12
    A British courtroom drama in which a Lord has to prove his own identity, stars Ronald Colman, Otto Kruger and Frances Robinson.
  96. life of emile zola 05/08/19392007/05/10
    A biography of the famous French writer, including his celebrated defense of Alfred Dreyfus, who was accused of treason.
  97. lilliam russell 10/21/19402007/10/04
    lux radio theatre
  98. littlest rebel 10/14/19402006/11/02
    lux radio theatre
  99. lives of bengal lancer 04/10/19392009/03/26
    A good story about Her Majestys Lancers in Northwest India, battling rebellious tribesmen. A story about the traditions of the regiment and its sense of honor, stars Errol Flynn and Jackie Cooper.
  100. lost horizon 09/15/19412007/02/22
    The beautiful story of the Valley Of The Blue Moon, and the long lived civilization that thrives therein, stars Ronald Colman and Donald Crisp.
  101. love crazy 10/05/19422009/09/24
    A marital farce about a husband who has to prove himself crazy to stay married, stars Hedy Lamarr and William Powell.
  102. lydia 09/22/19412009/07/02
    An old woman has a reunion with the four lovers of her youth, stars Merle Oberon and Edna May Oliver.
  103. mad about music 04/18/19382007/04/19
    The daughter of a movie star, staying at a boarding school in Switzerland and adopts a father at first sight, stars Herbert Marshall and Gail Patrick.
  104. madame butterfly 03/08/19372006/03/09
    Beautiful Ciociosan is betrayed by Lietenant Pinkerton in a drama that uses two arias from Puccini, stars Cary Grant and Grace Moore.
  105. madame X 06/14/19372006/06/22
    A good story about a woman accused of murder who refuses to reveal her name, or why she killed a man, stars Jimmy Stewart and Ann Harding.
  106. magnificent obsession 04/26/19372006/04/27
    A melodrama about a man who always wanted to be a doctor, and the blind woman he loves, stars Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor.
  107. magnificent obsession 11/13/19442009/11/26
    A weepy melodrama about a playboy and a blind widow, stars Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche.
  108. major and the minor 05/31/19432007/08/16
    lux radio theatre
  109. maltese falcon 02/08/19432006/02/09
    The classic search for the black bird, with a cast entirely different from the film, stars Edward G. Robinson and Gail Patrick.
  110. manhattan melodrama 09/09/19402006/03/23
    A gangster classic about two boyhood friends who take different paths, one to the Governor's office, the other to the electric chair, stars William Powell, Myrna Loy and Don Ameche.
  111. manpower 03/16/19422009/09/03
  112. mary burns fugitive 04/11/19382006/04/20
  113. mary of scotland 05/10/19372006/05/11
  114. mayerling 01/09/19392008/01/03
  115. maytime 09/04/19442007/08/09
  116. mazie was a lady 11/24/19412007/11/15
  117. men in white 01/04/19372010/01/14
  118. midnight 05/20/19402008/05/22
  119. miracle on 34th street 12/20/19482006/12/21
  120. mister belvedere goes to college 01/16/19502010/02/18
  121. model wife 05/19/19412009/05/14
  122. monsieur beaucaire 06/21/19372007/06/28
  123. morning glory 10/12/19422009/10/08
  124. mr blandings builds his dream house 10/10/19492009/11/05
  125. mr deeds goes to town 02/01/19372006/04/13
  126. mr. lucky2005/10/06
  127. mrs miniver 12/06/19432007/11/29
  128. mrs. moonlight 06/26/19392006/08/17
  129. my bill 03/03/19412010/01/28
  130. my favorite blonde 10/19/19422009/10/15
  131. my favorite wife 12/09/19402006/12/07
  132. my friend flicka 06/07/19432007/06/07
  133. my gal sal 01/18/19432008/01/10
  134. my man godfrey 05/09/19382007/05/17
  135. my son my son 03/11/19402009/03/05
  136. naked jungle 06/07/19542006/09/21
  137. navy comes through 11/29/19432008/05/08
  138. nobody lives forever 11/17/19472005/11/24
  139. northwest mounted police 04/13/19422007/03/08
  140. nothing sacred 11/11/19402005/11/10
  141. old acquaintance 05/29/19442007/05/31
  142. old maid 10/30/19392008/10/23
  143. one foot in heaven 04/20/19422007/08/02
  144. one way passage 03/06/19392007/03/22
  145. only angels have wings 05/29/19392006/08/31
  146. our town 05/06/19402009/04/23
  147. outsider 09/20/19372007/09/13
  148. penny serenade 05/08/19442006/08/24
  149. perfect specimen 01/02/19392006/12/28
  150. pied piper 11/06/19442009/11/19
  151. pied piper 12/21/19422007/12/27
  152. petrified forest 11/22/19372006/01/05
  153. phantom of the opera 09/13/19432008/06/19
  154. pinocchio 12/25/19392008/03/20
  155. plainsman 05/31/19372006/09/07
  156. plutocrat 09/28/19362007/03/01
  157. polly of the circus 11/30/19362005/12/01
  158. poppy 03/07/19382006/03/02
  159. prisoner of zenda 06/05/19392006/06/01
  160. quality street 09/04/19362007/08/23
  161. rage of manhattan 11/18/19402006/11/23
  162. rains came 03/18/19402006/03/16
  163. random harvest 01/31/19442008/01/24
  164. remember the night 03/25/19402006/04/06
  165. remember the night 12/22/19412008/07/10
  166. return of peter grimm 02/13/19392006/02/16
  167. road to morocco 04/05/19432010/02/25
  168. rope of sand 05/31/19552009/06/11
  169. ruggle of red gap 07/10/19392009/06/25
  170. saturndays children 10/26/19362008/06/05
  171. seven key to baldpate 09/26/19382009/08/20
  172. shadow of a doubt 01/03/19442009/01/01
  173. she loves me not 11/08/19372007/11/08
  174. she married her boss 09/25/19392008/09/18
  175. shop around the corner 06/23/19412006/06/29
  176. showboat 06/24/19402009/05/28
  177. sidewalks of london 02/12/19402009/02/12
  178. silver dollar 04/03/19392009/03/19
  179. sing you sinners 05/07/19452007/02/01
  180. sisters 10/09/19392008/10/30
  181. sitting pretty 02/14/19492006/02/23
  182. smiling through 04/29/19402009/04/02
  183. snow white 12/26/19382007/12/06
  184. so big 03/13/19392008/10/02
  185. song of songs 12/20/19372006/12/14
  186. sorry wrong number 01/09/19502009/01/15
  187. stablemates 03/31/19412006/03/30
  188. stage door 02/20/19392009/02/05
  189. stand in 04/07/19412007/04/12
  190. stella dallas 10/11/19372005/11/03
  191. story of louis pasteur 11/23/19362005/11/17
  192. strawberry blonde 03/23/19422009/03/12
  193. strike up the band 10/28/19402008/02/28
  194. sunset boulevard 09/17/19512007/02/08
  195. suspicion 05/04/19422008/12/18
  196. swing high swing low 02/26/19402009/02/26
  197. talk of the town 05/17/19432007/07/26
  198. these three 12/06/19372008/11/27
  199. thin man 06/08/19362006/06/15
  200. third finger left hand 09/29/19412009/07/09
  201. thirty nine steps 12/13/19372005/12/15
  202. this gun for hire 01/25/19432009/01/22
  203. till we meet again 06/10/19402007/06/14
  204. to have and have not 10/14/19462007/01/25
  205. to mary with love 11/16/19422006/11/16
  206. to the ladies 07/18/19402006/07/20
  207. tom dick and harry 09/08/19412008/09/25
  208. tonight or never 01/25/19372006/01/26
  209. tovarich 05/15/19392006/05/18
  210. true confessions 05/13/19402007/03/15
  211. under two flags 05/24/19372007/05/24
  212. unfinished business 10/06/19412009/09/17
  213. unguarded hour 12/04/19442008/11/20
  214. up pops the devil 10/18/19372005/10/20
  215. vagabond king 08/17/19362006/08/10
  216. vagabond king 12/25/19442009/08/13
  217. vivacious lady 01/06/19412009/01/08
  218. voice of bugle anne 07/06/19362008/10/16
  219. wake island 10/26/19422009/10/22
  220. war agianst mrs hadley 12/07/19422008/12/11
  221. white banners 06/12/19392009/05/07
  222. wings of the navy 10/07/19402008/10/09
  223. without reservations 08/26/19462008/11/13
  224. wizard of oz 12/25/19502008/01/17
  225. wuthering heights 09/18/19392009/07/30
  226. wuthering heights 11/04/19402008/11/06
  227. you cant take it with you 10/02/19392008/12/04
  228. young tom edison 12/23/19402008/12/25
  229. war of the worlds 02/08/19552010/03/04
  230. wife husband and friend 04/28/19412010/02/11
lux radio theatre
Lux Radio Theatre 1934-1955

This was one of few sixty-minute broadcasts and was the most important dramatic show in radio. The 931 episodes broadcast were all based on popular films with the biggest stars of Hollywood playing the parts and during its heyday the audience was estimated as high as forty million.

The one-and-only Cecil B. DeMille was your host (1936-45) for a lavish production of what was to become a veritable film checklist of many of Hollywoods best films from the mid-30s right through the mid 50s. Every genre is included, from darkest noir crime dramas to historical epics to bubbly musicals and broad comedies. There are some titles that are less known today, and that makes them even more historical.

The stars of the movie are usually in the productions, although sometimes contracts or schedules meant that another star took the part. In some another star would be featured in one of the major roles. The productions were live, with full orchestra, and many Hollywood legends were unused to performing in public without the benefit of retakes. Needless to say, the performances in every show are singular.

The Lux Radio Theatre is a masterpiece in OTRs crown, and each show is a historical time capsule that takes us back to the glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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