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Ari Kiev: Mastering Trading Stress

  1. TTW001: Why Mastering Trading Stress Now?2007/09/21
    What's significant about mastering Trading Stress? Why was it important to write this book now? Dr.Kiev shares his thoughts.
  2. TTW002: What can I do to become a better trader?2007/09/21
    Dr. Kiev shares insights on goal-setting and other tools for becoming a better trader.
  3. TTW003: Focusing on past mistakes2007/09/21
    Dr. Kiev offers some sound advice on reducing the tendency to dwell on past mistakes.
  4. TTW004: What is your trading pattern?2007/11/05
    Are you holding your losers too long? Where are you making most of your money, and what is your trading pattern?
  5. TTW005: Staying On Purpose2007/11/27
    Goal-setting patterns, self-management in high stress situations.
  6. TTW006: Dealing with Difficult Markets2007/11/27
    Learning to embrace the anxiety and control the "out of control-ness"; being comfortable with inner uncertainty.
  7. TTW007: Breathing Exercise2007/12/21
    Using this "gold nugget" can help you in times of stress and anxiety- and you can take it with you wherever you go. listen as Dr. Kiev talks you through this simple exercise
  8. TTW008: Trading Patterns2008/01/08
    Look at the stats! Discovering your trading patterns: functioning counterintuitively, embracing your anxiety and trading independently of your feelings.
  9. TTW009: Trading through Fear2008/01/17
    Notice your anxiety and recognize that it's time-limited. Spend your energy more profitably by not covering up your fear. You are not alone in this!
  10. TTW010: The Critical Issue for Traders2008/01/17
    Recongize your symptoms and center yourself. Are you reacting to your own reactions? Be self-aware and follow the game plan.
  11. TTW011: Times are tough2008/01/25
    Symptoms of stress | Has your risk managment gone to hell? | Understanding what is a normal reaction | Risk management principles.
  12. TTW012: Unpredicabilty2008/02/02
    Competitive advantage is out the window | The need to get some objectivity | Tear down high conviction ideas | Belief gets in the way; the savvy investor looks for ways to play more risk-averse.
  13. TTW013: Communication2008/02/02
    Communication is critical for good leadership.
  14. TTW014: Coachability2008/07/08
    what do you want in a trader | what do traders believe about themselves | Who are the best leaders, and what are their attributes.
  15. TTW016: basic principles of the master trader2008/07/08
    Goal setting | risk managment principles | managing the drawdown | having a strategy- finding order with technical analysis,then letting go of control.
  16. TTW017: Risk and reward2008/07/15
    Prep, practice and review- then let go of control | The better the performer, the more willing to let go of control | relax into the flow | Getting comfortable with discomfort.
  17. TTW018: Stress and high performance2008/07/28
    Wide spectrum of people who benefit from stress reduction techniques | the value of centering | becoming detached from the emotionality of the moment | Commonalities to extraordinarily successful people
  18. TTW019: Techniques for evaluating performance2008/07/28
    Beginning to see patterns in your own performance | Being able to recognize the pattern and make changes to it | Importance of controlling your own emotional reactions | Building confidence in the process
  19. TTW020: The challenges of coaching2008/07/28
    Importance of concentrating on your strengths | avoiding distractions |Being engaged in the market as much as possible | Results come from an individual's choice to produce results | the willingness to change your philosophy to succeed in a changing market
  20. TTW021: Creating alpha in a controlled way2008/09/02
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  21. TTW022: What is the variant perception/transformative events that will unlock value?2008/09/03
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  22. TTW023: Staying balanced in a sentiment-driven market2008/09/04
    Defining stress, and how it manifests itself. Getting a handle on trading behaviors. Paying attention to natural inclinations- and making corrections for them. Identifing oportunities to get bigger. Just how big should your bet be? Create a centering, relaxation response keeps you from over-reacting to neutral stimuli. Assessing your ability to be profitable.
  23. TTW024: "Masters of the Universe" are also team players2009/01/09
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  24. TTW025: Successful traders and emotional intelligence2009/01/09
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  25. TTW026: Recovering from drawdown2009/06/15
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  26. TTW027: Goal Setting2009/06/15
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Ari Kiev: Mastering Trading Stress
Dr. Kiev, a psychologist and a world-renowned author and lecturer speaks on any number of pertinent and timely topics of interest to the professional trader. His insights into the human psyche and his intimate knowledge of the high-stress world of hedge fund trading can be incredibly useful to anyone who must make decisions of consequence under pressure

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