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  1. Episode 463 – When the pressure fogs your mind2020/03/01
    This week, we talk through my portrait sitting (or is that “standing”?) of former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Yeah, I got an acceptable natural light portrait. But I wanted more… […]
  2. Episode 462 – What is your WHY?2020/02/23
    This week, Glynn is asking “What is your WHY?” Why do you shoot? What is it that motivates you to pick up a camera at all…. or prevents you from […]
  3. Episode 461 – 99% crap2020/02/16
    This week, the podcast is 100% awesome, despite the episode title! Glynn gets deeply philosophical about what inspires us to shoot in the first place. Should we shoot for the […]
  4. Episode 460 – We’re BACK for 2020!2020/02/09
    We’re back for 2020! Over the break, I came across this video of George Williams (no relation) explaining his lighting, shooting, and editing process for his image of the De […]
  5. Episode 459 – Another year down2019/12/15
    This week, we’re calling it stumps for 2019! Kodak brings back Ektachrome and 4×5 film. If you haven’t yet done a photo tour of Antelope Canyon, you’re too late. They’re […]
  6. Episode 458 – Round and round we go2019/12/01
    This week, Glynn talks about his So Brave calendar shoot. And speaking of the circle of life, a shout out to Rebecca, who’s going through nothing short of a living […]
  7. Episode 457 – Congratulations, Adam!2019/11/24
    This week, Rob Coates, having watched Glynn’s “12 mins of photographer fails” (from last episode), shared the story of the French tourist who died trying to take a selfie at […]
  8. Episode 456 – That’s a LIMERICK, Glynn!2019/11/17
    This week, Rakesh and Adam both told us about the oceanographer who also happens to love taking photos underwater, but wasn’t happy with the colour shift and the haze of […]
  9. Episode 455 – Get better, Brad!2019/11/10
    This week, we’ve got the Adobe CC privacy breach. The question is asked… is Canon’s 1Dxiii “too little, too late”? Would you prefer… A) the wedding photographer who excessively retouches […]
  10. Episode 454 – Glynn needs some love2019/10/27
    This week, congrats to Peter Eastway and Momento Pro on their print award! Adam told us about the Fuji lens which went bush for 4 months, PhotoRec software for recovering […]
  11. Episode 453 – Hello Guadalupe, goodbye Rob2019/10/20
    This week, Rob Coates told us about the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 winners. Check out the images here. Plus he thought up a new slogan for the podcast. […]
  12. Episode 452 – Why your Instagram account isn’t growing2019/10/13
    This week, we’ve got the largest AND the smallest optical lenses ever! Adam told us about this one (the largest), and Glynn found this little one. Adam also mentioned that […]
  13. Episode 451 – The new improved GL, now with 99% less sarcasm!2019/09/29
    This week, Glynn’s trying something new. And it’s not JUST his new iPhone 11 Pro, which he is loving! This is his moggy, shot with “Night Mode”. Steve Peters brought […]
  14. Episode 450 – MORE Tales from Tanzania2019/09/22
    This week, we’ve got a warning for drone pilots regarding respect for airspace. Two Aussie vloggers are in an Iranian prison for flying over a military base of all places! […]
  15. Episode 449 – Tales from Tanzania2019/09/15
    This week, Glynn tells us all about the trip to Tanzania. He was very satisfied with the Gnarbox v2.0. Apparently, it works well with Photo Mechanic. Also, Adam told us […]
  16. Episode 448 – The travellers return2019/09/08
    This week, we chat about my trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I pulled out 6 images to send to Glynn. And here are the couple of those that […]
  17. Episode 447 – Big praise from Glynn2019/08/04
    This week, I’ve been out shooting… twice! Monday morning saw me out at Catherine Hill Bay with the always-reliable, always-easy-to-work-with, Teigan Clarke. Of what we shot, I shared these 3 […]
  18. Episode 446 – Bruce dives into Gimp2019/07/28
    This week, I took my first deep dive into Gimp, in an effort to composite 7 different people into one image.They were all shot under the same lighting conditions, but […]
  19. Episode 445 – You want short? We got short!2019/07/21
    This week, we’re keeping Glynn’s contribution short! We talk about Glynn’s quick junket to inland Australia, life as a Snappr, Sony’s new pixel monster, the A7Riv, Steve Peters sent us […]
  20. Episode 444 – What did the snail say?2019/07/14
    This week, Canon has brought out a camera which allows muppets people to shoot vertical video DELIBERATELY! #facepalm Moment (the company) has released the world’s first anamorphic lens for consumer […]
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