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Prizefight (SD)

  1. Prizefight: Apple HomePod vs. Google Home Max2018/02/15
    It's Apple's HomePod vs. the Google Home Max. Who's got the sound and smarts to reign supreme? It's a Prizefight punch-out for smart speaker supremacy.

  2. Google Home vs. Amazon Echo -- 6 months later2017/05/23
    The gap has closed between the Google Home and the Amazon Echo for voice assistant supremacy just 6 months after the Home's release. Which will be crowned the Prizefight champion?

  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Apple iPhone 72017/05/15
    Sure, it's Samsung's new kid on the block versus Apple's iPhone 7, but will it show how much ground Apple's next iPhone has to make up?

  4. Apple's AirPods vs. Bragi's The Headphone2017/03/06
    Two completely wireless earbuds go head-to-head. It's Apple's AirPods versus Bragi's The Headphone. Who brings the best tech to the table.

  5. AirPods vs. BeatsX2017/02/18
    It's a Prizefight Punchout between two of Apple's best wireless ear buds. Do the BeatsX have what it takes to beat down Apple's popular but polarizing AirPods?

  6. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S2016/11/21
    It's the battle of the 4K consoles! Sony's new PS4 Pro versus Microsoft's Xbox One S! Is it worth upgrading? Or which one would you pick if you don't own either? Let's get it on!

  7. Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7 Plus2016/10/22
    It's a battle for smartphone supremacy between Google's first ever phone and the incumbent Apple iPhone. It's the Pixel XL versus the iPhone 7 Plus! Let's get it on.

  8. Sling TV vs. PlayStation Vue: 1 year later2016/06/22
    It's a Prizefight punchout between the top two TV streaming subscription services. It's Sling TV versus PlayStation Vue. Which one's improved? What has changed? And who will reign supreme?

  9. Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive2016/05/10
    It's the first-ever virtual-reality headset Prizefight, where the rules have changed and anything is possible. It's the Oculus Rift versus the HTC Vive! Let's get it on!

  10. Camera comparison: The Galaxy S7 Edge vs. the iPhone 6S Plus2016/04/21
    Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge goes head to head against Apple's iPhone 6S Plus in a series of five camera challenges.

CNET Prizefight (SD)
It's the ultimate face-off between tech's top dogs in this 5 round, winner take all bout. Watch every blow-by-blow where you'll find the hottest cell phones, digital audio players, cameras and more battling it out for Prizefight Supremacy.

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